She exists on a higher spiritual level, so she seems a bit disconnected from reality, but the truth is that her wisdom has been very helpful to other monsters in times of trouble. Plus, occasionally she enjoys something as mundane as a veggie burger!


As said before, Laomu was once feared and very powerful, being A+ rank, but has now dropped to the A rank. Laomu is all about status effects and healing. She can poison, possess, daze, apply random effects...she has a lot of use. This made her definitely one of the best nature monsters in the game, as no nature monster is strong enough to reach A+ and S ranks.


  • Possession move with a very low cooldown.
  • She can apply tons of status effects quickly
  • Some healing moves
  • Good speed stat
  • She is breedable, so she's easy to rank up


  • Her power is lackluster and her life is good but not the greatest.

Recommended MovesetEdit

Spiritual Doom

  • Noxious Hit/Noxious Blow
  • Global Gloom
  • Puzzlement
  • Revivify/Harmonizable Nature
  • 2 Team Life Runes, 1 Speed Rune

Laomu is a rare gifted user of the Team Life Runes as giving more HP to her allies means more healing for them. Global Gloom is typically the first move used as it gives random status effects. Puzzlement is the famous possessing move that also gives daze, use it often. As for Noxious Hit, it does damage and poisons. Noxious Blow does the same, but it deals more damage while having a cooldown. Revivify heals one ally for 40% while Harmonizable Nature heals both Laomu and the intended target for 25%, both are good options, it typically depends on your taste.


Fire types are Laomu's weakness. So General Darmith or Megaosteum are good choices against her. Laomu's trait is hardened, so freezing, stunning and possessing all have a chance to affect her. A Laomu without stamina is useless, so you can also try to remove it with Blob or General Theyus .