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After damaging with a skill, deals 3435-12325 points of Magic damage to damaged enemies.

When turn starts, increases wearer's Power by 1440-5040 points (2 Turns).



  • Easily activated
  • Increases user's power
  • 2 uses


Recommended Monsters

  • A magic attacker like Hardy or Lazarbeam2099 can make deadly use of this sword with both the extra power and fixed damage.
  • Blumeria, Krampus the Killjoy and Vastus have 2 sword relic slots meaning that they can increase their damage by up to 10080 which will make their damage potential great.
  • A monster with an Extra Turn damaging skill like Kurai Kage, Steamwrath and Wing-Su can get of both the damage boost and the attacking benefits in the same turn.