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Lilysha is sexy as hell… Or maybe sexy from hell? Just the sight of her distracts the toughest monsters, who fall to the feet of this evil batwoman immediately.

Role: Denier


Once upon a time, Lilysha was one of the best Dark monsters in the game. She had 2 skills with Possession and Damage Boost/Reduction for 2 turns! SP found this too much, and removed one. Around the time of Lilysha's nerf, Mommy came out with an AoE Stun, an AoE Poison, and a 2 turn Possession, so people forgot about Lilysha, who has worse life, trait, and skills.


  • Lots of negative effects
  • Mega Possession
  • Staff is good for a denier
  • Two forms of denial in Stun and Possession


  • Bad stats and even worse trait
  • Easily denied
  • Trap mixes poorly with bad Life
  • Evil Love is risky if the enemy has NER or Possession misses
  • Generally high cooldowns
  • Moderate stamina costs
  • Few and bad AoE moves
  • Every Possession skill is either risky (Damage Boost with Possession) or contradictory (Damage Reduction with Possession)
  • No AoE denial
  • Heavily outclassed in her role

Recommended Moveset

Bayonetta 2.5

  • Evil Love (Possession + Damage Boost, 30s, 2 CD)
  • Demonheart (Mega Possession + Damage Reduction, 32s, 4 CD)
  • Tenebrous Kicks (40 Special dmg + Stun, 29s, 1 CD)
  • Morbid Visions (AoE 30 Dark dmg + Nightmares, 33s, 3 CD)

Evil Love can Possess for 1 turn and then leave the Damage Boost with the enemy. Try to use Demonheart as a secondary Possess move for 2 turns and add Damage Reduction to remove that boost. You can also try to stun him by using Tenebrous Kicks which has a pretty low cooldown. Morbid Visions is your AoE Nightmares move which deals low damage.

Recommended Runes: 3 Speed/Team Speed


  • Any Light attacker, like PZ Ronin and Patrion, can easily take her to horny jail. They also have self NER, Lilysha's fear. PZ Ronin also has Immune to Control, bypassing Lilysha's possession and stun.
  • Easily deniable by anything.
  • Any monster with NER or Immune to Control can easily destroy her.