Lilysha is sexy as hell… Or maybe sexy from hell? Just the sight of her distracts the toughest monsters, who fall to the feet of this evil batwoman immediately.


Once upon a time, Lilysha was one of the best Dark monsters in the game. She had 2 skills with possession and Damage Boost/Reduction for 2 turns! Social Point found this move overpowered so they nerfed her and reduced the period of confusion to 1 turn and damage boost stayed for 2 turns. So you attack the enemy and possess him, he can do an extra turn skill and you find yourself boosted his damage on maybe a very solid AOE or even his special skill ! Around the time of Lilysha's nerf, Mommy comes out with an AOE Stun, an AoE Poison, 3 60 damage skills, and a 2 turn Possession, so people totally forgot about Lilysha, who has worse life, trait, and skills.


  • Good design
  • Nice speed
  • Her special skill is so scary: AoE Stun, Nightmares, and Stamina Leak!
  • Single Stun
  • AoE Nightmares
  • Multiple Possession moves
  • Low cooldowns


  • Bad Power, Life, and Trait
  • Mommy is better than her in every single way, easily outclassing her

Recommended MovesetsEdit

Please bring my Evil Love back !

  • Evil Love
  • Demon Heart
  • Tenebrous Kicks
  • Morbid Visions
  • 3 Team Speed Runes/ 3 Speed Runes

Evil Love is a nerfed move, right but it's now used because it can possess for 1 turn then leave the damage boost with the enemy, try to use Demon heard as a secondary possessing move for 2 turns and add damage reduction to remove that boost you have putten on him or try to stun him by Tenebrous Kicks which has a pretty low cooldown. Morbid Visions is your AOE nightmares which deals low damage to all but we would rather nightmares over damage on Lilysha.


Lilysha is able to possess so Mommy comes here to show how is she better than lilysha. Also lilysha is able to stun so Mommy also can stun her. Cavenfish is also good as a freeze/ stun user.