The Lord of the Blaze has come to defeat his enemies with the purifying power of Fire. No one can resist the power of the Burning Star, his powerful mace.

Role: Attacker


Lord Moltus, a really old and mediocre fire monster with a Sauron look-alike design. His terrible stats leave much to be desired, despite his good skills for the most part. Almost everything about this monster is just mediocre.


  • AoE burn
  • 20% Stamina regain move with no cooldown, which is useful when you don't have much stamina
  • Stun
  • 50 AoE damage


  • Terrible trait
  • Absolutely disgusting stats
  • High cooldowns and stamina costs on most moves

Recommended Moveset

  • Burst Blow (35 Fire dmg + self 20% Stamina Restore, 30s, 0 CD)
  • Wildfire Slash (AoE 50 Special dmg, 40s, 3 CD)
  • Ignition Slash / Conflagration (Ignition for AoE 35 Special dmg + Burn, 38s, 3 CD) / (Conflagration for 45 Fire dmg + Burn, 45s, 1 CD)
  • Burning Star (55 Special dmg + Stun, 40s, 2 CD)

Recommended Runes: 3 Strength


  • Any good Water monster can beat him, due to his bad life and trait. The most F2P recommended monster is the breedable Nidaria, which can Freeze, Bleed and Poison him. She can remove his Stamina too, which is great in countering his high Stamina costs.
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