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Necromancer's plan backfired enormously and now the super powerful Lord Pumpseed is roaming free, causing all sorts of havoc. He was supposed to be resurrected and then controlled, but thanks to Hayman's clumsiness, now Lord Pumpseed is the most feared and fastest Control monster ever!

Role: Denier


Lord Pumpseed is an insane Fire Denier who has a ridiculous skillset. Luckily he has a great speed stat to go along with it, and how he shut down enemies is with a never seen before three forms of denial being Stamina Removal in AoE 30% (which comes with Stamina Leak) to Single-Target 100%, CDA, and Corruption. He can boost the damage of Corrupted enemies’ damage output with Mega Corruption and Double Damage, albeit at a risk, or use his main AoE Corruption move which bypasses Dodge Area. Not to mention he has access to AoE Mega Corruption which is not only ridiculous but it denies all enemies for two turns at the cost of nothing aside from a moderate cooldown and high stamina cost. Outside of this he can curse exceedingly well with multiple PER and TD moves including spammable PER, four Tortures (being Burn, Ignite, Bleed, and Nightmares) with Random Tortures, and even Death Countdown which has insane synergy with denial, as he has the ability to shut down enemies for the maximum of 5 turns, easily using it to its full potential. If that weren’t enough he has some solid Relics with Mask and Staff, though his lack of damaging skills hinders their best ability, and an incredible Trait being True Vision to guarantee all landing of negative effects, Team Triggered Death Immunity to bypass Reaper Madness, SC: Area Minor Blind to piss off enemies at the start of the battle, Gravedigger to protect from a few negative effects, and to top it off, Tough as a great umbrella Trait. His only problems are his high stamina costs and cooldowns on her best moves which is understandable for such a broken movepool, and his mediocre Life stat, but aside from that this evil Trick or Treater is seriously one to fear and one hell of a Denier who is perfect for almost any Team.


  • Great trait and speed
  • AoE Mega Corruption
  • Four torture effects
  • 3 forms of denial, in CDA, Corruption and Stamina Removal
  • Access to PER and TD before Denial
  • Broken movepool
  • Great relic slots
  • Hayman Ghost Carnival bypasses Dodge Area
  • Trait helps his team bypass the drawback on Reaper Madness


  • High cooldowns and stamina costs on some of his best skills
  • Best skills don't deal damage meaning he can't activate his Stamina Drain relics
  • Average life stat
  • Here Comes Treble is risky if an enemy has NER

Recommended Moveset

The Meanest of them All (Ranked)

  • Hayman Ghost Carnival (AoE Random Torture Effect + Single PER + Corrupted + AoE Corrupted, 40s, 3 CD)
  • Sons a Witches (AoE PER + Mega Corruption + Ignite, 46s, 3 CD)
  • The Honking (PER + Trait Disabled + Corruption + Burn, 34s, 3 CD)
  • Fear Itself / Danger Things / Master and Cadaver (Fear for 3-Turn Death Countdown + AoE CDA + Bleed, 34s, 3 CD) / (Danger for 100% Stamina Drain + Burn + Ignite, 28s, 2 CD) / (Cadaver for AoE Nightmares + Stamina Leak + 30% Stamina Drain, 20s, 2 CD)

Pumpkin Lord (Unranked)

  • Reaper Madness (AoE 3-Turn Death Countdown + Team 3-Turn Death Countdown, 0s, 1 CD)
  • Bad Dream House (AoE CDA + Burn, 36s, 3 CD)
  • Here Comes Treble (Mega Corruption + Double Damage + Ignite, 29s, 3 CD)
  • Danger Things / Master and Cadaver / Dry Hard (Dry Hard for AoE 35 Fire dmg + Burn + Ignite, 25s, 2 CD)

Recommended Relics: Talany's Mask, Eeltron's Mask; Cane of the Atlantis, Masher's Staff

Note: Since Pumpseed's Ranked and best moves do not deal any damage, he cannot activate Jasastur's Mask or Pumpseed's Staff so use the other relics instead.

Recommended Runes: 3 Speed


  • Lord Pumpseed is still vulnerable to CDA due to his high cooldowns. Grakon is a great example because he has both CDA and Stun, and can also disable Pumpseed's trait.
  • Strong Water attackers like Hookuai and Gorg can smash this pumpkin.

Fun Facts:

  • Many of his skills are based off of Halloween themed movies and episodes of TV shows.