Necromancer's plan backfired enormously and now the super powerful Lord Pumpseed is roaming free, causing all sorts of havoc. He was supposed to be resurrected and then controlled, but thanks to Hayman's clumsiness, now Lord Pumpseed is the most feared and fastest Control monster ever!

Role: Denier


Lord Pumpseed is a Fire Control monster that uses Corruption, CDA, and stamina removal to control his enemies. He relies on torture effects such as Burn, Nightmares, and Ignition in order to deal damage. Scarier still, he can apply PER, Trait Disabled, and Corrupted in one move.


  • Many tortures
  • Great trait and stats
  • Mega Corrupted
  • Special is amazing: AoE Mega Corruption + Ignite + CDDA
  • AoE 3 Turn Death Countdown for 0 stamina (His trait protects his team from Death Countdown)


  • High cooldowns and stamina costs
  • 4-Slot Syndrome (too many good moves to choose from)

Recommended Moveset

The Meanest of them All (Ranked)

  • Hayman Ghost Carnival (AoE Random Torture Skill (before PER) + PER + Corrupted + AoE Corrupted, 40s, 3 CD)
  • Sons a Witches (AoE PER + Mega Corruption + Ignite, 46s, 3 CD)
  • The Honking (PER + Trait Disabled + Corruption + Burn, 34s, 3 CD)
  • Fear Itself (3-turn Death Countdown + AoE CDA & Bleed, 34s, 3 CD)

Recommended Runes: 3 Speed

The Greatest Pumpking (Ranked)

  • Hayman Ghost Carnival
  • Sons a Witches
  • The Honking
  • Danger Things / Master and Cadaver (Danger for 100% Stamina Drain + Burn + Ignite, 28s, 2 CD) / (Cadaver for AoE Nightmare + Stamina Leak + 30% Stamina Drain, 20s, 2 CD)

Recommended Runes: 3 Speed

Recommended Relics: Talany's Mask, Eeltron's Mask; Cane of the Atlantis

Note: Since Pumpseed's best moves do not deal any damage he cannot activate Jasastur's Mask. This makes Talany's Mask the best option.

Pumpkin Lord (Unranked)

  • Reaper Madness (AoE 3-turn Death Countdown + Team 3-turn Death Countdown, 0s, 1 CD)
  • Bad Dream House (AoE CDA + Burn, 36s, 3 CD)
  • Here Comes Treble (Mega Corruption + Double Damage + Ignite, 29s, 3 CD)
  • Danger Things / Master and Cadaver / Dry Hard (Dry Hard for AoE 35 Fire dmg + Burn + Ignite, 25s, 2 CD)

Recommended Runes: 3 Speed

Recommended Allies

  • Obviously, Lord Pumpseed is a great team member no matter what team he's denying for. However, even the most situational trait he has, Team Sudden Death Immunity, comes in especially handy for 2 monsters in particular: Fatid and Warspellz. Both of these monsters have great support moves that are hindered by applying Instant or Sudden Death, and Pumpseed's mere existence removes any risk these two have, meaning that Fatid can revive his entire team without fear and Warspellz can apply Triple Damage and Evasion just as freely.
  • He also works well with Kawthor, as Kawthor's Friends Are Strength kills an ally, while Kawthor gets Triple Damage and Positive Effect Protected. With Pumpseed, the move will not kill an ally but still get the buffs.


  • Pumpseed's bread and butter are Corruption, Stamina Drains, and CDA, so Hookuai is the perfect counter due to Corruption having no effect on him and his 0 Stamina, 0 CD, 70 damage Water skill can wipe Pumpseed out. But be wary of The Honking.
  • Hornet has team Torture and Control Immunity, which helps bypass everything Pumpseed can do except for Stamina Drain. Hornet's Area Dodge and higher speed are also very helpful. Hornet's Area Dodge allows him to dodge Pumpseed's CDA since it is always AoE - but watch out for Hayman Ghost Carnival.
  • Trait Disablers like Ingenica and Madam Fusion can easily disable Pumpseed's amazing trait.
  • Pumpseed is still vulnerable to CDA due to his high cooldowns. Grakon is a great example because he has both CDA and Stun, and can also disable Pumpseed's trait. Siamiss is also a strong counter for having CDA, Blind Immunity and being faster than him.
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