Lord of Atlantis
Lord of the Atlantis.gif
Rank: F
Power: 200,489
Life: 260,540
Speed: 30,389
Trait: Blind Immunity

Lord of Atlantis, more commonly known as LOTA is a breedable Water-type legendary. He is considered by almost every competitive player to be the best of the original monsters in the game.


LOTA is a very good monster. While not ranked as high as it could be, being only C+ rank in the Viability Ranking, he was the best breedable legendary (before Laomu and Blob got breedable). He is a great support monster, having little to no cooldown in his moves and just an overall great add to any team. His speciality is giving Double Damage and Precision using his amazing move: Blessed Water. Sadly, LOTA falls short compared to other Water legendaries and does struggle for the most part on his own. But combined with a powerhouse like Barbatos, Lord of the Atlantis is usually worth the spot in a team.


  • Blessed water is simply an amazing move.
  • He got other forms of support for his allies.
  • He got a good amount of speed.


  • He can't give any negative effect.
  • His immunity to blind is not very useful.
  • He has trouble on his own.


Atlantis' Support

  • Painful Stream/Cleaning
  • Good Rain/Bad Rain
  • Mass Refresh
  • Blessed Water
  • 2 Speed Runes, 1 Team Power Rune

By using a team power rune, you give your allies more power and especially the one you will boost with Blessed Water (or even both). You also want to be faster than you allies so they can deal massive damage right away. As said before, Blessed Water is simply an amazing move: giving Double Damage, Precision and having no cooldown is simply a god-like move for a legendary of his kind. Painful Stream does a good chunk of damage while Cleaning can be used to remove buffs from one foe. This can be useful against monsters like General Darmith or General Nishant. Good Rain/Bad Rain, don't get confused by the space bar as it is the same move. It's just that it is in the name. This move will deal some water damage, but most importantly: give Damage Boost to all allies. Mass Refresh removes bad status effects for all your team and restores some stamina, but does suffer from a cooldown, be careful about using it.


Being weak to Thunder, LOTA is destroyed easily by VoltaiK or just about any Thunder monster that isn't R.O.F.L., Thundhare or Thorder. Because he is only immune to blind, you can freeze, stun and possess Lord of the Atlantis no problem. You can also target his allies as LOTA is pretty weak on his own. Catégorie:Monsters Catégorie:Breedable Legendaries Catégorie:Water Monsters Catégorie:Blind Immunity