Lostyghost is a chained ghost that is here to murder you. Run while you can!


Ah, Lostyghost. Back it the old days, when I was a noob, I though this guy was really cool and I wanted to get one. At the time, I had one account, but I stopped playing for a little while. I then wanted a fresh start on another device, so I got a new account, which I still use today. And guess what? Lostyghost was in an event! So he is the first legendary I got. I was really happy to get him and he was pretty good. Unfortunately, Lostyghost disappointed me by the end. He has a few, but major problems and even if he is only C rank, I still like him because he was my first legendary. Why did I tell you all of this? Oh, that was just to make a different overview, do you like it? Anyway, let's get back to topic...


  • Some very powerful skills
  • No Cooldowns
  • His speed is kinda insane, along with very good life
  • Low stamina costing moves


  • He doesn't have an AoE move
  • His moves are only Dark-type, which means that opposing Dark-types are going to counter Lostyghost easily
  • He is limited in his status effects with only nightmares and blind at his disposial as well as the rare possession in his special move (which also removes all stamina one turn after)
  • His power is pretty bad
  • Bad trait

Recommended MovesetEdit


  • Warriors Pantheon (75 Dark damage w/ 19 stamina, no CD)
  • Scratch on Wounds (50 Dark damage w/ 21 stamina, no CD)
  • Ghost in Chains (60 Dark damage w/ 17 stamina, no CD)
  • Ouija Evening (63 Dark damage w/ 18 stamina, no CD)
  • 2 Power Runes, 1 Speed Rune

As a fast attacker, Lostyghost highly benefits from the 75 base power Warriors Pantheon which got no cooldown, like all his other moves. Yes, that is pretty dang insane. Ghost in Chains blinds the target and Ouija Evening applies nightmares. Simple stuff. Now, the last move had to be Manifest! Why may you ask? Well, if you look at all his other moves, they don't have anything more. Warriors Pantheon is always the strongest period, Ghost in Chains is the better blind move and Ouija Evening is the better nightmares move. So Manifest!, while being a starter move, has one thing his other moves don't: 100% accuracy. Yes, that is all. So use that move to finish off a foe and you won't miss at least.


Lostyghost is walled by opposing Dark-types. He is also defeated easily by Light-types such as Lux Aura. Lostyghost can also be stuned, frozen and possessed. He shouldn't be hard to counter.