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Lucky Clint likes people to think he's nothing but a lone wanderer who's good with his guns, but in reality, he's a caring monster who has lots of wisdom to offer. He's one of Butcherang's father figures and protectors.

Role: Attacker


Lucky Clint is an interesting and great Magic Attacker with heavy-damage skills, self-buffs, and two Tortures in Nanovirus and Curse. First off, his trait is the amazing anticipation making it a treat against ET's, even the best ones. He has 2 Metal skills as a magic monster meaning he is not walled by monster of his element, and he has access to arguably the two best tortures in the game, Curse, which removed 70% life in total if not NER'd and Narovirus is very useful against tank in general as it can chip away life and block Positive effects (Mega Taunt included!). His power is simply great, with an exceptional 10,351! He is not completely screwed by CDA as he has a lot of low cooldowns. Not to mention his self buffs are pretty nice, True Vision+ Double Damage or ITC+ Damage boost both boost his damage and make him scarier. Sadly though, he is easily denied by anything but blind, so even a trash denier like Wormanoid can still stun him before he gets to do much and his life and speed don't really help him either. All things considered though, Lucky Clint is a great choice for any team, and arguably the best multiplayer monster yet.


  • Great trait
  • Nice self-buffs
  • Has 2 Metal skills as a Magic monster
  • Access to Nanovirus and Curse
  • Amazing Power
  • Lots of low cooldowns


  • Easily denied by everything except Total Blind
  • Average Life and Speed

Recommended Moveset

There's a Snake in My Boot

  • A Matter Of Faith / A Matter Of Principle (Faith for Self True Vision + Double Damage, 36s, 1 CD) / (Principle for Self Control Immunity + Damage Boost, 36s, 1 CD)
  • Cyclone (AoE 40 Magic dmg + Curse, 36s, 1 CD)
  • Deadly Situation / Bolt Action Hand (Situation for 60 Metal dmg + Curse + Nanovirus, 48s, 3 CD) / (Action for 70 Metal dmg, 42s, 2 CD)
  • Child Of Hope / Future Cowboy (Hope for 50 Magic dmg + Curse, 36s, 1 CD) / (Cowboy for 40 Magic dmg, 30s, 0 CD)

Recommended Allies

  • Because of his mediocre Life stat, a Mega Taunt user like Pangoliath is highly recommended to soak up any attacks that come his way.
  • Ryclops can apply Torture Immunity and remove Control effects, keeping Lucky Clint safe and operational.


  • Nature attackers can send him back to the Wild West.
  • Pretty much any Denier (Decobrah, for example) can put him out of commission, or even turn him against his teammates, as his trait only protects him from Blind.