Meet Malair's daughter! To her father's discontent, Madam Fusion was never interested in joining a team of villains. Instead, she found her own partner: VoltaiK. Her skills worked very well with his and the best part was that Malair hated him! They have a special chemistry, both inside and outside the battlefield.

Role: Support


Madam Fusion is a Magic Extra-Turner and Support. She has different skills that remove positive effects, disable traits and clean negative effects, and then, she comes back with an extra turn. She can also recharge the team's Stamina without spending any of her own Stamina, make her allies immune to Blind, and protect herself against Cooldown Activations. A true Support specialist designed to go with other extra-turners.


  • Absurdly great trait
  • Great relic slots
  • High speed
  • Mostly low cooldowns
  • Ally NER + Extra Turn
  • Trait Disable


  • She is an extra turner support which means anticipation monsters can still kill her, if the anticipation monster is behind Taunt or Megataunt
  • Nearly useless without teammates
  • 4-Slot Syndrome (too many good moves to choose from)

Recommended Moveset

VoltaiK Fanclub

  • Ingenica Taught Me (Trait Disabled + Self Extra Turn, 39s, 1 CD)
  • Your Turn! (Ally NER + Extra Turn, 25s, 3 CD)
  • Excuse Me (PER + Self Extra Turn, 31s, 1 CD)
  • Focus Fusion / Bend To Volt (Fusion for Team 50% Stamina Recovery + Stamina Regeneration, 0s, 4 CD) / (Volt for 45 Magic dmg + Thunder Weakness + Nature Weakness + Self Extra Turn, 30s, 3 CD)

This is one of the best and most useful Fusion builds to use on an Attack team currently. It primarily focuses on opening up the enemy team so you can pass your turn off to your Denier or Attacker for a guaranteed AoE deny or guaranteed Damage. Start cycling through Excuse Me and Ingenica Taught Me to completely disable all the enemies' traits and any SCs they might have set up. Next, use Your Turn! on your Denier or Attacker for the guaranteed smack-down. Focus Fusion is used in case you ever run down to 0 Stamina, as it is there to provide some extra Stamina Regen, while if you're running a Nature or Thunder Attacker alongside Madam Fusion then you should run Bend To Volt rather than Focus Fusion, so they can hit harder. Stamina recharging relics are imperative to this set since you can cycle through all of Madam's extra turn skills on the entire enemy team, because Focus Fusion may provide Stamina regeneration, but it doesn't give Fusion an extra turn and should only be used once all of her relics are completely used up. 3 Speed is the more recommended build for this team, while your Denier should be running 3 Team Speed to help Fusion be the fastest monster on the field. When Fusion is the fastest monster on the field, she can setup before the enemies have a chance to do anything.

Recommended Runes: 3 Speed

Recommended Relics: Ingvar's Banner, Charging Banner, Mr. Beast's Banner; Cane of the Atlantis

Recommended Allies


  • As Madam Fusion has a Trait Disable + Extra Turn skill, you would need either multiple Anticipation Monsters or at least one Anticipation user paired up with a Mega Taunt user, Eisul works best for this, as he has both the Taunt Trait and SC: Mega Taunt, forcing Fusion to PER and Trait Disable him, leaving the Anticipation Monster with two turns to kill her.
    • However, if Madam Fusion is paired up with a Mega Taunter, you'll be forced to run an Anticipation Monster with PER, which are few and far between. The only ones who can PER are Tijen, Warmaster Ragnarok, Miserus, Hornet, and Narok. Warmaster Necromancer has Etereum Volutas, a Turn Transfer skill, meaning he can Turn Transfer into a PER user. Out of those three Tijen is simply dead weight as her measly 3300 Power will not do anything, nevermind the fact she only has one AoE, leaving her helpless against even Tanks without SC: Mega Taunt, like Koralle Brutalis and Clipeum. Warmaster Ragnarok is also hopeless against Eisul, though if he lucks out and gets Elvira's SC then he can counter Madam Fusion reliably. So Narok is the best Madam Fusion counter, being able to PER the Mega Taunt user and following it up with an AoE Curse, which will quickly drain Madam Fusion's Stamina and Life, he can also hit quite hard with a Power Stat of 3685.
  • But if you have Madam Fusion at Rank 3 or above, she has SC: Self Evasion and SC: Positive Effects Protected, meaning none of the last counters is useful anymore. The only ways to counter a Rank 3 Fusion are:
    • Warmaster Sherezar, with Great Dispel being able to PER the PEP and giving himself an Extra Turn, followed by Wizard's Negation.
    • Wickah has skills with PER and AoE PER meaning she can PER away Fusion's PEP then PER away her Evasion.
    • A monster with Pierce like Nitroblaster and Zunobia if they get a turn in. However, none of them has Anticipation, meaning you have to use them along with Warmaster Necromancer and use Etereum Volutas or any turn transfer monster.
  • Kronx can be a nasty tool against her. As the only monster with access to Baby Reversion (on her foes, anyway), she can Baby Fusion's allies, and then even if she gets her turn in without a hitch, she can't turn transfer to her allies (her most important tool), no matter how much she PERs your team and removes their traits. Even if she has Eisul on her side, if the last team member isn't an Anticipator, Sudden Heart Stop will take care of Eisul.
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