After being hit, if wearer's Life is below 50%, removes 45 - 300 points of Stamina from attacker and deals 5,725 - 20,545 points of Thunder Damage to attacker.


Mantis Claws Trap is one of the Diamond Trap relics in the game. It is mainly useful when it is fully upgraded due to its ability to deal high Thunder damage and remove large amounts of stamina.


  • Removes up to 300 stamina
  • Deals up to 20,545 Thunder damage


  • Only activates when wearer's life is below 50%

Recommended Monsters

  • Monsters like Zizania and Sparking Mantis with 2 Trap relic slots can hold 2 of these, making it the end for the attacker.
  • Tanks like Dunn Ra or Eisul can both hold this, making it also another deadly surprise for the attacker.
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