Not only does Megapolaris hate living organisms, he also despises good robots who have betrayed other machines to team up with living creatures. Now he is trying single-handedly to make machines rule the universe.


Megapolaris mostly uses Daze, Metal Weakness and Shields.


  • Acceptable power
  • 0 CD Metal Weakness move
  • AoE Metal Weakness
  • Low cooldowns


  • Few status effects
  • Awful trait (one of the worst in the game)
  • Bad life and speed

Recommended Moveset

Ultron's Revenge

  • "I'm surrounded by idiots." (AoE 30 Metal dmg + Metal Weakness, 31s, 3 CD)
  • "Kneel before Megapolaris!" (60 Metal dmg, 33s, 1 CD)
  • "Time to shred the trash" (AoE 45 Metal dmg, 34s, 4 CD)
  • "You can't even touch me" / "I'm more than a god" (Ally 50% Shield + Damage Mirror, 30s, 1CD) / (45 Special dmg + Daze, 28s, 0 CD)

Start with "I'm surrounded by idiots." for AoE Metal Weakness. Next, use "Time to shred the trash" to deal a great amount of Metal damage to all enemies. Kneel before Megapolaris deals a good amount of Metal damage to one enemy, and with Magnetize, the skill does 90 Metal damage, so it’s most likely you’ll KO one foe. "You can't even touch me" is mainly used if an ally is low on health, and can be useful in most situations. "I'm more than a god" is your 0 cooldown Daze move.

Recommended Runes: 2 Strength, 1 Team Speed


  • Good Magic attackers, like Gelotron, can take Megapolaris out easily.
  • He is easily denied.
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