Megapolaris is the Metal-type supervillain and maybe the ultimate mechanical master of magnetism and telekinesis.

Overview Edit

Megapolaris is very powerful, he has well balanced stats and strong moves which don't even have any cooldowns. He can also magnetize multiple enemies, letting him do high damage to them. He can also create mighty shields to protect his teammates.

Megapolaris may only do Magnetism and Shields, but if you use him wisely, he can be very dangerous and will be the doom of every enemy which isn't Magic-type.


  • High power and well balanced stats
  • 0 CD Magnetism move
  • Great damaging skills
  • He can AoE Magnetize, followed with a 45 damage AoE!
  • Low cooldowns


  • Weak against control effects, because his trait is rubbish.
  • Magic attackers like Malair will scrap him easily and will bring him down to the junk yard

Recommended Moveset Edit

Someone please add one :/

Counters Edit

Megapolaris is weak against Magic and has to suffer under monsters like Malair, Violet or Galante. He is also weak against posession, stun and freeze and with Krampus or Varuna, you can stop him easily.