Don’t lie to Mommy, because Mommy knows where you’ve been, yes she does! You’ve been hanging out with those monster friends Mommy doesn’t like, so... guess what? You’re grounded! You’ll thank Mommy one day…

Overview Edit

Mommy deals very heavy damage very easily and has almost no cooldowns on her attacks, making her quite deadly. Her very high speed stat and the fact that she has multiple possessing moves make her pack quite a punch. She climbed the Viability Ranking all the way to the S rank and for good reasons.


  • Very high stats, especially speed and life.
  • Multiple possessing moves.
  • Little to no cooldown in her moves.
  • Has a multi-stun move.


  • Doesn't have much else than damage and possession.
  • She can be stunned and frozen easily.

Movesets Edit

Listen to Mommy!

  • Go to your room
  • Don't lie to Mommy
  • Just like your dad
  • Stay Warm
  • 2 Power Runes, 1 Speed Rune

Start by using Stay Warm as it will stun all your foes. Don't lie to Mommy is a starting move, but it has 60 base power! Which means you got a free low stamina cost and high powered move with no cooldown! Just like your dad is used to inflict nightmares to all your foes. You need to eat possess the target, which is always helpful.

Counters Edit

Mommy does have trouble against fast stun and freeze users. Cavenfish seems like a great choice to use against her. Timerion does help, but Don't lie to Mommy has no cooldown and does great damage. A very powerful light monster like Lux Aura might take Mommy down pretty easily.