Monster Clutch is basically five eggs flying in the air with mouths and eyes. Yes, it looks really weird. Also this monster evolution is just add some eggs to make it look different.


Monster Clutch is one of those monsters that looks really good on paper, but it just really isn't. First of, it's got amazing stats, among the best stats in the game easily. And his trait is Hardened, which isn't bad. He is also Magic-type, one of the best types to use in general, so what is wrong with him? Simple: his movepool sucks! His movepool is so freaking horrible, and I don't even know why. This monster looks freaking amazing and the worst part is that he is hard to get, very few people actually got Monster Clutch. But this monster sucks so bad! His moves are complete garbage! The only thing that prevented him to go any lower from the C+ rank are his god-like stats. Other than that, he sucks! Sadly, stats aren't everything and this monster is the perfect example.


  • Monster Clutch has extremely good stats
  • the good thing about his moves is that they have Aoe move little to no cooldown
  • 50% Aoe blind
  • +50% stamina move
  • +20% stamina move
  • Good trait


  • His movepool completely sucks
  • Most of his status effects (that aren't even good to be begin with) have only a 50% of happening, like are you kidding?
  • Only Dmg Reduction are guarenteed

Recommended MovesetEdit

Rage of the eggs

  • Egg Detonation / Egg Explosion / Energy Bites ( Denotation for 35 Special dmg + 50% Chance Stun w/ 31s, 2 turn CD) / (Explosion for 35 AoE Special dmg w/ 26s, 1 turn CD) / (Energy for 45 Special dmg + 20% Stamina Restored w/ 25s, 1 turn CD)
  • Mega Bites (50 Special dmg + 70% Stamina Restored w/ 34s, 3 turn CD)
  • Easter Disaster (25 AoE Magic dmg + Dmg Reduction w/ 28s no CD)
  • Easter Master (25 [tested] AoE Magic dmg + 50% Chance Blind w/ 28s, no CD)
  • 3 Power Runes

Monster Clutch will only be able to deal damage for the most part, so focus on that for the runes. Egg Detonation has 50% (oh god why only 50%?) of stunning, can always try. Mega Bites delays recharge as it gives you more energy than using the move. Easter Disaster is probably your best move as it gives damage reduction to all foes and it is his only status with 100% chance! It's also got no cooldown, so yeah, the only really good move in his moveset. Easter Master might give blind (50%...again) to all foes and has no cooldown either, so it's OK as a move. As you can see, nothing really amazing, but you will do damage.


Being a Magic-type, Monster Clutch has the advantage of being weak to Nature as this type really sucks offensively. So the best way to counter it is to...well just damage it as it isn't really Dangerous to begin with. But I guess you can stun/freeze/possess him to help you out. There's plenty of monsters able to stop him so this monster shouldn't really be a threat.