Welcome to the Monster Improvement Forum! Basically this is like the Monster Idea Forum, but with already-existing monsters in the game that are improved and made viable for today's meta. Feel free to add as many monsters as you like (as long as they are S+ on the Viability Ranking or lower)!


  • Please, if you can, do not make the monster too busted. Making them OP tier is perfectly fine, but don't blast their stats beyond common sense (either make them all-around good, or give them lackluster stats alongside great ones), and make sure their moves are balanced. If anything reaches worrying levels and you're told about it, make sure it gets fixed, or the profile will be purged.

New rule about backstories, people. There's no fun in improving a monster without also improving their backstory, since old monsters generally have pretty shitty backstories. It's time to flex your storywriting, because any improved monster is going to need a better backstory from now on.

Rador WIP (Erfgyhuio)

Rador knew he was the strongest out of all of the monsters. But he wanted to be stronger, so he went to Kikhaku. Kikhaku would grant him one wish, so rador asked to be op. Kikhaku made him op, but it cost him....a lot of health.

Role: Fire attacker with high damage moves and tortures.

Default Skils:

Flaming Scythe: 25 Physical dmg 1 CD 12s

Hot Wheels: AoE 20 Fire dmg 2 Cd 21s

Skill Group 1

Pure Torture: AoE Random Torture Effect 2 CD 23s

Wheelie: Self NER + Self 40% Heal + Self Precision + Extra turn 2 CD 0s

Sick Stunt: AoE 20 dmg + fire weakness 3 CD 21s

Skill Group 2

Feel The Burn: 60 Special dmg + ignite + sunburn 3 CD2 5s

Devil Flames AoE 45 Fire dmg + burn 2 CD 21s

Skill Group 3

Too Hot to Handle: AoE 50 Fire dmg + sunburn 4 CD

Devil's Cry: 40 Dark dmg + Nightmares 3 CD 12s

Special- Total Destruction: Self Double Damage + AoE 70 Fire damage


Nebotus was always the weakest legendary in the game. He was the laughing stock of legends. He wanted to be looked up bye, so he started to actually train. He trained with Harusami, who believed that Nebotus could be better. He taught him how to use nightmares more effectively. He taught how to life steal and stun. Now Nebotus wont be in the laughing stock.

Role: Attacker with tortures and Nanovirus

Skill Group 1

Bone Ripper: 20 physical damage 0 CD 12

Soul Crusher: 35 Dark damage 2 CD 13s

Skill Group 2

Your Worst Nightmare: AoE 50 Special damage + Nightmares + 50% Life steal + Bleed 4 CD 32s

Darkest Energy: 65 Special damage + Nanovirus 3 CD 12s

Skill Group 3

Soul Sacrifice: AoE MegaStun + Self 4-turn death countdown 4 CD 30s

I Am Invincible!: Applies Legendaryphobic shield to self. 3 CD 25s

Special: Nobody Passes Nebotus: AoE 70 Special damage + Nanovirus + Bleed + Stun + Nightmares


When Drekk realized that his ugly brother Grakon got more visits than himself Drekk needed to up his game. He started by training with Wickah. Wickah taught Drekk how to do better staus effects such as trait disable NER and PER. Then he went to Gakora. Gakora taught him to give control immunity and evasion to allies. Then he went to one of the best supports in the game, Wyrmlad. Wyrmlad taught him to PER twice in one move and PEP. Then he went to the last place, Warmaster Ragnarok. He taught how to turn transfer. Now Drekk is ready to take on Grakon!

Role: Support with Team Evasion, Turn transfers, and Trait disable.

Skll Group 1

Tree Smack: Deals 25 Nature damage 16s 0 CD

Healing Sap: Heals 30% on one ally. 20s 2 CD

Branch Swipe: Deals 30 Nature damage to an enemy. Applies Poison and Blind to one enemy. 18s 1 CD

Skill Group 2

Charge With Drekk: Heals 40 percent on one ally. Applies NER to one ally. Applies Precision to one ally. Gives extra turn to one ally. 30s 3 CD

I Want Pancakes: AoE 40 Nature damage and PER. 2 CD 29s

Thanks Wickah: AoE 30 Nature damage + Trait disable. 2 CD 25s

Skill Group 3

Root Resseurect: Resurrects ally with 50% health. 4 CD 20s

I Will Protect My Allies: Team Evasion + NER. 3 CD 24s

The End Of Grakon: 60 Special damage + Megastun + Trait Disable. 3 CD 31s.

Revenge: AoE 50 Nature damage + PER. 2 CD 23s

No Positive Effects On Enemy Team: Applies PER twice to all Enemies. Applies PEP to all allies. 3 Cd 31s

Special Skill: Invincible Allies!: Applies Botanophobic Shield to all allies for 5 turns. Applies Nature Immunity to all allies for 5 turns.


  • Megastun
  • Trait disable
  • Has Team Evasion
  • Has an amazing turn transfer move.
  • Can use PER twice
  • Has PEP
  • Special literally makes allies invincible
  • Amazing trait


  • Bad power
  • 4 slot syndrom

Tephra (Epikart)

Pierceid most definitely has the brains and magic to overthrow Barbatos and Inheritor as Queen of Hell, but she's missing one thing to become truly unbeatable; brute strength. She can spin whatever spells she may need to stop any demon from taking her place, but with the residents of Hell becoming more and more powerful, that won't be able to support her alone. The second she thought about this, she rose to the islands to find herself a guard to control. Unfortunately, no living monster was willing to become the slave of the future Hell Queen, so Pierceid was forced to improvise. She flew to the hottest, most volatile volcano she could find and animated the lava found in its very core. A few hours later, the volcano erupted with pure demonic energy, and out of it came Tephra. Tephra's body is a 15 hundred thousand degrees packed into a single entity of unbridled heat, and his horrifying brute power was enough to crush a mountain in one punch, if it didn't melt before he had the chance. With no sense of intelligence either, he's completely loyal to Pierceid and will beat out anyone who dares oppose the duo.

Role: Attacker / Tank

Skill Group 1

  • Tuff Muscles - 45 Special dmg, 13s, 0 CD
  • Lava Leak - AoE Ignite, 17s, 0 CD
  • Eyes of Smog - 25 Fire dmg + Blind, 17s, 1 CD

Skill Group 2

  • Diorite Damage - 65 Special dmg + Ignite, 0s, 0 CD
  • Blood to Basalt - AoE 40 Fire dmg + Self 50% Heal, 27s, 1 CD
  • Rhyolite Casing - Self 100% Shield + Regeneration + Mega Taunt, 25s, 2 CD

Skill Group 3

  • Obsidian Brute - 80 Special dmg + Ignite, 30s, 2 CD
  • Smoky Fog - AoE 30 Fire dmg + Total Blind, 28s, 2 CD
  • Puddle Demons - AoE Fire Weakness + Self Extra Turn, 31s, 1 CD


  • Kilauea's Children - AoE 80 Fire dmg + Ignite + Sunburn

Recommended Moveset

Too Hot for Children...or Anyone (Attacker)

  • Obsidian Brute
  • Blood to Basalt
  • Puddle Demons
  • Diorite Damage / Smoky Fog

Thick Clumps of Magma (Tank)

  • Rhyolite Casing
  • Blood to Basalt
  • Smoky Fog
  • Diorite Damage

Kaih The Eradicator (Joey The Eradicator)

Kaih was taught how to kill since he was born. Born and raised in the league of assassins, Kaih’s body was pushed to the physical limit to reach top shape. His body was cut, sliced, lava poured on. Being a kid, Kaih couldn’t take that level of pain, he was going to die in this life. After 15 years of killing, his actions were irredeemable, and the ancient one took notice. He confronted Kaih, told him of his evil ways. The Ancient One, Being a celestial whose heart was pure, sentenced Kaih to Barbatos’s Domain. After a sentence of 500 years, Kaih has adopted a new name, Kaih the Eradicator. Kaih the Eradicator is now a being of vengeance. He serves whoever most deserves revenge. A lost relative, lost fortune, childhood trauma, it doesn’t matter. Of course, this wasn’t the future that the Ancient One had foreseen, and now, he has come to cleanse Kaih the Eradicator of his Fiery Rage.    

Rank: SS+/OP-

Role: Attacker with Team Protections and Haters

Skills Group 1

グーグル - 20 fire dmg 0s 0cd

ジョーイは史上最高の人です - 25 special dmg 10s 0cd

ジョーイ- 35 Physical dmg 0s 0cd

Skills Group 2

勇敢なジョーイ- AoE 25 Special dmg + Team 30% Shield, 18s 1cd

救い主、ジョーイ- AoE 35 Fire dmg + Ignite + Team Fire protection + Team 25% Heal, 23s 2cd

甘いジョーイ - Self Random Hater + Double Dmg + Evasion, 28s 2cd

Skills Group 3

 謙虚な者 - PER + AoE PER + Team NER + Team Random Hater + Team 25% Shield + AoE 40 Special dmg + Ignite, 37s 3cd

ブレイブジョーイ- PER + 70 fire dmg + Ignite, 0s 0cd

ラフィは偉大さ -  AoE PER +AoE Random Elemental Weakness + 50 special dmg + Team 35% Heal, 31s 3cd

Alt: ジョーイが来ています- AoE %0 percent insta kill

Recommended Moveset

Revenge Isn't Cold

甘いジョーイ - Self Random Hater + Double Dmg + Evasion, 28s 2cd

ブレイブジョーイ- PER + 70 fire dmg + Ignite, 0s 0cd

謙虚な者 - PER + AoE PER + Team NER + Team Random Hater + Team 25% Shield + AoE 40 Special dmg + Ignite, 37s 3cd

ラフィは偉大さ -  AoE PER +AoE Random Elemental Weakness + 50 special dmg + Team 35% Heal, 31s 3cd

Do You Hate Me Yet?

謙虚な者 - PER + AoE PER + Team NER + Team Random Hater + Team 25% Shield + AoE 40 Special dmg + Ignite, 37s 3cd

ラフィは偉大さ -  AoE PER +AoE Random Elemental Weakness + 50 special dmg + Team 35% Heal, 31s 3cd

救い主、ジョーイ- AoE 35 Fire dmg + Ignite + Team Fire protection + Team 25% Heal, 23s 2cd

ブレイブジョーイ- PER + 70 fire dmg + Ignite, 0s 0cd/甘いジョーイ - Self Random Hater + Double Dmg + Evasion, 28s 2cd

Choose Option 1 if you want a spammable move that packs a punch. Choose Option 2 If you want a deadly set up skill.  

Monster Clutch (Epikart)

Evil never sleeps, and this includes on Easter. In the middle of this sacred season, there are monsters who make it their jobs to make a mockery of the holiday. With creatures like Eggeater and Rabooka trying to ruin it for the children of the world, Thundhare has had himself a wild time trying to stop them. At last, he's now become sick of his holiday becoming a depressing chore, and has created himself a band of guardians to get rid of these annoyances. Made to disguise themselves perfectly as easter eggs, the group known as Monster Clutch have the job of hunting down the ruiners and viciously mauling them when their guard is down. They never tire, never sleep, and never stop until their prey is eviscerated, and they serve no one but Thundhare. This may sound threatening, but they may just be the saviors of Easter.

Role: Attacker

Skill Group 1

  • Baby Eggttack - 30 Magic dmg + Self Extra Turn, 23s, 0 CD
  • Eggsercise No Caution - AoE 35 Magic dmg + Damage Reduction, 16s, 1 CD
  • Eggshaution - 50% Stamina Removal + Self 25% Stamina Removal, 0s, 0 CD

Skill Group 2

  • Junior Eggsault - 50 Special dmg + Daze, 19s, 0 CD
  • Eggsotic Flavor - Self Damage Boost + Evasion + Taunt, 28s, 2 CD
  • Degging In - Stun + 40 Special dmg + Bleed, 25s, 2 CD

Skill Group 3

  • Senior Eggression - 75 Special dmg, 0s, 0 CD
  • Area Eggsplosions - AoE 45 Magic dmg + Ignite, 30s, 3 CD
  • Off With Their Leggs - AoE 20 Special dmg + Mega Stun, 39s, 4 CD


  • Zegg Rush - AoE 30x3 Special dmg + Quicksands + Bleed

Recommended Moveset

Eggstensive Pain

  • Senior Eggression
  • Off With Their Leggs
  • Area Eggsplosions
  • Eggsotic Flavor / Baby Eggttack

Uriel (Epikart)

Uriel. The holy light. The spirit of the purity of existence. Uriel is a deity spoken of since the oldest of days, and he foresees absolutely everything that ever happens in his universe. He rarely comes down to changes wrongs, though, trusting that his bride, Incognita, has already confirmed the perfect possible series of events and set them into place. The only times he has ever directly influenced the world was when one of his subjects threatened to overturn the balance of the planet and even defied Incognita's decided destiny. Predictably, of course, this has only happened once, with the monkey warrior Shi Hou. This time, however, he senses a terrible evil in the world of Monster Legends, something that cannot be controlled by even the holiest of powers. After further analysis, he has decided it's time to intervene more directly. He has come down to the Monster world in physical form, and plans to establish a team of the most powerful monsters he can find to defeat the darkness and cleanse the world.

Role: Support

Skill Group 1

  • 1 Corinthians 16:13 - Team Random Protection Effect, 0s, 1 CD
  • Matthew 11:28 - Ally 30% Heal, 18s, 0 CD
  • Isaiah 40:31 - Team Damage Boost, 14s, 1 CD

Skill Group 2

  • Philippians 4:13 - Team Double Damage + Torture Immunity, 32s, 2 CD
  • Proverbs 3:6 - Team NER + Control Immunity + 2 Random Immunities, 35s, 2 CD
  • James 5:16 - Team 50% Heal + Regeneration, 33s, 1 CD

Skill Group 3

  • Joshua 1:9 - AoE 40 Light dmg + Self Evasion + Positive Effects Protected, 36s, 3 CD
  • John 10:10 - PER + AoE PER + Positive Effects Blocked, 29s, 2 CD
  • John 3:16 - Ally 100% Resurrection + Evasion + Random Positive Effect, 38s, 3 CD


  • Genesis 1:3 - Team 100% Resurrection + Evasion + Positive Effect Protection + Damage Boost

Recommended Moveset

He is with Us

  • John 3:16
  • John 10:10
  • Proverbs 3:6
  • James 5:16 / Philippians 4:13

Zeighar (Epikart)

It had been a few years since Drakor had been rejected from the alliance of dragons, and he was still furious about it. He had tried to wipe them out with the help of a man named Wyrmlad, but he had abandoned Drakor after learning he was part dragon himself. Everything seemed hopeless to him now; there was no way he could take on such a powerful team all on his own, but there couldn't be anyone who'd sympathize with one as ferocious and draconic (and petty) as himself. Drakor's luck turned on its head, however, when he met another half-dragon like him by the name of Zeighar being followed by a humongous, full-dragon brute. Zeighar was a sage who wielded magical abilities unlike any other dragon, and despite his scary appearance, was rather calm when speaking with Drakor. After some time with him, Drakor learned that Zeighar, too, had been rejected and shunned for his supposed hospitality by the alliance, as well as all but the full-dragon that always stood by his side, named Draghar, and took to learning magic and mind-control to exact revenge. The three soon decided that they should make their own alliance to destroy their rejectors, and with their powers perfectly aligned with each other, they'll be much tougher to take down.

Role: Denier/Support

Skill Group 1

  • Effortless Infiltration - AoE 50% Possession, 0s, 0 CD
  • Dragon's Cough - AoE Ignite, 13s, 0 CD
  • Regain the Fight - Ally CDDA, 19s, 1 CD

Skill Group 2

  • Betraying Your Own - Self Pierce + Single Possession + Self Pierce Removal, 32s, 2 CD
  • Suffer In Slumber - AoE 20 Magic dmg + Nightmares + Slow + Daze, 25s, 3 CD
  • Draconic Enlightenment - Self NER + Team Torture Immunity + Stun Immunity + Freeze Immunity, 28s, 1 CD

Skill Group 3

  • Your Soul is Mine - AoE CDA + Possession + Bleed, 32s, 3 CD
  • From The Corpse of Ancients - 50 Magic dmg + Team 100% Stamina Restore, 0s, 3 CD
  • Reach Nirvana - Team CDDA + Self Extra Turn, 40s, 0 CD


  • Gods Don't Create Dragons - AoE Trait Disable + Mega Possession + Team NER + Trait Disable Hater

Recommended Moveset

Only a Fool Can Flee (Denier)

  • Your Soul is Mine
  • Betraying Your Own
  • Suffer in Slumber
  • Reach Nirvana

Even a Dragon Must Rest (Support)

  • From The Corpse of Ancients
  • Reach Nirvana
  • Draconic Enlightenment
  • Suffer in Slumber

Darkzgul (Mushroom)

In the world of dreams, Darkzgul was bored and wanted to find a student he can train with. One day, he was creating nightmares with his friend Jasastur when he found Scryb. Since he saw potential in him, he decided to train him. After 5 years, Scryb left to torture monsters on his own. Afterwards, he heard that Elvira and her army were going to invade the dream world and saw that they captured Scryb and Jasastur! Now, the Witch-King is back in action determined to destroy Elvira and make sure she doesn’t evade him again.

Role: Denier/Attacker

Skill Group 1:

Bloodsuck: AoE 30 Dark Damage + Life Steal + Bleeding + 50% Damage Reduction, 20s 1 CD

Sleep Deprive: AoE Total Damage Reduction + Blind, 26s, 1 CD

Visions of Hate: AoE 20 Special Damage + Blind + Possession, 23s, 0 CD

Skill Group 2:

Living Nightmare: Self Spirits Hater + AoE 50 Dark Damage + Nightmares + Daze + Self Spirits Hater Removal, 32s 2 CD

Blade of the Plague: 40 Special Damage + Poision + Nanovirus + Bleed, 20s 2 CD

Scourge: AoE PER + Self 25% Heal + Extra Turn, 10s, 0 CD

Skill Group 3:

Forgotten Trauma: AoE PER x2 + Nightmares + Blind, 28s, 1 CD

Uncontrollable Pain: AoE 50 Dark Damage + Blind + Ignite, 24s, 1 CD

The Witch-King: Revives all Allies with 80% Health + Self NER + Good Legions Hater + Self Evasion + All Ally Pierce, 52s 4 CD


You’re Going to Purgatory!: AoE 2-turn Death Countdown + 2 Random Book Haters + PER Block + Sunburn + 35 Dark Damage + Self PER

Thyra (Epikart)

When Dr. Viktor decided it was a good idea to attempt to create an accurate human being from monster cells alone, he made a small bit of an error: he forgot to give her the ability to feel any positive emotion. This very minor mistake turned Thyra from a nice friend for him inside the lonely laboratory into a hateful punk girl that can feel nothing but sadness and fury. The second she stepped out of the crafting machine, she ran out of the lab without a word and started destroying everything that she didn't like...which is to say everything. Nothing had happened to her, but she already felt as if the world had betrayed her; forsaken her, even. Viktor isn't going to be able to stop this furious battle-hungry maniac alone. Can you calm her down and use her powers for good?

Role: Attacker

Skill Group 1

  • Don't Know You, Still Hate You - Self Random Book Hater + Single 30 Special dmg + Self All Haters Removal, 18s, 1 CD
  • I'm The Best Chick Around! - Self Female Hater + Single 30 Special dmg + Ignite + Self Female Hater Removal, 20s, 1 CD
  • Keeping Away The Invasion! - Self Undead Hater + Single 30 Special dmg + Blind + Self Undead Hater Removal, 15s, 1 CD

Skill Group 2

  • Robots Can't Be Trusted! - Self Artifact Hater + Single 40 Special dmg + 25% Stamina Removal + Self Artifact Hater Removal, 23s, 3 CD
  • The Controlled Are My Bonnie! - Self Control Hater + Single 40 Special dmg + 50% Stun + Self Control Hater Removal, 26s, 1 CD
  • Destruction!!! - Self Double Damage + Random Element Hater, 0s, 2 CD

Skill Group 3

  • You Ain't Stopping Me! - Self Random Hater + Single 50 Special dmg + Self All Haters Removal, 0s, 0 CD
  • Elite Isn't Always Better! - Self Elite Hater + Single 50 Special dmg + Nanovirus + Self Elite Hater Removal, 25s, 2 CD
  • No Time to Breed! - Self Quest Hater + Single 50 Special dmg + Sunburn + Self Quest Hater Removal, 24s, 2 CD

Skill Group 4

  • You Can't Evade Pain! - Self Pierce + Evasion Hater + Single 50 Special dmg + Self Pierce Removal + Evasion Hater Removal, 31s, 2 CD
  • I Don't Wanna Wait! - Self Anticipation Hater + Single 60 Special dmg + Self Extra Turn + Anticipation Hater Removal, 29s, 3 CD
  • Don't You Make Fun of Me! - Self Taunt Hater + Single 60 Special dmg + Trait Disable + Self Taunt Hater Removal, 27s, 2 CD
  • Why Can't We Be Special!? - Self Exclusive Hater + Single 60 Special dmg + PER + Self Exclusive Hater Removal, 34s, 3 CD


  • Nothing Deserves to Live! - Self 3 Random Haters + AoE 70 Thunder dmg + Self All Haters Removal

Recommended Moveset

Nobody Likes Me (Unranked)

  • No Time To Breed!
  • Elite Isn't Always Better!
  • You Ain't Stopping Me!
  • (Any move from SG2)

...and I Like Nobody! (Ranked)

  • Why Can't We Be Special!?
  • Don't You Make Fun of Me!
  • I Don't Wanna Wait!
  • You Can't Evade Pain! / Elite Isn't Always Better!

Guava Juice (Epikart)

Guava Juice is a fan of the insane. Anything that requires he do something no monster alive would think to do, he jumps at the opportunity to do. This has led him into some quite...unusual situations, as one would expect, but he always takes it in stride and makes the most of his wild adventures. Heck, he's even lately begun a trend of taking video of these and showing them to the world, letting them all watch as he boggles their minds. He's found himself in freezing tundras, scorching deserts, the mouths of terrifying beasts, and even alternate dimensions, all in the name of a crazy time. Be careful around him, because whatever you think he'll do, he'll do the exact opposite.

Role: Curser

Skill Group 1

  • Dirty Water Challenge - AoE 20 Special dmg + Death Countdown [4-Turn], 29s, 0 CD
  • 5-Hour Energy Challenge - AoE Shock + Nanovirus + Self Anticipation + Single Extra Turn, 40s, 2 CD
  • Mayonnaise Challenge - AoE 25 Nature dmg + 33% Stamina Removal + Stamina Leak, 33s, 2 CD

Skill Group 2

  • Razor Blades Challenge - AoE 20 Special dmg + Bleed + Poison + Drowned, 35s, 2 CD
  • Food Coloring Challenge - AoE 40 Nature dmg + 3 Random Weaknesses, 0s, 1 CD
  • Carrot Smoothie Challenge - AoE 30 Nature dmg + Guard Down + Blind, 33s, 1 CD

Skill Group 3

  • Coke and Mentos Challenge - AoE 60 Special dmg, 32s, 3 CD
  • Clorox Challenge - Trait Disable + AoE 30 Nature dmg + PER, 34s, 2 CD
  • Bone Hurting Juice Challenge - AoE 45 Nature dmg + Daze + Major Damage Reduction + Slow, 38s, 3 CD


  • Krugbo Spit Challenge - Self Pierce + AoE 55 Special dmg + Mega Possession + Self Pierce Removal

Recommended Moveset

Punch Bath (Attacker / Torturer)

  • Coke and Mentos Challenge
  • Razor Blades Challenge
  • 5-Hour Energy Challenge
  • Bone Hurting Juice Challenge

Status Smoothie (True Curser)

  • Bone Hurting Juice Challenge
  • Carrot Smoothie Challenge
  • Clorox Challenge
  • Dirty Water Challenge / Razor Blades Challenge

Killeraptor (Epikart)

After it became known that there was a sorceress named Kronx that could travel throughout time, many monsters had come up to her to ask questions or favors. It was rather infuriating to have her once peaceful life now invaded by so much paparazzi, especially when it became too much for even her loyal guard to handle, so she knew she had to find a solution. After she contacted the most brilliant mechanizer she knew, General Holter, and persuaded him to assist in her plan, she brought herself and her guard to prehistoric times, took the most threatening-looking carnivores she could find, and returned with them to General Holter, who was then asked to restrain them and do whatever he could to turn them into a powerful, loyal monster to aid in her protection. After several months of work and fusion, the dinosaurs had become one hulking beast, weaponized with the most powerful tech Holter had and hyper-intelligence dedicated to the annihilation of whoever got in the way of its directive. Killeraptor was born.

Role: Attacker

Skill Group 1

  • Cretaceous Attack - 45 Special dmg, 20s, 0 CD
  • Saurus Control - AoE 30 Earth dmg + Daze, 17s, 0 CD
  • Upgrade Ancient System - Self NER + Double Damage + Haste + Extra Turn, 0s, 4 CD

Skill Group 2

  • Firesaur Fight - 65 Fire dmg + Burn, 24s, 1 CD
  • TerrorDactyl Trample - 65 Thunder dmg + Shock, 24s, 1 CD
  • Dendrosaur Drub - 65 Nature dmg + Poison, 24s, 1 CD

Skill Group 3

  • Jurassic Outrage - Trait Disable + 75 Special dmg, 27s, 2 CD
  • Call of the Lizard - AoE 45 Earth dmg + Daze + 50% Stun, 22s, 2 CD
  • Mechanical Munch - 65 Metal dmg, 0s, 0 CD


  • Mama's Hungry - AoE 75 Earth dmg + 50% Instant Kill

Recommended Moveset

You Died 3 Days Ago

  • Jurassic Outrage
  • Mechanical Munch
  • Call of the Lizard
  • Upgrade Ancient System

Dino of the Elements

  • Jurassic Outrage / Mechanical Munch
  • Firesaur Fight
  • TerrorDactyl Trample
  • Dendrosaur Drub

Trilops (Suchae34g)

The Trilops belongs to an ancient species of Dragon, which can use their claws to cause massive earthquakes or summon a barrier to protect themselves from harm. But thousands of years ago, the species were wiped out by a big asteroid, but Dr. Viktor was able to revive one using its bones. Now, the newly reformed Trilops developed into a more agile, tougher Dragon, ready to fight to protect its ancient home.

Role: Attacker

All Skill

Skill Group 1

  • Fossil Bash : 40 Earth dmg + Daze w/ 0s, 0 CD
  • Evolutionary Strike : 45 Special dmg + Self Dmg Boost + Precision w/ 26s, 1 turn CD
  • Primal Fury : Self 30% Shield + AoE 30 Earth dmg w/ 27s, 1 turn CD

Skill Group 2

  • Primitive Rush : AoE 40 Earth dmg + Extra turn w/ 32s, 3 turn CD
  • Pack Mentality : Team 40% Shield + Precision + Stamina Regen w/ 28s, 2 turn CD
  • Predatorial Rage : 55 Special dmg + Stun + Quicksand w/ 30s, 1 turn CD

Skill Group 3

  • Tail Bloodshed : AoE 35 Special dmg + Bleed + Blind w/ 31s, 3 turn CD
  • Survival Instinct : 60 Earth dmg + Self Double Dmg + 40% Shield w/ 32s, 2 turn CD
  • Reflecting Skin : 70 Special dmg + 100% Damage Mirror + Self NER w/ 30s, 2 turn CD

SPECIAL : Extinction Event : AoE PER + 80 Earth dmg + MegaStun + Quicksand

Scryb (Suchae34g) (WIP)

Like Jasastur, Scryb used to live in the dimension of dreams, torturing monsters in sleep. But, somehow, he escaped, and now he is even more dangerous than before. He will make anyone fear and tremble before him. Most of his opponents in battle end up begging to be defeated and scream "Put an end to my suffering, please!"

Role: Denier

All Skill

Skill Group 1

  • Sleeping Terror : AoE Nightmare + Daze w/ 28s, 2 turn CD
  • Nosterafu Infection : 30 Dark dmg + Bleed + 50% Possession w/ 29s, 1 turn CD
  • Rorschach's Test : AoE 2 Random Negative Effect w/ 28s, 1 turn CD

Skill Group 2

  • Isolation : 45 Special dmg + Nightmare + Total Blind w/ 27s, 1 turn CD
  • Ouija : AoE Possession + Stamina Leak + 30% Stamina Removal w/ 30s, 2 turn CD
  • Sleep Tight : Team NER + Control Immunity + Life Regen w/ 22s, 3 turn CD

Skill Group 3

  • Darkness Within : AoE 30 Dark dmg + Nightmare + Total Blind w/ 33s, 3 turn CD
  • Pareidollia : Single MegaPossession + Daze w/ 28s, 2 turn CD
  • Coercive Persuasion : Single CDA + Nightmare + Extra turn w/ 28s, 3 turn CD

Skill Group 4

  • Crippling Fear : Single PER + Trait Disable + Stun + Nightmare w/ 37s, 2 turn CD
  • Traumatize Death : AoE PER + MegaPossession + 3-Turn Death Countdown w/ 40s, 4 turn CD
  • Phobic Disorder : PER + AoE PER + CDA + Possession w/ 34s, 3 turn CD

All Skill : What Do You See ? : AoE CDA + Possession + Total Blind + Nightmare

The Ringer (WookieThere, Your Lord and Savior) (WIP)

The Ringer is the doorman of death, the one who sends souls to hell. The thing is, he'll kill everyone around him intentionally or unintentionally. When his bell is rung, this is what is heard:

Ding, dong, your time has come. Ding, dong, you’ve been warned. Ding, dong, The Ringer is here. Ding, dong, now you’ll disappear.

Rank: OP-/OP

Role: Tank/Attacker

Skills Group One:

Striking Assault: Single 50 special damage, 0s, 0 CD

Ding-Dong: Single 15 special damage + Baby Reversion + 2-Turn Death Countdown, 40s, 3 CD

Jingle Hell: Single 45 dark damage + Nightmares + Bleed, 25s, 0 CD

Skills Group Two:

Blinding Buzz: 50 special damage + Total Blind + Self Control Immunity, 26s, 2 CD

Carillon: Single 80 special damage, 31s, 2 CD

Dismal Chime: AoE 40 dark damage + Nightmares + Self Torture Immunity,

Skills Group Three:

What’s that noise?: Single 65 special damage + AoE Slow + Bleed, 27s, 1 CD

Ruined By The Bell: Self NER + Damage Protection, 21s, 1 CD

Death Knell: AoE 50 dark damage + 2-Turn Death Countdown, 57s, 3 CD


Hell's Bells: Self Pierce + AoE 85 dark damage + Mega Stun + Ignite + Burn + Self NER

Recommended Moveset

Harbinger of Death (Tank/Instakiller)

Death Knell

Ruined By The Bell



A Regular God (Tank/Attacker)

Ruined By The Bell


Death Knell

Dismal Chime/What's That Sound?

Tesaday (Suchae34g) (WIP?)

Tesaday and VoltaiK used to be the fastest and most feared two-unit team, but VoltaiK, blinded by ambition and his Ego, stole his tricks from him and joined the big leagues, leaving his friend behind, humiliated and furious. After years of studying VoltaiK's flaws and taking tricks from Gortak, Tesaday is ready for vengeance: Faster, better, and stronger than ever.

Role: Attacker

Rank SS / SS+

All Skills:

Skill Group 1

  • Earth Spike : 45 Earth dmg + Bleed w/ 0s, 0 CD
  • Sand Grab : AoE 25 Earth dmg + Daze + Slow w/ 28s, 2 turn CD
  • Sand Turf : 30 Special dmg + Quicksand + Extra Turn w/ 22s, 0 CD

Skill Group 2

  • Crust Crack : AoE 40 Fire dmg + Stun + Ignition w/ 28s, 3 turn CD
  • Pillar Resistance : Team NER + 50% Damage Protection w/ 18s, 3 turn CD
  • Mountainous Slam : 70 Special dmg w/ 0s, 0 CD

Skill Group 3

  • Soil's Empowerment : Team Double Dmg (1T) + 50% Dmg Protection (2T) + Torture immunity w/ 25s, 2 turn CD
  • Earth Shattering : AoE 50 Earth dmg + MegaStun (2T) + Daze (3T) w/ 31s, 2 turn CD
  • Crushing Fist : Self NER + 75 Special dmg + AoE Major Dmg Reduction w/ 28s, 2 turn CD

SPECIAL : Duststorm; AoE PER + 60 Special dmg + Megastun + Quicksand (3T) + Blind (3T)

Lord Moltus (Grahkon) (WIP)

Moltus was a powerful and merciless warlord in the Chaos Realm, driven by the future Yilitre had foretold of, he sought out to conquer every realm and merge them with The Chaos Realm starting with the realms of Monster Legends. But his plan was stopped by the combined forces of the Warmasters, Thus, they banished him in the Underworld. However, Moltus's banishment wasn't his ending, as he had obtained new abilities to control The flames of hell, which had Tortured him for years. Now, More powerful as ever, he returned to The surface, to rewrite His story as the one who wins.

Role : Attacker/Denier

Rank: SS+ / OP-

New stuff:

Pyrophobic shield: negates all damage except fire.

All Skills:

Default skills:

  • Mace swing : 25 Physical Damage w/ 10s, 0 CD
  • Fire Grab : 30 Fire Damage w/ 12s, 0 CD

Skill Group 1

  • Mace Charge : 50 Fire dmg + Ignite w/ 27s, 0 CD
  • Combustion Cut : AoE 30 Fire dmg + Burn w/ 28s, 1 turn CD
  • No last words : AoE 20% Life removal + PER w/ 28s, 0 CD

Skill Group 2

  • Igniting Slash : AoE 35 Fire dmg + Ignite + Bleed w/ 26s, 3 turn CD
  • Wrath Mace Attack : 65 Special dmg + Stun w/ 28s, 2 turn CD
  • Emperor's Chokehold : 55 Dark dmg + Fire Weakness + Bleed (2T) w/ 0s, 1 turn CD

Skill Group 3

  • Quick slaughter : 40 special Damage + self CDDA w/ 0s, 0CD
  • Fire Can’t be Stopped : Self NER + Water Hater + 50% Damage Boost w/ 27s, 1 turn CD
  • Furious Flames : AoE 40 Fire Damage + PER + Ignite (3T) w/ 35s, 2 turn CD

Skill group 4

  • Hell's Corruption : PER + Curse (2T) + MegaPossession (2T) w/ 38s, 2 turn CD
  • Unstoppable Flame : Self NER + Pyrophobic Shield (1T) + Triple Damage (1T) + 25% health removal w/ 0s, 4 turn CD
  • Burning Star : Self Pierce + 85 Fire dmg + MegaStun (2T) + Burn (3T) + Self pierce Removal w/ 44s, 3 turn CD
  • Great Pyroclasm : AoE 40% life drain + 35 fire Damage + Ignite (3T) w/ 80s, 2 turn CD

SPECIAL : Chaos Realm Merge; Self NER + Self Pierce + AoE 90 Fire Damage + Curse + Ignite + Self Pierce removal

*only restores attacking moves

Oikawa (Suchae34g) (WIP)

Oikawa was raised to become a sumo thanks to his rich family, who paid for the best teachers. He seemed unbeatable, but then he met with defeat and fell into depression. His family paid a sorcerer to make him invincible through magic, but this service was expensive... The price was his soul. Now he has become a merciless and powerful warrior who will do everything to get to his own goal.

Super Dan (Grahkon) (v3) (WIP)

Super Dan was designed by General Holter to kill off the population of the Sulien civilisation, having an unlimited energy supply, proton beam projectors, (courtesy of Global Mech Ltd.) and a hyper-intelligent killing AI, but at the last moment, PZ Ronin uploaded an emotion drive to Super Dan's AI. This lead to Super Dan Turning on General Holter and driving his army off the Sulien homeworld. Now Super Dan has become known as "the defender of the universe" and lives up to his title.

Rank: OP- / OP

Role: Attacker / Supporter


All skills:

Default skills:

  • Stellar Kick : 30 Physical Damage w/ 11s, 0 CD
  • Photon Shot : 35 Metal Damage w/ 14s, 0 CD

Skill group 1:

  • Anti-Dictator Protocol : Team CER + Team Control Immunity (3T) w/ 0s, 1 CD
  • Quad Shot : Single 25 Special Damage + AoE 25 Special Damage + PER w/ 27s, 0CD
  • Villains, fear me! AoE Metal weakness + Guard Down

Skill group 2:

  • Mega Blast : Single 65 Metal Damage + Burn (2T) + Ignite (2T) w/ 28s, 1 turn CD
  • Judged By Heart AoE 35 Special Damage + PER + Reverse Healing (3T) w/ 20s, 1 turn CD
  • Energy Redirection : Team NER + 100% Damage Mirror (1T) w/ 29s, 1 turn CD

Skill group 3:

  • No Room For Evil : Self Evil legions Hater + 50 Special Damage + Self CDDA + Self Evil legions Hater Removal w/ 34s, 2 CD
  • Cosmic Energy Absorb : team NER + 100% stamina regain + Team 75% Heal w/ 90s, 6 CD

Skill group 4:

  • Instakill Mode: 80 Metal Damage + Trait Disable w/ 1s, 0 CD
  • Judgement for All : x2 AoE 30 Metal Damage + x2 PER + Nanovirus (3T) w/ 37s, 1 CD
  • Blessing From the starts : Team NER + Regeneration (2T) + Double Healing + Self PER + MegaTaunt (3T) w/ 45s, 4 CD
  • Merciless Blast : Self Pierce + PER + 100 Special Damage + Self Pierce removal + Self 100% stamina Removal w/ 100s, 0 CD

Special : Forces of The Universe; AoE PER + AoE 80 Special Damage + Trait Disabled + 3 Random Torture Effects

Note: CER is Control Effect Removal

Fenrir (Better Nerf Greninja)

Fenrir, long ago, was the king of a country; he was a tyrant, everyone disliked him, but, because of his powers, nobody wanted to confront him, fearing about what he is capable of doing to them. One day, the inhabitants of his country decided to stop his tyranny, and, aware of the power he had, them decided to call a powerful warrior to defeat him, Olnir; a time after that, Olnir defeated Fenrir, finalizing his reign. The country lived in peace, with a new king; Fenrir was angry for his defeat, so, he decided to obtain new powers, to get back his reign and beat Olnir; nobody was going to give Fenrir these powers, everyone hated him, and, because of that, he did something nobody expected, steal the power of the gods; with this, now he is able to take his revenge on Olnir, and win back his throne.

All Skills:

Skill Group 1:

Despicable King: 50 Dark dmg + Nightmares, 20s, 0 CD

Selene's Light: Self Damage Boost + PEP, 0s, 0 CD

Eolo's Wind: AoE PER + 20 Special dmg, 22s, 2 CD

Skill Group 2:

Devastation Axe: 65 Special dmg + Bleeding, 19s, 0 CD

Rage of Fenrir: Self Triple Damage + Single 50 Dark dmg + Self PER, 29s, 3 CD

Helio's Flare: AoE 35 Fire dmg + Burn + Ignite + Sunburn, 27s, 2 CD

Skill Group 3:

Fury of the Exiled: Self Pierce + 65 Special dmg + AoE Nightmares, 32s, 1 CD

Self Proclaimed God: Self NER + Precision + Double Damage + Random Element Hater + AoE Random Weakness + 25 Dark dmg, 36s, 2 CD

Hecate's Realm: 45 Special dmg + Mega Freeze + AoE 25 Water dmg + Random Torture Effect, 28s, 3 CD

Special Skill:

The King Nobody Loves: AoE Trait Disable + 70 Dark dmg + Block Positive Effects, 0s, 0 CD

Shademoon (Better Nerf Greninja)

Shademoon is the spirit of a thief, that, because of his sins, was sent to hell; he wanted for redemption, but it was too late; fortunately for him, some angels heard his prayers, and took him from hell. Shademoon, once again, was with the rest of the monster; the angels were aware of the actions he did alive, so, they gave Shademoon a new mission, and created a new body for him. Now, Shademoon is the one in charge to bring justice to every monster, and to capture every evil spirit.

Skill Group 1:

Punishment Ritual: 35 Magic dmg + Curse, 22s, 0 CD

Wisdom of the Forbidden: Team 20% Life Regain + 20% Stamina Regain + Self Extra Turn, 21s, 2 CD

Fugitive's Magic: AoE 30 Special dmg + 50% Stun + 50% Burn, 23s, 1 CD

Skill Group 2:

Forgotten Ritual: 60 Magic dmg + Curse + Curse, 21s, 1 CD

Faceless Warrior: One ally NER + Spirit Hater + AoE PER + Guard Down + Self Extra Turn, 32s, 3 CD

Ethereal Being: 55 Special dmg + Stun + Burn + Curse, 20s, 2 CD

Skill Group 3:

Imperishable Ritual: 75 Magic dmg + Curse + Curse, 26s, 2 CD

Eternal Force: Self 100% Stamina Regain + NER + True Vision + Self Extra Turn, 0s, 3 CD

Spirit's Justice: AoE 40 Special dmg + Stun + Burn + Curse, 33s, 2 CD

Special Skill:

Ten Desires: Team 30% Resurrection + Spirit Hater + NER + Self Pierce + AoE 50 Magic dmg + Curse, 0s, 0 CD

Privateer Morgan (Better Nerf Greninja) WIP

Skill Group 1:

Captain's Magic: 40 Special dmg + PEB + Self Damage Boost, 19s, 1 CD

Power of the Moon: Self NER + 55 Magic dmg, 29s, 0 CD

Morgan's Enchantment: Evil Legions Hater + AoE 25 Magic dmg, 30s, 0 CD

Skill Group 2:

Pure Magic Force: Self Pierce + 50 Special dmg + PER + Trait Disable + Self Pierce Removal, 15s, 4 CD

Corsair's Night: Team NER + 75 Magic dmg, 18s, 3 CD

Mindson's Energy Supply: Self 75% Stamina Regain + Stamina Regen + Possession Immunity, 0s, 2 CD

Skill Group 3:

Raw Magic Power: Self Pierce + 60 Special dmg + Self Pierce Removal, 0s, 0 CD

Imperishable Night: Self NER + Control Immunity + Evil Legions Hater + 85 Magic dmg, 14s, 4 CD

Mindson's Scanner: AoE 40 Nature dmg + Nanovirus + 50% Possesion, 17s, 2 CD

Special Skill:

Moon's True Power: Self NER + AoE 120 Magic dmg, 0s, 0 CD

Leviana (Better Nerf Greninja) WIP

Skill Group 1:

Hot Breath: 40 Special dmg + Fire Weakness + Burn, 22s, 0 CD

Divine Wings: 35 Fire dmg + Ignite, 21s, 0 CD

Law of Mortality: AoE 25 Fire dmg + 3-turn Death Countdown + Team Precision, 27s, 2 CD

Skill Group 2:

Flawless Butterfly: Self NER + Area Dodge + Anticipation, 30s, 3 CD

Explosive Character: 55 Fire dmg + AoE Ignite, 23s, 2 CD

Moody Lady: Team NER + Damage Boost + AoE PER + 30 Fire dmg + Total Damage Reduction, 28s, 2 CD

Skill Group 3:

Butterfly Delusion: 65 Special dmg + Ignite + Burn + Fire Weakness + Team Evasion, 33s, 3 CD

GodLike: Team 20% Life Regain + Double Damage + AoE PER + 25% Life Removal + Ignite, 32s, 3 CD

Resurrection Butterfly: One Ally 100% Resurrection + Triple Damage + PEP, 27s, 2 CD

Special Skill:

Butterfly Effect: PER + AoE PER + 50% Life Removal + Burn, 0s, 0 CD

Lumoona (Better Nerf Greninja) WIP

Skill Group 1:

I Bind Your Eyes: 35 Special dmg + Blind, 0s, 0 CD

I Bind Your Hands: 40 Special dmg + Damage Reduction, 0s, 0 CD

Magic Mend, Candle Burn: Self NER + Single PER + 40 Magic dmg, 0s, 0 CD

Skill Group 2:

Illness Leave, Health Return: Team NER + CDDA + 30% Stamina Regain + 30% Life Regain, 30s, 2 CD

Ribbons Bind and Entwine: PER + 45 Special dmg + Total Damage Reduction + Total Blind, 22s, 1 CD

Your Heart, Linked to Mine: 50 Magic dmg + Mega Possesion + AoE Possesion, 24s, 3 CD

Skill Group 3:

Only My Loa: 60 Special dmg + Team NER + Control Immunity, 28s, 2 CD

The Powers of 3 Times 3: AoE PER + 35 Magic dmg + Random Torture Effect + Random Control Effect + Random Negative Effect, 34s, 3 CD

I Fix This Spell, Then Set It Free: Trait Disable + AoE CDA, 39s, 3 CD

Special Skill:

Meet the Ghede: AoE PER Twice + 40 Magic dmg + Mega Possesion, 0s, 0 CD

Reccomended Relics: Pumpseed's Staff / Osur's Amulet OR Gakora's Staff / Osur's Amulet

(The reccomended relics were made by Grahkon)

Tulekahju (Grahkon)

Tulekahju is the leader of the fate eagles, a band of great eagles known for their ability to see for hundreds of miles and their greatest weapon: the sun's miracle (now known as Yamada's Essence). It gave them an endless supply of health and power, but one night it was stolen by Yamada, one of Tulekahju's most trusted members, as it turns out, Yamada was working for the Battlemages, the sworn enemies of the fate eagles, and wanted the sun's miracle to fight their own wars. But what yamanda didn't realise was that Tulekahju had a piece of the sun's miracle imbedded in him (and his sword), so now, Tulekahju is going after Yamada, with the intent to take the sun's miracle back.

Rank: OP-/OP

Role: Attacker


Multiple Trait Disable moves

Crazy Trait

Magic weakness

Loads of good tortures

Low Cooldowns


Easily Denied

Is A Bit Of Anticipation Bait

4-Slot Syndrome

Meh Stats

All skills:

Default Skills:

  • Fate claw: 30 Physical Damage, w/ 0s, 0CD
  • Fate Slash 35 Fire damage,w/ 0s, 0CD

Skill Group 1:

  • Flighty Slash : AoE 35 Special Damage + Self Haste (3T) w/ 21s, 0CD
  • Deep Cut : Single 60 Special Damage w/ 0s, 0 CD
  • Great Sight : Ally NER + Anticipation + Presicion w/ 15s, 0 CD

Skill Group 2:

  • I am Fire! : Single Burning (2T) + Ignition (2T) + Sunburn (2T) + Daze (2T) w/10s, 0 CD
  • Sacrifice For The Flames : Single Ally Instant Death + Self NER + Triple Damage (1T) + Damage Boost (1T) w/ 0s, 7CD
  • Heat Mirage : Self Evasion (1T) + AoE Minor Blind w/ 20s, 1 CD

Skill Group 3:

  • The Sun's Might: Single x2 PER + Sunburn (2T) + Blind (2T) + Daze (2T) w/ 28s, 0 CD
  • Sun Blaze : Single 50 Fire Damage + Burn (2T) + Ignite (3T) + Blind (2T) w/ 29s, 0 CD
  • Valeo! : Removes 25% of Total life from all enemies + Fire weakness (3T) w/ 0s,1 CD

Skill Group 4:

  • There's Magic Within Fire : AoE 35 Magic Damage + PER + Magic weakness w/ 33s, 1 CD
  • My Target is set : Single Trait Disable (1T) + Self NER + True Vision (1T) + Self Extra turn w/ 31s, 2 CD
  • Triple Sun Blaze : AoE 50 Fire Damage + Burn (2T) + Ignition (3T) + Minor Blind (2T) w/ 34s, 1 CD
  • Betrayal Ends In Death : Single PER + Single 70 Fire Damage w/ 11s, 0 CD

SPECIAL: Ignis Avem Solis; Self Pierce (1T) + Single Trait Disable + Instakill 1 Enemy + AoE Fire Weakness

Recomended Relics: Cain's Sword / LazarBeam Gelotron 2.0's Sword

The Inheritor (Suchae34g) (WIP)

Self-proclaimed as The Inheritor to the Throne of Hell, this demon is raising quite a few eyebrows in purgatory. Barbatos has made it clear that he won't step down anytime soon, but The Inheritor doesn't seem to listen to him and has decided to stick around, challenging his every move.

Role : Attacker

All Skill

Skill Group 1

  • Demonic Slash : 45 Special dmg + Bleed w/ 0s, 0 CD
  • Blazing Shout : AoE 25 Fire dmg + Burn w/ 22, 0 CD
  • Infernal Power : 40 Fire dmg + Self-Dmg Boost w/ 25s, 0 CD

Skill Group 2

  • Hellfires : AoE 40 Fire dmg + Burn + Ignite w/ 24s, 3 turn CD
  • Flames Tear: 65 Fire dmg + Sunburn w/ 0s, 0 CD
  • Purgatory Ruler: Self- Double Dmg + Precision + Evasion w/ 23s, 3 turn CD

Skill Group 3

  • Release Violence : AoE PER + Possession w/ 23s, 3 turn CD
  • Inferno Crush : 70 Fire dmg + Burn + Ignite w/ 28s, 2 turn CD
  • Ash Maker: AoE 45 Special dmg + Daze + Minor Blind w/ 27s, 2 turn CD

Skill Group 4

  • Inheritor's Influence: 55 Fire dmg + Mega Corrupted w/ 32s, 3 turn CD
  • Diabolical Laceration: 60 Special dmg + Bleed + Extra Turn w/ 28s, 3 turn CD
  • Demon Reborn: Self Stamina Regen + Life Regen + Dmg Boost + Extra turn w/ 38s, 3 turn CD
  • Diablo's Power: AoE PER + 50 Fire dmg + Ignite + Fire Weakness w/ 37s, 2 turn CD

SPECIAL: Terror of The Inheritor: AoE PER + 70 Fire dmg + Corrupted + Ignite

Soul Hugger (AlignedTie)

Soul Hugger is Pierceid's good friend and constantly on the lookout for good souls to feed on. But since he's not so interested in doing the dirty work and travelling around Hell to get a snack, he will usually ask Pierceid for a favor and ask for her to give her some delicious souls she's defeated and will even make a few different seasonings just to make his little dish taste a bit better. In return, Soul Hugger will weaken more opponents for Pierceid to finish off for Soul Hugger to enjoy- again! Doesn't that sound like a great deal, little one?

Role: Attacker / Support


  • Great evolving trait
  • Nice stats
  • Double Life and Double Healing
  • Moves with high Life Steals
  • Neat Special
  • An attack move with 0s, 0CD
  • Great relic choice if you have Talany's Mask and any diamond relic other than Thetys' Armor


  • Reverse Healing and Negate Healing make him totally useless
  • 4-Slot Syndrome (sort of)
  • PER easily makes Soul Hugger worse
  • The fact that it has two roles as a monster make it harder for rune choices

All Skills

Default Moves:

Dis-gust-stang! - 25 Special dmg, 13s, 0CD

Little Snack For Me - 35 Dark dmg, 13s, 0CD

Skill Group One:

Bon Appetit! - AoE 25 Dark dmg + Self 25% Heal, 23s, 1CD

Pierceid's Favor - 40 Special dmg + Bleeding, 19s, 0CD

Destined For My Stomach - 50% Self Heal + Ally Area 25% Heal, 22s, 1CD

Skill Group Two:

Food's Half Off - Self NER + Self Double Damage + Extra turn, 26s, 4CD

Fill Your Stomach - AoE 35 Special dmg + 50% Life Steal, 22s, 2CD

Dead Appetizer - 55 Dark dmg + Bleeding and Ignite, 22s, 0CD

Skill Group Three:

Bloody Dessert - 80 Special dmg + Bleeding + 100% Life Steal, 19s, 2CD

Man Steak, Medium Rare - AoE 40 Dark dmg + AoE Bleeding, 0s, 0CD

Feast Of The Dead - Self NER + Self Regeneration, Double Healing and Double Life, 32s, 3CD

Skill Group Four (all unlocked at Rank 1):

Pay The Cheque! - 90 Dark dmg, 34s, 2CD

Dine Again - Self Trait disable + Ressurect enemy at 1% life for 1 turn + TD + Possession + NEP, 37s, 3CD

Demon's Wake - AoE 55 Special dmg + AoE Ignite and Bleeding, 28s, 2CD

Culinary Master Class - Self Double Life + Self 75% Heal, 13s, 1CD


Banquet Of The Underworld - AoE 50% life removal + AoE Ignite + Self Double Life + Self 100% Heal, Self NER

Recommended Moveset

Canned Souls? Out Of My League (Unranked):

  • Bloody Dessert
  • Food's Half Off
  • Feast Of The Dead
  • Man Steak, Medium Rare

Rune Recommendation: 2 Strength, 1 Speed; 1 Strength, 2 Speed

{Insert woman yelling at a cat just eating his vegetables meme} (Ranked):

  • Pay The Cheque!
  • Dine Again / Feast Of The Dead
  • Demon's Wake
  • Culinary Master Class

Rune Recommendation: 2 Life, 1 Speed; 1 Strength, 2 Speed; 1 Speed, 1 Strength, 1 Life


  • Dark demon Nebotus can defy this little brat.
  • The beautiful god named Cupid can torture Soul Hugger one too many times.
  • Hayman's random negative effects can always kill this hugger boy, even with bad luck.. hehe

Yes, this is not a joke.

jk, here's some actual counters though:

Montauk Creature (Gray Gray the Star)

Montauk was once a kind young angel, she always had a kind word to say and a smile to give. One fateful day in a dusty corner of the Library she came across a musty book with the title in a foreign language. Montauk blew it off and turned to the first page. Hours later, as the Keeper made his rounds, closing the library he spotted Montauk enthralled in the book he thought he had thoroughly hidden. She was brought before the Angelic Council and interrogated on all she had seen. The Council unanimously decided Montauk had to be banished eternally. Remiel and Ragnael took an oath to never allow her into Heaven again.

Montauk has been staying in the Underworld and has over time changed into a disgusting creature because of the knowledge of what the book had told her had done to her mind.

Role: Control/Curser


  • Fantastic Trait
  • AoE Possesion and Bleed in one move
  • Great Speed


  • Mediocre Life stat
  • Not many high damaging skills
  • 4-Slot Syndrome
  • Relies on Possesion

Skill Group 1:

  • Show You the Way - AoE 25 Dark dmg + Daze, 24s, 1 CD
  • Unholy Proverb - 30 Special dmg + 50% chance Possession, 26s, 0 CD
  • Dark Brilliance - AoE Blind, 29s, 2 CD

Skill Group 2:

  • Creepy Shadows - Self Evasion + AoE Random Negative Effect, 34s, 3 CD
  • Gloomy Sunlight - AoE Sunburn + Nightmares, 29s, 2 CD
  • Dusty Pages - 30 Dark dmg + Daze + Blind, 31s, 1 CD

Skill Group 3:

  • Demonic Wisdom - 70 Dark dmg, 22s, 0 CD
  • Convincing Words - 30 Special dmg + Mega Possession, 37s, 2 CD
  • Sinful Verse - AoE 30 Dark dmg + Possesion + Nightmares, 41s, 3 CD

Special Move:

░░░░░░░s' Book - AoE 65 Dark dmg + Mega Possession + 2 Random Negative Effects

Recommended Moveset

Turned From the Light (Control)

  • Sinful Verse
  • Convincing Words
  • Demonic Wisdom
  • Creepy Shadows

Fallen Angel (Curser)

  • Dusty Pages
  • Creepy Shadows
  • Gloomy Sunlight
  • Sinful Verse

Barbatos (Gray Gray the Star)

As Pandalf closed the portal to a new world from the old one, which had fallen into a fiery Armageddon, Barbatos, the cause of the cataclysm, slipped through unnoticed. He journeyed through the unknown land, until he reached the entrance of the Underworld. There he conversed with the dark creatures who lurked there and convinced them to make him king. Many years have passed since then, and Barbatos still occupies the throne. He has also gained a number of followers, including Lilysha, The Ringer, Avarita, Rabies, Legion and many others. Will Pandalf be able to stop him from conquering this world as well?

Role: Attacker


  • Decent Power
  • Heavy Hitting Moves
  • Good life


  • Mediocre Speed
  • Some moves have recoils

Skill Group 1:

  • Nightmarish Stab - 30 Dark dmg + 50% chance of Nightmares, 18s, 0 CD
  • Cruel Verdict - 40 Special dmg, 21s, 0 CD
  • The Emperor - 35 Special dmg + 2 Random Negative Effects, 26s, 1 CD

Skill Group 2:

  • Shadowy Flames - AoE 25 Special dmg + Nightmares + Burn, 27s, 2 CD
  • Demonic Blast - 70 Dark dmg + self 20% Life Drain, 29s, 0 CD
  • Barbaric Ritual - AoE 50 Dark dmg + Bleed + Self 25% Life Drain, 26s, 2 CD

Skill Group 3:

  • Persuading Whispers - PER + MegaPossession (2T) + Double Damage (1T), 27s, 2 CD
  • Master Of Pain - 100 Dark dmg + Self 40% Life Drain, 36s, 0 CD
  • Strength From the Legion - Self Double Damage + Self Extra Turn + Ally 25% Life Drain, 34s, 3 CD

Special Move: The King of Hell - AoE 70 Dark dmg + Bleed + Nightmares + Possession

Recommended Moveset:

Demon Dictator (Sacrificial Attacker) - Recommended

  • Strength From the Legion
  • Master Of Pain
  • Persuading Whispers
  • Barbaric Ritual

Legion Leader ( Low-Risk Attacker)

  • Persuading Whispers
  • Shadowy Flames
  • Demonic Blast
  • The Emperor

VoltaiK (GermanK13)

"Oh, master Wyrmlad, why I cannot enter in meta again?"

"My boy, that isn't how the PvP actuall scenario works. Even your sugar baby and your wife aren't in current meta, the mythics are tooking everything of the SS- and over. Sorry, you really were the only OP monster in 2016, and also Tu Tran makde you the best monster of 2017-18, but now, there is no space for you and your mates, White Pandalf, Dr. Hazard, Cyan, Firestorm, etc."

"But Master of Masters, I can't do anything, I need to enter in current me-"

"But you can't! SP never will buff old monsters, they need money, money of the guys who pay for a R3 Mythic and sweep everyone in PvP because they're P2W, and a F2P will never be above Legendary III! That's a fact, and no one can change this, even SP get buy for players there are F2P since Facebook Age!"

"A sad fact. But they can dream, in a Monster Legends that is full F2P, no micro-transations, easiest ways for try get all monters..."

"I'm a dream restorer, but just dreaming will never solved our conflicts."

"I dream with that day, every single day of my life.."

"Btw, why we are talking about that? This was the lore?"

"Yes, Ningyō just say for GermanK13 improve me, she don't make a lore."

"So is this just filler?"

"Of course!"

"Probably the adms will delete this history, since German don't can do a single wiki contribution without they fix something"

"Lol, breaking the Fourth Wall"

*madam fusion walks in*

"What's this about me being in SS-? i'm SS+ dummy"

"Lol, I forgot"


Base Skills:

  • Bell ring (25 Physical Damage, 20s 0CD)
  • And I'm back (30 Thunder Damage, 13s 0CD)

Skill Set 1:

  • Static shower (AoE 30 Thunder Damage + Shock, 22s 2CD)
  • Half volt (40 Special Damage, 25s 0CD)
  • Half amazin' (Trait Disable, 27s 1CD)

Skill Set 2:

  • Superhero gifted (50 Special Damage + Extra Turn, 17s 0CD)
  • Chase bad guys (Self 2 Random Hater + Extra Turn, 37s 3CD)
  • Save the world (Before: Self Pierce; AoE Trait Disable; After: Remove Pierce, 35s 2CD)

Skill Set 3:

  • One zip, you zapped (AoE 40 Thunder Damage + Shock + Extra Turn, 34s 2CD)
  • I got the power (Self Double Damage + Extra Turn, 28s 3CD)
  • Get twisted (PER + Trait Disable + AoE 25 Physical Damage + Extra Turn, 45s 4CD)

Special Skill:

  • Who you facin' (Self NER + Pierce + AoE 85 Thunder Damage + Extra Turn)

Recommended Equipments:

  • Runes: 2 Strength, 1 Speed; 2 Strength, 1 Stamina; 3 Strength; 1 Strength, 1 Stamina, 1 Speed; 1 Strength, 1 Team Speed, 1 Stamina
  • Relics: Baltasar's Mask or Fury Mask / Cain Sword


  • Bulwark is pretty good, but isn't Spirit/Artifact, still can be denied and etc.
  • He can Trait Disable and PER but PEP, Trait Protected and NER can make he useless against Anticipation again.
  • PER can remove his self-boosts.
  • Admins (or anyone) can just remake him.
  • DC Haters can destroy this Static Shock reference.

No Youtubers Allowed! (GermanK13)

Dielab (You know who is)

Dielab saw Wyrmlad killing dagrons without care who was, he just kill everyone. So, Dielab pick her scythe and start to follow Wyrm everywere. But Dielab doesn't a powerfull dragon slayer, so she pick a Mythic Amber and made herself powerfull enough to impress her senpai. Now, she is partner of Wyrmlad in his quests. But one thing she doesn't know, everyone hates her.


  • You know (25 Dark Damage + Nightmares)
  • I'm strange (AoE 25 Dark Damage)
  • Stop it! (25 Dark Damage + Guard Down & 3-Turn Cursed Countdown)
  • For Wyrm! (AoE 2-Turn Cursed Countdown)
  • I'm a Dragon Slayer! (Self NER + Dragon Hater + Extra Turn)
  • Just like Zeighar (AoE 25 Dark Damage + Guard Down & Nightmares)
  • Dagron Sweeper (45 Dark Damage + Reverse Healing & Nightmares)
  • Put me in a Daze (AoE 30 Dark Damage + Reverse Healing & Daze)
  • Don't call me useless! [Special] (Self NER + AoE 1-Turn Death Countdown)

Agent H:

Do you know how babies come for the world right? But you know how undead entities come for the world? Yeah, it's a very long history but simplifying with an example, when Hull Head got alive again, his body separeted from his soul. The body turn into a souless being called Sergeant Hull Head, and the soul, turned into Agent H. H is pretty same from Double H but with one "H" less.

"Smell of burnt wheel

Punctured carburetor, the snitch was burned

I want containment on the side

There is a strip in the center and my rifle is unlocked"

 This is the sound of Agent H in battle field


  • Punctured Carburator (AoE 30 Metal Damage)
  • Let it come (Self 25% heal & stamina regen + NER + Evasion)
  • Unlocked rifle (60 Metal Damage)
  • Steam is traffic-king (AoE 3-Turn Cursed Countdown)
  • Snitch was torn (AoE 35 Special Damage)
  • End of the package (AoE 10 Special Damage + Team 75% Shield + Self Extra Turn)
  • Containment in side (70 Special Damage)
  • Serious stuff (Team NER + True Vision)
  • Smell of burnt wheel [Special] (AoE 50 Fire Damage, twice)


Warmaster Sherezar made a totally cool embryo of a totally cool steroid formula where he could make the most totally cool and powerfull mutant ever! The first test of this totally cool steroid formula result in Xiron. But he doesn't like it since she was a denier and not a totally cool and powerfull attacker ever. The second try, was almost perfect, Gelotron a (not so much) totally cool and powerfull attacker.

So, Warmaster SheehS was playing League of Legends with Necromancer and Ragnarok...

"Sherezar, why you made a totally cool steroid formula and just use it in only two monsters?" - Said Necro

"Lol" - Said WaaW Sherererererere..

And so he made the perfect one.. a totally cool monster with a totally cool longsword made by his totally cool steroid formula that was made for create the most totally cool and powerfull mutant ever! So, Quasar is basically a totally cool monster..


  • Physical_attack_descriptionKey (20 Physical Damage)
  • Fairy_attack_descriptionKey (30 Magic Damage)
  • Magic_shower_descriptionKey (AoE 35 Magic Damage)
  • Curse_descriptionKey (AoE Curse)
  • Random_hater_descriptionKey (Self Random Hater)
  • Anticipation_descriptionKey (Self Extra-Turn + AoE Magic Weakness)
  • Gualgui_descriptionKey (AoE 35 Magic Damage + Curse)
  • Bleed_descriptionKey (60 Magic Damage + Bleed)
  • Useless_descriptionKey (Self Random Hater + Extra Turn)
  • Rara_Alvis_descriptionKey (AoE 45 Special Damage + Bleed)
  • Magic_attack_descriptionKey (70 Magic Damage)
  • Triple_Damage_descriptionKey (Self Triple Damage + MWH)
  • Ignition_descriptionKey (55 Magic Damage + Ignition + Self Extra Turn)
  • High Seas (Before: AoE PER; AoE 50 Special Damage; After: AoE Magic Weakness)
  • Hi-Jinks (Before: PER + Trait Disable; 80 Magic Damage)
  • Steroid Formula [Special] (Before: Self Pierce; AoE 60 Magic Damage + Curse; Ater: Remove Self Pierce)


After being arrasted by rape Knightingale in his hideout, Malair need to scape from prision.

"I'm here almost one year and no one from my Gang rescued me, sons of.."


*Memento born from Malair's Rage*

*Memento uses his acid for free Malair from his cage*

"Wtf are you?"

"I'm Mario's Floating Head Memento! And I want come with you!"


"Why? ... I don't know! Maybe I'm just better than you"

*Memento PWN Counter: 1*

Several Months Later

"Malair! Who is this green head?" - Said Devastator

"I don't trust him!" - Said Dusk Aura

"What you mean? He's an idiot" - Said Malair

"I got no iphone! I got no iphoooone!" - Memento

"Anyway, we will get our revenge against Knightingale!" - Malair

Scene Transition with Batman Theme

"And so I organized a little Gang Rape! Like a sex party, except, the party part!" - Malair

"Daddy, wtf are you doing here?" - Madam Fusion

"So, if I beat you, ya give us your butt?" - Devastress

"Perhaps" - Knightingale

"Holy shot!" - Memento

"Or how about we eat pizza?" - VolkaK

"Alright" - Malair, Devast Brothers, iMigbo, Dusk, Fusion and Knightingale

"Hey, don't leave me alone! Comeback!" - Memento


  • Alchemist Inferno (50 Fire Damage + Burn)
  • Poison Claw (50 Nature Damage + Poison)
  • Medussha's Strand (50 Earth Damage + Stun)
  • The Warrior's Chain (AoE PER + Slow)
  • Grapes (Team 10% Heal + 100% Stamina Recharge)
  • Arcane Shield (Team Magic, Nature and Physical Immunity)
  • Elemental Shield (Team Nature, Earth and Water Immunity)
  • Spectral Shield (Team Light, Dark, Metal and Thunder Immunity)
  • Arcane Debilitator (AoE Magic, Nature and Physical Weakness)
  • Elemental Debilitator (AoE Nature, Earth and Water Weakness)
  • Spectral Debilitator (AoE Light, Dark, Metal and Thunder Weakness)
  • Kronx Flux [Special] (AoE 3-Turn Time Stop)


Korthor was a (not so) normal monster. One day, Erder was in a bar with some guys from Plithora, drinking beer. Korthor wants to drink too. After 13 hours, 40 minutes and 19 seconds driking beer, they was already drunked..

"Erder! I Challenge you for a cockfight!"

"I only play betting!"

"Alright! Who lose, need to put our staffs in butt!"

"Here we go!"

They still in this duel..

1 year, 7 months, 3 weeks, 2 days, 5 hours, 37 minutes and 44 seconds..

They don't give up!


  • Coconut gun (40 Special Damage + Quicksands)
  • A pie (AoE 30 Physical Damage + Sunburn)
  • Row your boat (Self Double Damge + Random Torture)
  • Blip Blop Do Da Deep (50 Light Damage + Quicksand & Sunburn + AoE Quicksand & Sunburn)
  • Dig this out! (60 Earth Damage + Stun)
  • Hey! Wow! Bam! Pow! (Self Stun Hater + Extra Turn)
  • Trash! Smash! Bash! Crash! (AoE Stun + Self Extra Turn)
  • Kiss my staff! (90 Light Damage)
  • Curative cancer [Special] (Self NER + Team NER & 100% Heal + Evasion)

Omega Lynx

Lynx is subordinate of Pierceid in her plan of ressurection of Goddess of Destruction. Lyxn is loyal! Lynx is very sneaky and underhanded personality. He seems to be obsessed for Pierceid and he'll make everything for Pierceid's Plan go foward!

Role: Magic Denier / Tank


Base Skills

  • No Recoil! (AoE 35 Magic Damage + Curse)
  • Attack Wings (50 Magic Damage + Mega Possession)

Skill Set 1

  • Defense Wings (Self NER + 50% Shield)
  • 170cm (AoE 13 Magic Damage + Stun)

Skill Set 2

  • 175cm (Self 100% Damage Mirror + Skill Mirror)
  • 220cm (Self 2-Turn Evasion)

Skill Set 3

  • Stamina Combination (AoE 100% Stamina Drain + Self Stun)
  • Balance Combination (Corruption + AoE Mega Corruption + Self 50% Heal)

Skill Set 4

  • Recoil! (Self NER + 100% Heal & Extra-Turn)
  • Give Up! (Before Damage: Self Pierce; AoE Trait Disabled + Mega Stun)


  • Despite your directions! (AoE 90 Magic Damage + 3 Random Control Effects)

Black Cat:

Shademoon build his own Akatsuki with hackermans to discover secret databases from every single monster! How they do this? Why they do this? What they will do with that information? Why I keep asking such annoying ask questions? No single soul know!

Role: Dark Attacker with tons of negative effects


Base Skills:

  • Pillars of Salt (25 Physical Damage, 23s, 0 CD)
  • Castles of Sand (25 Dark Damage + Total Damage Reduction, 23s, 0 CD)
  • Held the Key (40 Dark Damage + Blind & Nanovirus, 31s, 0 CD)
  • Choirs Singing (40 Special Damage + Corrupted, 32s, 1 CD)
  • Bells Ringing (AoE Guard Down + Total Damage Reduction, 22s , 0 CD)
  • Roll the Dice (70 Dark Damage + Nanovírus, 0s, 0 CD)
  • Mirror, Sword and Shield (PER + 60 Dark Damage + Guard Down & Self Skill Mirror, 21s, 2 CD)
  • Call My Name (Self NER & CDDA + Mechanical Hater & Extra-Turn, 92s, 1 CD)
  • Never an Honest Word (AoE PER + Guard Down + 45 Dark Damage, 20s, 2 CD)
  • Want to be The King? (AoE Blind & Nanovírus + 45 Special Damage, 27s, 2 CD)
  • Long Live The King (AoE Corrupted + 55 Special Damage, 26s, 2 CD)
  • Feel The Fear [Ultimate] (Self Pierce & AoE PER + 85 Dark Damage & Mega Corrupted)

White Cat:

Shademoon build his own Akatsuki with hackermans to discover secret databases from every single monster! How they do this? Why they do this? What they will do with that information? Why I keep asking such annoying ask questions? No single soul know!


  • Nuk Më Pëlqen Ti (20 Physical Damage, 0s, 0 CD)
  • Asgjë Personale (30 Light Damage, 0s, 0 CD)
  • Dragoi i Bardhë (AoE 45 Light Damage + Bleed, 28s, 0 CD)
  • Magjistar i Errët (AoE 45 Magic Damage + Curse, 24s, 3 CD)
  • Jo Baba (Self Precision & Double Damage + Damage Protection, 24s, 0 CD)
  • Qajnë Për Mamin (AoE 50 Light Damage + Corruption, 23s, 2 CD)
  • Shurrë Vetën (65 Special Damage + Self True Vision, 0s, 0 CD)
  • Duhet Të Dalë (Self NER & 50% Heal + 60 Light Damage, 24s, 1 CD)
  • Filluam (PER + 50 Special Damage + Mega Corruption, 38s, 3 CD)
  • Gjithëçka Do Mbarojë (Self Double Damage + AoE PER & 50 Light Damage, 29s, 2 CD)
  • ew (AoE 5 Light Damage x 15, 24s, 1 CD)
  • Kurvë Lazanja [Ultimate] (Self Triple Damage & True Vision + 2-Turn Evasion & PEP + Extra-Turn)

Tempest (Hunt for Ugluck)

As Babari's power kept growing, Tempest's kept shrinking. Soon, Tempest was embarrassed about how weak he was. He flew across monster legends, and ended up finding Kronx for help. She turned his time back, and he trained harder then ever. Now he's back to defeat Babari.

Role: Deniar/Attacker

Tier: SS-/S+


  • AoE Total Blind
  • AoE Stun
  • Stamina Removal
  • Nice Status Caster
  • Nice Stats


  • Easily Denied
  • No PER/NER other than Special
  • No Support Moves

Base Skills:

  • Electric Punch (25 Physical Damage, 13s, 0cd)
  • Sparks Fly (30 Thunder Damage, 13s, 0cd)

Skill Group 1:

  • Roaring Thunder (35 Thunder Damage + AoE Daze, 25s, 0cd)
  • Blinding Bolt (35 Thunder Damage + Blind, 16s, 0cd)
  • Twisted Blow (65 Special Damage, 0s, 0cd)

Skill Group 2:

  • Whirling Gust (AoE 40 Thunder Damage + Daze, 15s, 2cd)
  • Flashing Strike (AoE 30 Thunder Damage + Total Blind, 33s, 3cd)
  • Electric Surge (70 Special Damage + Stun, 30s, 2cd)

Skill Group 3:

  • Eye of the Storm (65 Thunder Damage + MegaStun, 25s, 3cd)
  • Raging Thunder Storm (AoE 35 Thunder Damage + Stun, 30s, 2cd)
  • Storm Wreckage (AoE 50% Stamina Removal + Shock, 25s, 2cd)


  • Heaven's Reckoning (AoE 70 Special Damage + PER + MegaStun + Team NER)

Nexor Cox (AlignedTie)

Kronx knew that anytime soon, the Baroness would take over the Post-Apocalyptic Wastelands. So, Kronx, who knew the timeline couldn't be altered, warned Nexor and Roxen to prepare their troops for an incoming invasion. Lastly, before Kronx left that time to stop herself from aging too much, she gave each brother a fraction of her power- Roxen getting the ability to age anything he touched with his weapons, and Nexor getting the power to temporarily travel to the future to steal several powerful mechanics for his weapons. Fear the Cox brothers, Baroness.

How to get: Get in the month-long Acts of Kronx Maze.


Role: Denier


  • Good stats
  • Decent trait
  • Good relic choices
  • Low to moderate cooldowns and stamina costs
  • Self NER


  • 4-Slot Syndrome (Too many good moves to choose from)
  • No PER or Disable Trait, other than his special
  • Weak to Disable Trait
  • Can be Anticipation bait if run with Extra Turn moves
  • Good moves have higher cooldowns


Default Skills

  • Nexor Zap (25 Special dmg + Shock, 0s, 0CD)
  • Protect Your Territory (AoE 15 Thunder dmg, 22s, 0CD)

Skill Group One

  • Robin Hood 2.0 (Self NER + Precision + Extra Turn, 19s, 2CD)
  • The Brother's Resistance (AoE 25 Thunder dmg + Daze, 24s, 1CD)
  • Lightning Flare (40 Thunder dmg + Blind, 21s, 2CD)

Skill Group Two

  • Electrical Discharge (45 Special dmg + Stun, 24s, 2CD)
  • Swift Electrocution (AoE 35 Special dmg + Shock + Self Extra Turn, 22s, 3CD)
  • Spear of Disintegration (55 Thunder dmg + 10% Instant Death, 32s, 3CD)

Skill Group Three

  • Destruction of the Resurrection Rod (AoE 40 Thunder dmg + Stun, 28s, 3CD)
  • Storm Creator (40 Special dmg + Mega Stun, 32s, 2CD)
  • Brotherly Effort! (50 Special dmg + Blind + Self Extra Turn, 25s, 3CD)

Skill Group Four

  • Strokes of Lightning (30 Thunder dmg + Mega Stun + Self Extra Turn, 36s, 3CD)
  • Jetpack from the Future (AoE 40 Fire dmg + Ignite + Shock, 24s, 1CD)
  • Kronx's Gift (AoE 35 Special dmg + Mega Stun, 40s, 4CD)
  • Growth Manipulation (2T Evasion + PEP, 26s, 3CD)


Earth's Core (AoE 55 Thunder dmg + Disable Trait + MegaStun + Total Blind)

Samael the Disease Spreader (Suchae34g) (WIP)

After General Nishant killed his brother, this former soldier of the Good Legions traded secrets for Dark powers which allow him to resurrect fallen soldiers, but at a cost of being a harbinger of disease. Now he's a vengeful sorcerer who won't stop until he destroys Nishant and rescues his brother from the dead.

Role: Support

All Skill

Skill Group 1

  • Ill-fated : 35 Special dmg + PER w/ 0s, 0 CD
  • Viral Infection : AoE Bleed + Daze w/ 28s, 0 CD
  • Decaying : Single Curse + Stamina Leak w/ 0s, 0 CD

Skill Group 2

  • Spanish Flu : AoE 30 Dark dmg + Bleed + Major Dmg Reduction w/ 25s, 2 turn CD

Soul Hugger (Ugluck)

Soul Hugger feeds on damned souls, but they aren't an easy meal to find. However, this monster knows his way around Hell, and he has paid one of the Soulfagi to "lose" a soul or two from time to time when carrying them around areas of punishment. Thus, the Soulfagous gets an extra pay and Soul Hugger gets his dinner!

Role: Attacker with multiple debuffing moves and self buffing moves

Tier: SS-/SS


  • Multiple ET Moves
  • Great Stats
  • Great Trait
  • Many Negative Status Effects
  • Life Steal
  • Many self-buffs
  • Multiple Tortures


  • Suicidal when having Negate Healing
  • Anticipation Bait
  • Best Moves have high cooldowns
  • Bad Relic Slots

Base Skills:

  • Leeching Claws (20 Physical Damage 0s, 0cd)
  • Soul Snack (30 Dark Dmg 1s, 2cd)

Skills Group 1:

  • Energy Sink (40 Dark Damage + AoE Stamina Leak 12s, 2cd)
  • Exhaustion (AoE Stamina Leak + Self Extra Turn 0s, 0cd)
  • Soul Starter (65 Special Damage + 100% Lifesteal 20s, 2cd)

Skills Group 2:

  • Cook Em' Well (AoE 45 Dark Damage 25s, 2cd)
  • Foodie from the Underworld (55 Special Damage + Double Life 13s, 1cd)
  • Soul Main (70 Special Damage + 100% Lifesteal 25s, 2cd)

Skills Group 3:

  • No Spirits Allowed (Self Spirit Hater + Damage Boost + Extra Turn 25s, 3cd)
  • The Gourmet (55 Special Damage + Self Double Life + Double Healing + Regeneration 19s, 2cd)
  • Soul Desert (75 Dark Damage + 100% Lifesteal 25s, 2cd)

Skills Group 4:

  • Barbecued Soul (AoE 55 Dark Damage 30s, 3cd)
  • Hades' Power (Self NER + Regeneration + Damage Boost + Extra Turn 20s, 3cd)
  • Charon's Coin (AoE 2 Random Torture Effects + Team NER + Double Damage 20s, 3cd)
  • The Black Plague (AoE Plague + Random Control Effect 25s, 3cd)

Grotesque [Special] (AoE PER + 60 Dark Damage + Plague + Random Control Effect + Team NER + Evasion)

Death, Death, and More Death (Unranked Attacker)

  • Soul Desert
  • The Gourmet
  • No Spirits Allowed
  • Soul Main/Cook Em' Well

Recommended Runes: 2 Strength, 1 Team Speed; 2 Strength, 1 Speed

Slap my Hand (Ranked Attacker)

  • Barbecued Soul
  • Hades' Power/No Spirits Allowed
  • Sould Desert/The Gourmet
  • The Black Plague/Charon's Coin

Recommended Runes: 2 Strength 1 Team Speed; 1 Strength, 2 Team Speed

This is not a trick (Ranked Curser/Deniar)

  • The Black Plague
  • Charon's Coin
  • The Gourmet/Exhaustion
  • Barbecued Soul/Hades' Power/Soul Desert

Recommended Runes: 3 Speed; 3 Team Speed

Zizania (Ugluck)

Ever since this beast of alien origin appeared on Earth, different teams of monsters have been trying to contain its lethal attacks. Every time someone finds a way to control Zizania, it changes its behavior and becomes even more terrifying.

Role: Attacker

Tier: OP-/OP


  • Mythic Killer
  • AoE 55 Damage
  • Team 2 Turn Botanophobic Shield
  • 0s 0cd 60 Damage Move
  • AoE PER
  • AoE Metal Weakness + Self Extra Turn
  • Multiple Pierce Move
  • At R3 70% Chance that Negative status effects don't hit
  • Multiple DoTs
  • Multiple ET Moves
  • Team NER
  • Single Target Possession as an attacker
  • Good Stats
  • Multiple Life Steals
  • Relics slots fit him perfectly with his Botanophobic Shield


  • Absolutely Disgusting R1 Trait
  • Best move has a huge 55 stamina cost
  • High Cooldowns and Stamina costs for better moves
  • Suicidal when having Reverse Healing

Base Skills:

  • Roses are Red (20 Physical Damage 0s, 0cd)
  • Violent and Dead (30 Metal Damage + 100% Lifesteal 20s, 3cd)

Skills Group 1:

  • Stinging Nettle (35 Metal damage + Daze 18s, 2cd)
  • Flore From Outer Space (55 Nature Damage + Poison 0s, 1cd)
  • Metal Plant (AoE Metal Weakness + Self Extra Turn 0s, 0cd)

Skills Group 2:

  • Carnivorous Plant (60 Special Damage + 100% Lifesteal + Self NER 12s, 2cd)
  • Alien Spores (Self Pierce Before Damage + 70 Metal Damage + Possession + Self Pierce Removal 20s, 3cd)
  • Unnatural Growth (Team NER + Botanophobic Shield (1 Turn) 15s, 2cd)

Skills Group 3:

  • Sprout of Decay (AoE 40 Metal Damage + PER + Nanovirus 20s, 2cd)
  • Poisoned Thorn (Self Pierce Before Damage + 75 Nature Damage + Self Pierce Removal 30s, 3cd)
  • Sharp Petals (60 Metal Damage + Bleed 0s, 0cd)

Skills Group 4:

  • Ultimate Flytrap (Self Damage Boost before Damage + 55 Metal Damage + 100% Lifesteal + Self NER 35s, 4cd)
  • The Rooting (Team NER + Botanophobic Shield (2 Turns) + Regeneration + Self Extra Turn 55s, 4cd)
  • Nano Spores (AoE 55 Metal Damage + Nanovirus + Poison + Daze 34s, 3cd)
  • Thorns out (Self Pierce + Mythic Hater Before Damage + 65 Metal Damage + Bleed 25s, 3cd)

Alien Killer(Unranked Attacker)

  • Sprout of Decay/Carnivorous Plant
  • Poisoned Thorn/Alien Spores
  • Sharp Petals
  • Unnatural Growth/Metal Plant

Recommended Runes: 2 Strength, 1 Team Speed/Speed; 1 Strength, 2 Team Speed/Speed

Mad Assassin (Ranked Attacker)

  • Thorns Out
  • Nano Spores/Sprout of Decay
  • Ultimate Flytrap/Sharp Petals
  • The Rooting

Recommended Runes: 3 Strength; 2 Strength 1 Speed

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