Welcome to the Monster Legends Competitive Wiki

This is a competitive guide for the app store game Monster Legends. Our main goal is to introduce new players into the competitive meta-game and show guides, along with possibly sharing team ideas with each other. Enjoy!

What is Monster Legends Competitive?

Monster Legends Competitive is a FANDOM wiki site used to create a sort of tier-list for the most competitively viable legendary, mythic, and cosmic monsters ranked from best to worst.

How are they ranked?

Monsters are placed in a ranked tier-list, called the Viability Ranking, from OP to F rank by a group of users named the Ranking Council. OP being the absolute best rank possible, and F being the worst of the worst.

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Who to contact involving the MLCW?

For further questions or complaints involving the site, tier list, or recommendations for new feature additions, contact one of the admins or leave a comment in the comments section of the respective page. Or, go to the #wiki-feedback section of our discord for feedback and suggestions.

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