Monster Legends Competitive Wiki
Monster Legends Competitive Wiki
  1. Spam: Spamming clogs up the comments. This rule also applies to edits.
  2. NSFW Content: Anything related to porn, gore, slurs, or anything along those lines will get deleted and get you blocked.
  3. Harassment/Pinging: Respect everyone. In FANDOM, you can ping people in comments, but only ping them when necessary.
  4. Vandalism/Content Removal/Nonsense edits: These are just plain annoying.
  5. Block evasion: Accept your punishment. Attempting to circumvent a block by using another account will get you blocked for an extended amount of time.
  6. Hack Links/Piracy: Do not advertise any links for hacks. Doing this will result in an indefinite block. Do not advertise pirated content, this will give our wiki a bad name.
  7. Impersonating: We will not tolerate any forms of impersonation, though having a similar name on accident is allowed.
  8. Raids: Online raiding is when an influx of new people join and vandalize the wiki. We will not tolerate any form of raiding.
  9. Political, religious or highly controversial discussions: This is a wiki for a kids' mobile game, please take those discussions elsewhere.
  10. Asking for promotion: Please do not ask for administrator permissions. You can only acquire it through our Admin Election page.
  11. DDoS/Dox/IP Grab: It's a serious crime to take others' online stuff.
  12. Page/Category Creation: Only create pages and categories with Admin or Content Moderator permission. This prevents the creation of unnecessary/personal pages, and helps the Admin team control the massive amount of content on the wiki.