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This plant appeared in the Cardinal Forest after the Lutum explosion, but nobody has paid any attention to it. After all, it's only a regular plant... Isn't it? But... if it is, why do monsters show up all disoriented after walking by Monstera? What's with those hypnotizing eyes at its base? Is Monstera really just a regular plant?

Role: Denier


Monstera is a decent Nature denier similar to Yaoguai Wangzhou in stamina draining and Corruption, which unlike Wangzhou’s skills, bypasses possession immunity. She has a decent trait in Abomination and Stun Immunity however her SC: Stamina Leak isn’t the most appealing. Her relic slots are amazing, in Staff to remove stamina and Banner to restore it. She also has some Lifesteal moves to sustain however her low power could hinder the restoration potential. To further boost her stamina draining, she has maximum stamina decreased which pairs well with using only staff as an extra form of denial. She does however have high cooldowns. In conclusion, this Land Squid has potential but will not do very well with lots of umbrella traits and immunities


  • Fastest denier in the game
  • Decent trait
  • Utilizes Stamina Drain and Corruption for denial
  • Can restore stamina and life while attacking
  • Corruption bypasses Possession Immunity
  • Has 4 Dark skills as a Nature monster
  • Has a 0s, 0 CD move that restores its own stamina
  • Great relic slots


  • Stamina drain can easily be countered by Stamina Regenerating relics
  • High cooldowns on best moves

Recommended Moveset

Plants VS Zombies Reject

  • The Great Poison (AoE 30 Dark dmg + Corruption + Poison, 48s, 3 CD)
  • Queen Monstera (AoE 35 Nature dmg + 100% Stamina Removal + Maximum Stamina Decreased, 42s, 3 CD)
  • Spawn Of The Leviathan (AoE 35 Dark dmg + 100% Life Steal + Poison + Self 40% Stamina Restore, 32s, 2 CD)
  • Purple Corruption / Apex Drainer (Corruption for 35 Dark dmg + Corruption + Poison, 32s, 3 CD) / (Apex for 35 Nature dmg + 100% Life Steal + Self 25% Stamina Restore, 0s, 0 CD)

Recommended Allies

  • Monsters that can remove positive effects and trait disable like Chi Ao Loong or Waldorf, can help this Terraria ripoff deny.


  • Fire Attackers like Boomshakalaka and Melteus(Who's immune to Corruption and has 0s skills) make her wilt.
  • Lord Nebotus walls this monster, as he not only grants his team Corruption Immunity, but is also resistant to Stamina Drain himself.