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At the start of the battle, increases all allies's Maximum Stamina by 42-108 points (forever). 1 use.
When turn starts, if any ally's Stamina is below 25%, gives 39-162 points of Stamina to all allies. 3 uses.


Behold The Diamond Charging Banner! Mr. Beast's Banner is a great diamond relic focused on stamina, stamina and stamina. It increases your stamina by 108 points at the start of battle forever, which can be very useful especially on extra turners or on monsters with high stamina costs. It can also regain huge amounts of stamina for all allies if any of them is running low with 3 uses. Overall, It's an upgraded Charging Banner.


  • Huge Stamina Recharge to all allies
  • 3 Uses
  • Only one ally has to have below 25% stamina


Recommended Monsters

  • General Thetys works well with this banner, due to her main deny skill completely draining her stamina.
  • Extra Turners, like Noar, works very well with this banner.
  • A monster like Noahgnarok can utilize this banner well with his status caster and his extra turn support skills.