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George was about to start a game with his friends when there was what felt like a glitch in the universe. He found himself in somewhere that was completely unknown to him. "This is the biggest 404 ever", he thought. Then he saw himself in a mirror and realized that he'd been transformed into a superhero! Now he likes to go by a new name: Mr. NotFound.

Role: Support


Mr. NotFound is an interesting Water supporter, and a fast one in that. He has some nice cursing with PER, Drowned, and weaknesses and can support in addition to them, with NER, Double Damage, and some accuracy protections. This is nice as you can PER the first turn and then rain havoc after. However, it's only on 1 skill, which means he can’t continuously PER the enemies’ positive effects. Double damage can pair well with Pierce attackers or for the NER, which is also in 2 other skills, and he can increase chances of your attacks landing with precision and protection against Blind. All in all, he's an alright support and one that could be used quite well competitively.


  • Good support abilities in NER, Drowned, Precision, Immunity to Blind, and Double Damage
  • Can apply 3 Weaknesses in one move
  • Insane speed
  • Neat relic slots
  • Access to PER


  • Average trait
  • Awful life

Recommended Moveset


  • Let Me Clean You! (PER + Drowned, 42s, 2 CD)
  • For The Dream Team / Glasses for All! (Team for AoE 25 Water dmg + Water Weakness + Nature Weakness + Fire Weakness, 42s, 2 CD) / (Glasses for Ally NER + Team Precision + Blind Immunity, 48s, 3 CD)
  • Beyond The Colours (Team NER, 36s, 1 CD)
  • Clean To Kill (Ally NER + Double Damage, 42s, 2 CD)

Recommended Allies

  • If you run Sapman, You Go! as one of your skills, then you can use any Fire attacker (such as Sapman or Hydraka) extremely well, using Sapman, You Go! on the target enemy, then Clean To Kill on said fire ally.


  • Any monster with heavy Thunder attacks can do good work of him. Examples include Cruelectrek or Raijin, who can make quick work of him.

Fun Facts

  • This monster is based on YouTuber, GeorgeNotFound.
    • “Beyond The Colours” refers to how George is colorblind.
      • "Glasses For All!" is a direct reference to a video in which George got special glasses to help with said condition.