Mythics are the new big thing in Monster Legends since their introduction. While this sadly means the eventual death of Legendaries as the new, superior rarity takes over, we can still embrace the concept with these fake concepts; taking old Legendary monsters (or literally any other monster) and reviving them into Mythic monsters.

Most rules are fairly self-explanatory, but if you wish to read them anyway, check them out at Monster Improvement Forum Part 3 (this is where the rules were fully set in stone). However, there are some new rules to mention, now that the standard has changed, so keep reading.

  • The monster limit has been lifted again! As Legendary monsters are much weaker in terms of stats, you are now allowed to turn any monster in SS- and above into a Mythic. The lift is likely to be removed entirely once Mythics gain better moves and become more set as the meta-definers, but for now, stick to SS- and lower.
  • Mythics have a new template for their moves. All 3 of their skill groups have 2 moves each, and all 6 of their total moves are about equal in worth. Keep this in mind when making the movesets.
  • It may suck a lot, but yes, all Mythics have 3-step evolving traits. Specifically, one at Rank 0, another at Rank 1, and a Status Caster at Rank 3. Until this trend is broken, stick with this format for the creation of improved traits.
  • New rule about backstories. Old monsters have boring backstories, and those are no fun to keep. From now on, descriptions are required to be changed. However, this isn't the only reason this rule is applied. All Mythic monsters, like Forsakens, have a theme in their backstories. To specify, all of them were brought to life from the imaginations of another, existing monster by having those thoughts fused with Mythic Amber in some way. In sticking to the theme, this is also a must to keep in mind. Get your story-writing skills ready.


When the fire lions took over, there needed someone strong and worthy enough to destroy fire lion. That is when the sea lions came along. The perfect monster to take out fire lions once and for all.

Starting Skills

Coral Claw: 30 water damage 0 CD 15s

Aqua Strike: 60 water damage 0 CD 0s

Tsunami: 35 water damage + drowned 2 CD 0s

Skill Group 1

Ice and Fire: 50 special damage + freeze + burn 2 CD 23s

Raining Strike: 40 water damage + haste to self 1 CD 21s

Crosswaves: 35 water damage + PER + drowned 2 CD 30s

Skill group 2

Dungeon wave: AoE 55 water damage + PER 3 CD 31s

Death to fire lions! Applies fire hater to self and does 50 water damage 3 CD 21s

Under the sea: team evasion + AoE 45 water damage

Skill group 3

Cyclops wave: AoE drowned + freeze + 50 special damage 3 CD 24s

Nuclear wave: 70 water damage + stamina leak 3 CD 35s

Out of energy: 100% stamina drain 3 CD 0s


The True Lion King: applies fire hater to self. applies double damage to self. Deals 65 water damage to all enemies + PER + freeze + drowned

Ursus (Pro Master) (WIP)

Voytek grew to forge as powerful allies, but when he went to war with King Daeron, Voytek couldn't help but notice an aura of violence around a soldier who had different weapons than the rest, Sergeant hull-head! Thanks to Sergeant hull-head, King Daeron won the war, and spread the news around the kingdom! Voytek's younger brother Ursus heard about the news, and got so enraged that he killed Sergeant hull-head! Now he is on a never-ending quest to find his brother, while maybe killing King Daeron!

Starting Skills

Polar Roar (40 Physical dmg, 8s, 0 CD)

Sharpened Tooth (30 water dmg + bleed, 15s)

Skills Group 1

Sharpened Spear (40 special dmg, 0s 0cd)

Russian Winters Roar ( AoE PER + AoE 25 water dmg + Drown, 58s 2 CD)

Skills Group 2

Never Ending Search (Self Pierce + 50 special dmg + AoE Drown + Self Pierce removal, 62s 3 CD

Death To Daeron (PER + 50 special dmg + self double damage, 53s 2 CD)

Skills Group 3

Merciless Vengeance (Self Pierce + AoE 40 Dark dmg + drown, 38s 4 CD)

Blood Soaked Spear (AoE PER + 30 special dmg + Bleed + Team random Hater, 100s 4 CD)


Finding My Way (Team NER + Random Hater + 65 water dmg + self PER)

Fire Lion

A long time ago, when the world was inhabited by largely common monsters, Fire Lions were among the most feared predators. Then, the Firesaurs arrived, and hunted them to extinction. However, one survived. Archaeologists accidentally awakened it. It went on a firesaur murdering rampage, but wasn't considered much of a threat. It longed to be the apex predator of the world once again, but it was too weak. However, Warmaster Ragnarok discovered it and saw potential in it, bestowing vast power upon it. Now, Fire Lion is among the most powerful beings in monster legends, and is going on a rampage, slaughtering any monster in its path. It will take every good monster joining forces to stop Ragnarok at this point

Starting Skills

Razor Claw (25 Physical dmg, 10s)

Blazing Bite (30 Fire dmg + Burn, 17s)

Skill Set 1

Leo Impetum (35 Special dmg + Bleed, 27s, 0 CD)

Pyro Charge (40 Fire dmg + Ignite + Damage Boost, 1 CD)

Skill Set 2

Mighty Roar (Team Double Damage + Team Double Life + Team Haste + 30s, 2 CD)

Death to Firesaurs! (Team Burn Hater + 3-Turn AoE Trait Disable + AoE Burn+PER, 35s)

Skill Set 3

Firesaur Steak (50% heal + Regeneration + Damage Boost, 0s, 2 CD)

Dragon Onslaught (85 Fire dmg + Burn + Bleed, 35s, 2 CD)


The Lion KIng (75 AoE dmg + Burn + Ignite + Sunburn + Team Double Damage)



Kaori was born into a family of admired samurai warriors, but her fate was marriage and homemaking. She had other personal plans, though. Using the elaborate armor of the samurai to conceal her gender, she attended samurai school to become the first female samurai. but when they found out she was a female, they expelled her and threw her into the wilderness. now outraged, kaori vowed to kill all of samurai kind. doing so, she fell into a mythic amber melt lake and became the best version of herself

Starting Skills

Renzoku Waza: applies sunburn, bleed and shock to one enemy, gives extra turn to itself(30s,2c)

Hunter of Samurai: applies bleeding, burning and ignite to one enemy, gives extra turn to itself(30s,1c)

Skill Group 1

blood must have blood: Before damage: Self pierce, AOE PER to enemy team. Deals 35 fire damage. applies bleeding and ignite to all enemies. Gains double damage(45s,1c)

burns must have burns: Before damage: Self pierce, AOE 3- turn Trait disabled. deals 30 light damage. applies sunburn and shock to all enemies. Gains precision and damage boost(40s,1c)

Skill group 2

Metal not allowed: Applies double damage, precision, Legendariphobic shield, possession immunity, and magnetized immunity to all allies, gives extra turn to itself(37s,3c)

Stand in my way and die: Before damage, Taunt, random element weakness and anticipation hater, Pierce. Deals 20 special damage to all enemies. activates cooldowns on all enemies. NER to all allies . Removers pierce, taunt hater, anticipation hater and random element weakness hater from self.(79s,5cd)

Skill group 3

Death by water: applies trait protection to itself, deals moderate(45) thunder damage to one enemy, applies drowned and sunburn to all enemies. Gains 1 extra turn and precision(40s,2cd)

Death by poison: applies precision to itself, deals moderate(45) thunder damage to one enemy, applies poison and curse to all enemies. Gains damage boost and 1 extra turn (57s,4c)

Special: death by kaori: applies 3 turn death countdown to all enemies, deals heavy(65) light damage to all enemies. applies 2 random torture effects and 2 random control effects to all enemies all enemies. Gains 1 extra turn (0s,0c)

Recommended moveset:

Female rights:

death by water

death by posion

Renzoku Waza/hunter of samurai

blood must have blood/burns must have burns

This moveset is for people who need a good and fast pure curser. use hunter of samurai for high life removal and choose Renzoku Waza for more debuffing. use blood must have blood if you use hunter of samurai and burns must have burns if you use Renzoku Waza

Hunting ninja

death by water

death by posion

Metal not allowed

Stand in my way and die

this moveset is for a supportive fast curser. this moveset is probably the better choice, so I would recommend this one

Recommended relics

any diamond sword

Recommeneded allies

any control: due to a lack of control effects, any control such as Warmaster Sherazar, Volthar, Or anything else will help


-all allies mettaliphobic shield, possesion immunity, double damage, magnetized immunity, self extra turn IN ONE MOVE

-self immune to torture



-high life

-self trait protection

-lots on negative status effects

-good trait



-easily deniable

-no control effects other than CDA

-enemy NeR can remove all the effects she applies

-enemies having PeR can destroy her buffs unless you have just used Stand In My Way And die

-Low damage output

-anticipation ruins her best moves unless you use Stand In My Way And die which instantly kills taunt and anticipation monsters.

- skill mirror and mirror damage render kaori's best move useless.

Sunblast(XxSniperLordxX) WIP

Arnu, Lord of Frogs Alike (AlignedTie)


Description: Arnu was Korruptus' butler until his dark magic brought him to insanity. Everyone thought Arnu, who travelled with Korruptus to visit his dealer of dark magic, had also gone mad because his sweat began killing other people. Arnu was sentenced to the Animal Containment centre, and while there was given the alias of Lord of Frogs alike. Arnu has found a way to escape and has done so, gaining several allies along the way. So you, Monster Master, shall you join my master in his conquest to create a sweat machine and shower it upon the kingdom who destroyed Arnu's life, Plithora?

Role: Curser

How to get: Obtain from the Zoo Breakout Maze (LTP and regular path)


  • Beautiful design
  • Lots of negative effects
  • A few support moves
  • Insane relic set
  • Insane evolving trait and speed
  • High damaging moves
  • Okay cooldowns and stamina costs


  • Low Life
  • Low Power despite having high damaging moves
  • Terrible once Torture Immunity is involved
  • Lord Pumpseed can block Instant Death easily

All Skills

Default Skills:

I, The Froggie - 40 Nature dmg + Poison, 0s, 0CD

Die, For Froggie - AoE 25 Special dmg, 34s, 0CD

Skill group 1:

Sweat Shower - 45 Special dmg + Curse, 31s, 1CD

Move Away From Our Lord - AoE 35 Nature damage + AoE Daze, 35s, 2CD

Skill group 2:

Stanky Soap For The King - Self Skill Mirror + Extra turn, 41s, 3CD. (Skill Mirror will give Arnu two turns instead of one)

Stinky Puddles! - 50 Nature dmg + Curse, Poison, Possession, 48s, 2CD

Skill group 3:

The Ancient Armpit - 35 AoE Special dmg + AoE 3T Countdown + Team Damage Boost and Precision, 49s, 3CD

Welcome To Sweat City - 70 Nature dmg + Curse, Corruption, 46s, 3CD

Special Move

The Aroma of My Left Toe - AoE 75 Nature dmg + AoE 2T Countdown, Poison and Daze

Recommended Moveset

  • Welcome To Sweat City
  • The Ancient Armpit
  • Stinky Puddles!
  • Stanky Soap For The King

Recommended Runes: 3 Speed; 1 Strength, 2 Speed

Recommended Relics

Recommended Allies

  • Other allies of the beloved Frog King like Warmaster Elvira can apply Evasion so he can apply his effects and damage onto his enemies.
  • PER monsters like Nisael can remove Torture and other immunities from his enemies so his master, the almighty Frog Lord can murder them with his vicious sweat.


  • Since the main goal of Mr. Frogman is to apply Torture effects to his enemies, monsters with NER or Artifact trait like Nisael or Timerion can make it harder for the Frogman to apply his nightmares onto his enemies.
  • If the Frog King is hard to kill and is below R3, apply Possession or activate his cooldowns. Only thing is, Arnu also has a move that gives himself two extra turns. If you want to stop him from making your Possession completely useless, apply Freeze or Stun just to confirm he won't attack your beloved monsters again.

The Inheritor (Pumpkidd)


After finally overthrowing Barbatos and becoming ruler of hell, he was almost immediately backstabbed by his former ally Pierceid! He was absolutely devastated at losing his power already, so he did the only thing he could do, become enslaved as a laborer for all eternity. But one fateful day while mining out a stalagmite, a strange glowing rock fell out into his arms. He stowed it away until he got back to his barracks, he would examine the rock nearly all night, its glow keeping his bunk-mates awake in the process. By morning he had figured to crush it up and slip it into his drink for the day. After taking a sip, though, he felt of surge of power flow through him, like the flames of hell had been injected into his bloodstream. He flew from the mines and is now planning to take down Pierceid and her army all by himself.

Role: Attacker


Base Skills:

Dead Simple: (45 Fire Damage + Burn 35s 1cd)

Rage Without Mercy: (AoE 35 Fire Damage + Nightmares + Burn 20s 2cd)

Skill Group 1:

At Doom's Gate: (60 Fire Damage + Burn 50s 2cd)

Slayer's Testament: (Self NER + Self Damage Boost + Damage Mirror + Extra Turn 60s 3cd)

Skill Group 2:

You Have Huge Guts!: (AoE 30 Special Damage + Sunburn + Burn 40s 2cd)

Plutonia Experiment: (45 Fire Damage + Ignite + Nightmares 0s 0cd)

Skill Group 3:

Berzerk: (Self Triple Damage + Blind 56s 4cd)

Thy Flesh Consumed: (AoE 35 Dark Damage + Nightmares + Possession 45s 2cd)


Rip and Tear: (Self Pierce + AoE 80 Fire Damage + Ignite + Nightmares)

 Pierceid (AlignedTie)


Description: The second The Inheritor overthrew Barbatos and became the ruler of Hell, Pierceid backstabbed him and threw him out of the palace that he formerly owned! But now that The Inheritor has the abilities of a Mythic, Pierceid has created a spell to create a worse Mythic amber artificially and she decided to call it the Queen's amber. Pierceid knows she'll always win against the two angry demons, Barbatos and the Inheritor, because she knows that 2 attackers are weak against a controller with the power of 3.

How to get: Finish breeding event and dungeon

Phase One of Pierceid Breeding Event

Breed The Inheritor and any Lucifire to get an evil concoction- the default Pierceid!

Phase Two

Breed Barbatos and Soulfagi to recieve a chaotic outcome- Soul Hugger!

Phase Three

Breed Soul Hugger and the default Pierceid to gain the key to the Pierceid survival dungeon. Get your Light monsters ready to battle Hell's folk.

Pierceid Survival Dungeon

Defeat all the monsters in this Dark and Fire infested dungeon to gain a monster who currently rules Hell, Pierceid! If your lucky enough and beat the whole dungeon, you can get enough cells to rank her up to rank 5!



  • Low Stamina costs
  • Low and moderate cooldowns
  • Greats stats and evolving trait
  • Great relic choice
  • Applies many Torture effects + Status Caster


  • Many AoE Moves which makes her weak to Area Dodge
  • 4-Slot Syndrome (Too many moves to chose form)
  • No NER which makes her open to Control and Torture effects

All Moves

Default Skills:

The Amber - AoE 25 Dark dmg, 0, 0CD

The Power - 15 Dark dmg + Posession, 36s, 0CD

Skill Group 1:

Priceless To You - 40 Special dmg + Curse and Bleeding, 34s, 2CD

Possess You With One Dose - AoE 30 Dark dmg + Possession, 36s, 1CD

Skill Group 2:

Destruction and Demise - AoE 40 Special dmg + AoE Possession, 42s, 3CD

Survive When The Law Is Lawless - AoE 3T Death Countdown + AoE Curse and Bleeding, 39s, 3CD

Skill Group 3:

You Think It's Fictional? - 60 Dark dmg + 2T Death Countdown, 42s, 2CD

The Definition For What Life Is - AoE CDA + AoE 3T Death Countdown and Minor Blind, 52s, 4CD

Skill Group 4:

Y'all Can See Me Now - AoE 45 Dark dmg + Blind and Bleeding, 12s, 2CD

You Perceive With Your Mind - 45 Dark dmg + Mega Possession, 48s, 2CD

Sucked Into Your Lies - Self 50% Stamina Gain + Extra turn, 0s, 2CD

Sit and Lose - 45 Dark dmg + 2T Countdown and CDA, 52s, 5CD

Special move

It's All In Your Head - AoE PER + TD+ 2T triple damage + Mega Possession and 3T Countdown

Moiraios (aka Nishant's Bodyguard) (AlignedTie) (WIP)


Role: Support with NER, damage reductions and Evasion

Description: After many long years of her loyalty and duty towards General Nishant, she's decided to resign. Reason why? She's done pretending to be his trustful servant. Because in reality, she despises him and wants to make him suffer just as much as her brother Ismael suffered. Better hide, Mr. General!

How to get:


  • Lots of ally buffs
  • Moderate cooldowns and stamina costs
  • Many negative moves
  • Team NER


  • Lacks damaging moves
  • Weak to PER, other than her ultimate
  • No Torture or Control effects

Default Skills:

Truth Hurts - AoE 35 Dark dmg, 21s, 0CD

Avoid Their Rage - Self Evasion, 28s, 0CD

Skill Group 1:

Wrath of Samael - Team NER + 50% Damage Mirror, 36s, 2CD

Three Minus One - 45 Dark dmg + Major Damage Reduction + Daze, 34s, 0CD

Skill Group 2:

Apathy - 45 Special dmg + Ally Evasion, 40s, 1CD

Thanatos - Team Damage Boost + AoE 35 Special dmg + Major Damage Reduction, 38s, 2CD

Skill Group 3:

Prepare Your Spells - Team NER + 25% Regeneration + Evasion, 48s, 3CD

Ismael's Legacy - AoE 45 Special dmg + Ally 50% Revival, 56s, 3CD


Mission - Save Nisael! - Team NER + 2T Evasion and PEP


Stating moveset:

One day, this small spider built a web that was massive near a bend in a creek. One day, Dr wattz came down the trail and got stuck in the web carrying some mythic amber. The interesting golden substance tasted good to the spider and continued consuming the substance until she was a massive spider. Now she is a quest to get bigger and stronger!

Mirrored web: AOE 5 physical damage + bleeding. All allies gain skill mirror (0S 4CD)

Burning poison : 5 magic damage + poison + burn & blind (12S 0 CD)

Level 1 moveset:

My Cursed realm: AOE curse + single target possession + self extra turn (32S 2CD)

Weakening litters: 5 Special damage + all allies skill mirror + Nature weakness + dark weakness + 1 random torture effect. PER to all enemies. Gains damage boost and regeneration (61S 4 CD)

Level 2 moveset:

Suffer enemies!: Applies one random torture effect and one random control effect to all enemies. Gains one extra turn ( 23S 2CD)

Hypnotizing eyes: before damage: 3-turn trait disable + PER twice. AOE possession + 1 turn double damage + (58S 5CD)

Level 3 moveset:

Stinging venom: AOE total blind and major damage reduction (45S + 2CD)

Santa isn't coming: AOE 5 special damage + possession + curse + CDA. Gains double damage & NER self (100S 7CD)


Brain poisons: 3-turn trait disabled + 2 PER Applies 2T triple damage + Mega possession + 3T death countdown to all enemies. Gains stamina regeneration


  • Great tortures and control effects
  • possesion
  • curse
  • poison
  • burn
  • blind
  • damage reduction
  • doublle damage
  • skill mirror
  • CDA
  • weaknesses(nature& dark)
  • Regeneration
  • Stamina regeneration
  • Trait disabled
  • NER& PER


  • insane stamina costs
  • HIgh cooldowns
  • Random effects can give useless stuff
  • control immunity stops her main gimmicks, possession and the random contols can give freeze and stun
  • ABSOLUTLEY NO DAMAGE OUTPUT despite the insane strength stat

VIP's Comeback (German)

Scarr the Old Caster:

Freettle's species are in extinction. So, Gold Ra wish for a Mythic Amber for a protector of his species, them born Scarr. Big and thicc Magic Hercules Bettle that use his staff for protected his family from any danger!

"Bzz Bzz Bzz! Bzz Bzz Bzzzz!" - Said Gold Ra

"Bzz Bz!" - Said Scarr

"Bzzzzzzz!" - Gold Ra

"Bz!" - Scarr

"Bzz?" - Freetle

"Bzzzz!" - Scarr


  • For serve (30 Magic Damage)
  • And kill (30 Special Damage)
  • Don't be scare! (30 Physical Damage + AoE Daze)
  • Magic Wrath (AoE 45 Magic Damage + Bleed)
  • I believe! (Self NER + Double Damage + Stamina Regen & True Vision)
  • We can! (Team NER + 75% Shield + Stamina Regen & 30% Heal)
  • Outcast Rage (90 Magic Damage)
  • Bettle Anagram (AoE 45 Special Damage + Curse & Bugged)
  • 1 Million Bettles [Special] (AoE 75 Earth Damage + Guard Down & Reverse Healing)

Hydrok the Loan Shark:

Hydrok and Vandecken was best friends and they ruled all oceans from World in their adventures. Hydrok was the sail and Vandecken was the boat. But in September of 1799 in a pirate war, they lost and were killed alive!

Alvid used a Mythic Amber to revive his dad and he promised revive his friend too.

After a Pirate Adventure longer than One Piece, he finally found a Mythic Amber but Varuna and Cavenfish also was looking for that Amber.

Several hours later, the war bring Koralle Brutalis alive and he take the Mythic Amber from the pirates and they was expurged from the sea.

Ningyō saw how Vandecken was sad for not get that Amber. She steal Koralle's Amber and bring Hydrok back.

But one thing Vandecken doesn't remember: Hydrok was smaller than everyone.

After months playing like pirates with his best friend, Hydrok realized that Pirate Life isn't cool than in 1700's.

"Vandecken-chan, you're my best friend and I want to say you one thing"

"What you want, Hydrok-chan?"

"I don't want be a pirate anymore. Can we try another thing?"

After this day, they never saw each other.

Vandecken go for that huge sea with his daughter.

Hydrok and Wyrmlad are bar buddies, making no sense things while they're drunked. Hydrok also go for the sea one day of the week. For remember the good days. And cure the hangover.


  • High Seas (40 Physical Damage)
  • Hi-Jinks (20 Water Damage + AoE 50% chance to Freeze)
  • Shore with ya! (AoE Freeze + Team Stun Immunity)
  • Walking in Plank Matey (30 Nature Damage + Stun + AoE Stun)
  • Shiver me timbers! (30 Earth Damage + AoE Total Damage Reduction)
  • There she blows (60 Metal Damage + Total Blind)
  • Look at that jar! (AoE CDA + Self CDDA)
  • We might Bleed! (45 Dark Damage + Bleed + Team and AoE Bleed)
  • World Water War Zero [Special] (Self Pierce + AoE 75 Water Damage + Freeze)

Note: High Seas Hi-Jinks = Crash Twinsanity; High Seas Hi-Jinx = Cuphead; One = One; Two = Two; They aren't the same thing

Hiroim the Hero:

  • knock* *knock*

"Who is there?" - Hiroim

*Door open*

"Your mother!" - Hiroim's mom

"Momma!?" - Hiroim

"Mother!?" - Atum

"Did I forget do mention, Atum. I'm your TWIN BROTHER!" - Hiroim

"Wow" - Atum

Several months later

"Aparently, you're very busy since the last time we see each other." - Atum

"Yes! Catching Sonic the Hedhog Kill Warthak!" - Hiroim

"What's a big fucking deal!" - Atum

"With my unlimited health and your super strategy mind, we'll beat that thicc boi!" - Hiroim

"You porpose an alliance?" - Atum

"Yes grandma." - Hoirim

"Join forces? What an absurd idea!" - Atum

"What you say?" - Hiroim

"You got it!" - Atum


  • Totem Hokum (35 Earth Damage + 2 Random Torture Effects)
  • Lava boiling (Self 75% Damage Protection)
  • Babo-kongi (70 Dark Damage + Total Blind)
  • Bee-Hiving (Team Dark, Light & Earth Protection)
  • Tepe Tepe (Self NER + Team NER)
  • Baba Babo Bawa (Self Skill Mirror & Trait Protected)
  • HopWAK (Team PER + NER & 100% Damage Mirror)
  • I'm unstoppable! (Total Damage Reduction + Self 2-Turn Evasion)
  • Flight of the Bumblebee [Special] (AoE 85 Special Damage & CDA + Team 100% Heal)


Kaih is a rpg fan, such as Monster Legends. Such as everyone, he have a main goal: Create the most powerful F2P Team ever! When he isn't making useless things, he's drawing and making edits in blogs. Sadly for he, he burn every single draw that he make.


  • Yellow there! (45 Fire Damage + Sunburn)
  • SoyUnJoker (Random Torture Effect)
  • Create Bios! (AoE 50 Special Damage + Burn)
  • Highly Argumentative (70 Special Damage + Self Extra-Turn)
  • Mom is a relic (Self Damage Boost + 2-Turn Evasion & Positive Effects Protected + Extra-Turn)
  • Tanks in Depth (Before damage: Self Pierce; AoE 3 Random Torture Effects; After damage: Remove Pierce)
  • Join my discord! (Ally NER + True Vision + Extra Turn)
  • Put their relics! (PER + Positive Effects Blocked + AoE Major Damage Reduction)
  • I'll eradicate you! [Special] (Before damage Self Strikethrough + AoE Special Weakness; AoE 85 Special Damage + 3 Random Torture Effects)

New effect: Strikethrough (If the monster have shield, the damage will hurt both shield and monster)

Nox the Masochist Demon:

Nox is demon like any other saw before! Jurema (her real name) was send by Pierceid (after she got the hell's throne) for send all the evil's souls for hell.

Nox make this all days of her life, but she also like cut herself while she's killing the monsters in her list.

How she said, "It's funny and pleasant!"


  • Did you saw? (30 Physical Damage)
  • It's my scythe! (50 Dark Damage)
  • Kanokon (AoE 45 Special Damage & Bleed + Self Bleed Hater & Extra Turn)
  • Overflow (70 Special Damage + Self 20 Light Damage)
  • Watch your back! (50 Dark Damage & Possession + Receive 40% of the damage)
  • We all need bleed! (AoE 50 Dark Damage & Bleed + Team receive 50% of the damage & Bleed)
  • Tadokoro-san (Self 80 Dark Damage)
  • Mankitsu Happening (AoE 45 Magic Damage + Corrupted)
  • Jashin Religion (Self 180 Special Damage)

New Trait: Synchronize (Every damage she receive, all enemies receive too)

Osur the Brave Warrior:

Osur in new Vandecken's tripulation, Osur was the chef of the ship. Every day, he cook fish. He know 1,203 types of different fishes and 7,209 ways to cook them!

One day, Varuna's tripulation invaded Alvid's ship and Osur need to stop cook and start to use his mace for hit others things except meat.

In this fight, both pirates lose their vessel. Because Cavenfish used his cannons for destroy them.

Days later. Osur invaded Caven's boat in midnight!

It's time for his revenge!


  • Crispy or glazed (AoE 25 Physical Damage)
  • Chicken cake (40 Nature Damage + Poison)
  • Put me in a daze! (50 Thunder Damage + Total Damage Reduction + AoE Total Blind)
  • Mustard and sauerkraut (Team Legendaryphobic Shield)
  • Baked beans (AoE 15 Fire Damage + Burn)
  • Fish Taco (40 Water Damage + Drowned + AoE MegaFreeze)
  • Honey buns (Team NER & 30,600 points of Armor + Mass Haste)
  • 100 grams of proteins (Ally NER & 100% Heal + Regeneration & Stamina Regen)
  • So juicy! So Tasty! [Special] (75% instant kill all enemies)

New effect: Mass Haste (Increases 50% of actual speed)

Uther the Valiant:

King Dearon's kingdom is a pretty solid one, have one king, a queen, a wizard, a schizophrenic warrior, schizophrenic warrior's horse, schizophrenic warrior's fat (and also schizophrenic) friend, etc.

But this kingdom need a brave warrior for keep it in peace. So, Luthien used her Mythic Amber for make a perfect one. Then born Uther!


  • A Scary Pasta (40 Metal Damage + AoE Possession)
  • Puncutre (Trait Disable + PER & Nanovirus + Self Extra-Turn
  • S H O C K E D (50 Thunder Damage & Shock + AoE Shock)
  • Jecko (45 Magic Damage & Poison + Team Torture Immunity)
  • Death Counter (80 Special Damage + AoE 2-Turn Death Countdown)
  • Park's Crate (Self NER & 75% Damage Protection + Self Extra-Turn)
  • Purchase something? (AoE 45 Metal Damage + Mega Possession
  • One Box Missing (90% Total Life Remove + Self Extra Turn)
  • S T Y L E [Special] (AoE 95% Total Life Remove + Self Instant Death)

Valgar the Last King:

Valgar is the Last King from the Savage Kingdom. Grandson of Kion, he need to protect his kingdom from any and all dangers (just like Uther and Scarr, I don't have so much idea what to do now).

Why is he the last king? It's simple! He can't breed!


  • The Swamplands (Team Poison, Nightmares & Bleed Immunity
  • Crustacean Ressurection (Team Drowned, Burn & Sunburn Immunity)
  • Ripto's Racist (Team Ignition, Quicksands & Shock Immunity)
  • Banana Sandwich (Team Curse & Nanovirus Immunity + AoE Trait Disable)
  • Steam Hans Inc. (Team Torture & Control Immunity)
  • Pancake Tutorial (AoE 40% Chance Instant Death + Team Light Immunity)
  • Wrong Realms (Team Positive Effects Protected + PER Immunity)
  • Epic Mask Quest (AoE Negative Effects Protected + NER Immunity)
  • Gourmet Ascent (Team 70,600 Armor Points)

Zyla the Orphan:

Before be an Warmaster, Barbari was in Malair's Gang Rape. He was the second leader from the Crew but after 10 years in the Gang, he have noitced that life of Rape everyone wasn't a good life. So, his last journey with Malair, he raped an lady. That lady got pregnant and she possessed Barbari for he stay with the children. After Zyla born, her mother never was saw again.

- We interrupt your meaningless text for meaningless news! Malair's Gang Rape are not trying to rape anymore! Now they have comitting suicide around the world! They makes the ladies commit suicide after being raped! What can we do? How will is do? When will is do? Why I keep asking such annoyning ask questions? Scoody-Doo! Where are you? - Reporter

- Well, fuck. - Barbari

Now Zyla is orphan because Barbari is an Warmaster.

See the rest of Zyla's backstory here!


  • Twisted Docamok (25 Thunder Damage + Bleed)
  • Run in circles! (60 Special Damage + Bleed)
  • Original Docamok (AoE 45 Thunder Damage + Blind)
  • Hearing the terror (Self NER + 30,000 points of Armor + Double Damage)
  • Growls (AoE 45 Thunder Damage + Self Extra-Turn)
  • Beat my chest (50 Thunder Damage + Self Extra-Turn)
  • Jumps over the gasp (45 Special Damage + Self Extra-Turn)
  • 've looking for this (40 Dark Damage + 100% Stamina Gain)
  • Blow! Blow! Blow! (Before Damage: Self Pierce + AoE Trait Disable; AoE 85 Thunder Damage + Self Extra Turn)

General's Comeback (GermanK13)

General Ingvar:

Ingvar WANT build an ark.

Ingvar want build an ark!

- I'll get the animals for build my ark... Fuck you bird! (Ingvar)

- I'll build an ark, I don't care, I will pick tons of wood. (Ingvar)

- Oh fuck, idk how to build an ark.. what's difference between an ark, a boat and a ship? (Ingvar)

- Ship fit in your ass, ark doesn't fit in your asshole! (Uria)

- Want to see? (Ingvar)

- My wonderful friends, you want help me build my ark? (Ingvar)

- No. (Uria)

- Oh, you're really manking a boat.. (Atum)





- Wtf, ark? Where you took this idea? (Shannara)


Hours later

- If I come here, and my ark is fucked, I'll.. Oh shit wtf is this? (Ingvar)

- I'm gonna break the bass because I'm caged here.. (Atum)


More hours later

- Fuck, you destroy all my ark.. (Ingvar)

- I don't care anymore! Fuck the animals! I'll eat Crocodile's BBQ! (Ingvar)


  • Dazing Wings (AoE 35 Light Damage + Daze)
  • Blinding Wings (AoE 35 Light Damage + Blind)
  • Dazing Axe (60 Special Damage + Mega Daze)
  • Blinding Axe (60 Special Damage + Total Blind)
  • Discouragement (AoE 40 Physical Damage + Discouragement)
  • Focus (Ally NER + Triple Damage & Precision + Extra Turn)
  • Encouragement (Team NER + Double Damage & True Vision + Stamina Regen + Healing Winds)
  • Deadly cow (70 Special Damage + Stun)
  • Purifier Light [Special] (Before Damage: Team NER + True Vision & Pierce; AoE 85 Light Damage & Giga Daze)

New effects:

  • Discouragement (Weakness to all elements)
  • Mega Daze (Basically, Blind + Major Damage Reduction for 3-Turns)
  • Giga Daze (Basically, Total Blind + Total Damage Reduction for 2-Turns)
  • Healing Winds (Each turn, heals 25%. Ignores Reverse/Half/Healing Blocked. Stands for 10-Turns)

General Atum:

*knock* *knock*

"Who is there?" - Hiroim

*Door open*

"Your mother!" - Hiroim's mom

"Momma!?" - Hiroim

"Mother!?" - Atum

"Did I forget do mention, Atum. I'm your TWIN BROTHER!" - Hiroim

"Wow" - Atum

Several months later

"Aparently, you're very busy since the last time we see each other." - Atum

"Yes! Catching Sonic the Hedhog Kill Warthak!" - Hiroim

"What's a big fucking deal!" - Atum

"With my unlimited health and your super strategy mind, we'll beat that thicc boi!" - Hiroim

"You porpose an alliance?" - Atum

"Yes grandma." - Hoirim

"Join forces? What an absurd idea!" - Atum

"What you say?" - Hiroim

"You got it!" - Atum


  • Rockie Mace (45 Earth Damage + MegaStun)
  • I'm Rockie Boi (Team 50% Shield)
  • Right In Your Face! (80 Special Damage)
  • Blinded Troops (AoE Blind + Minor Blind + Daze)
  • I Did Again! (Team NER & 2-Turn Evasion + Self Extra-Turn)
  • Armored Troops (Team Absorption + 100% Damage Mirror)
  • An Assault! (AoE 45 Special Damage + Stun)
  • Hard As An Obsidian (AoE 50 Earth Damage + Doubles team life for each enemy alive)
  • Final Assault [Special] (AoE 85 Dark Damage + Mega Stun)

New effect: Absorption (Create a new life bar equal of original. Can't be removed. After this bar go for 0, it doesn't disappear and can be healed)

General Thetys:

General Thetys, was the sea queen with Hydratila, Gorg, Kozorg and Frosilka in her army read to protect each part of ocean.

After Gorg start to hunt lots of Nautilus, he was banned from Thetys' Seas.

Gorg tell for Ursula Thetys' mom for she comeback for the seas and put laws in her daughter!

When Thalassa back for her old habitat, she have noticed how her daughter was bad controling a kingdom.

So Thalassa is the queen now and Hydratila blame Thetys for he lose his job and want revenge.

Kozorg and Frosilka will put Thetys again in her post of queen! And Thetys want this too!


  • Momma! (35 Physical Damage)
  • Give My Empire Back! (AoE 45 Water Damage)
  • Iceberg Isle (50 Water Damage + Mega Freeze)
  • Icecapades (AoE 45 Special Damage + 100% Stamina Drain + Self 50% Stamina Gain)
  • Ice Climb (Trait Disable & Drowned + AoE Freeze)
  • Ice Creature (Team Double Damage & Precision + 100% Stamina Gain)
  • Antartic Waves (35 Special Damage & PER + AoE Mega Freeze)
  • Snow Tale (Trait Disable & PER + AoE Stamina Leak)
  • Release The Kraken! [Special] (AoE 85 Water Damage + Giga Freeze)

New effect: Giga Freeze (The monster can't attack for 3-Turns and receive Water Damage equal to 15% of its total life)

General Darmith:

Wyrmlad and Drakor are dragon slayers and for Darmith, it isn't fair!

- Ok, you fuck ALL the dagrons and them call for me THAT'S NORMAL? (Darmith)

- Yes? (Drakor)

- How in the hell it's gonna be fair? (Darmith)

- I don't know (Drakor)

- Fuck you! (Darmith)

So, Darmith used the Fire Army to find a Mythic Amber for stop Wyrmlad and Drakor.

When they finally found, Darmith wished for be a Mythic, just for fit his sword in Wyrm's ass.


  • Wildfire (40 Fire Damage + PER + Trait Disable)
  • Fatal Flames (AoE 50 Special Damage + Ignition)
  • PK Fire (Before Damage: Self PEP & Double Damage; 30 Fire Damage + Self Extra Turn)
  • PK Sandstorm (90 Metal Damage & Nanovirus + Self Ressurection Blocked)
  • Dragon Soul (Team NER + Double Damage + True Vision)
  • Slayer of Dragon Slayer (Before Damage: AoE PER & Nanovirus + Self 75% Damage Protection; 50 Special Damage + AoE Burning)
  • Flathead Fury (Before Damage: AoE Fire Weakness; AoE 45 Fire Damage + Self Trait Protected)
  • Boiler Room Doom (Team Light, Water and Fire Immunity & 100% Stamina Gain)
  • Dagron Onslaught [Special] (AoE 100 Fire Damage)

General Uria:

Warmaster Sherezar, months later making a totally cool embryo of a totally cool steroid formula, he give it for Warmaster Babari create the most totally cool and poweful thunder attacker ever for help Babari command the Thunder Army.

Then born Flylight Bolt! A totally cool attacker with a totally cool longsword and a totally cool armor and under Babari's total control.

Self nicknamed Uria, he help Babari in Thunder Army control being his right hand. Sadly for he, VolkaK is more totally cool than he, and the Thunder Army respect more he than Uria!


  • Thunder Sword (45 Thunder Damage + AoE Shock)
  • Thunder Armor (Team True Vision)
  • Thunder Protector (50 Dark Damage + Self Anticipation Blocked)
  • Thunderstruck (AoE 45 Thunder Damage + Total Blind)
  • Electron Avenue (AoE 35 Special Damage + Mega Daze)
  • Mancell's Bass (70 Special Damage + Giga Daze)
  • Clockwork Barrage (AoE 35 Thunder Damage + Shock & Giga Daze)
  • Sewer or Later (45 Special Damage + PER & CDA + Team NER & True Vision)
  • ZA WARUDO! (AoE 90 Thunder Damage & Mega Shock + Team NER)

New trait: Electrophobic Shield (Can't be target by any move except Thunder Based ones)

New effects: Anticipation Blocked; Mega Shock (Deals damage equal to 15% of its total life and blocks the ability to give extra turns. 4-Turns)

General Shannara:

She helped her father to make the embryo of a totally cool steroid formula! Behold Sherezar's daughter, Shannara! She helps her father to command the Magic Army, create totally cool steroid potions, etc.

Everyone that doesn't know her, think she's a supporter or a denier but surprise modafucka SHE IS A MIXED MAGIC ATTACKER!


  • Magic Anagram (50 Magic Damage + Curse)
  • Fadigue's Anagram (AoE 45 Magic Damage + Major Damage Reduction)
  • Rules of impulsion (60 Magic Damage + 2 Random Torture Effect + Random Control Effect)
  • Unspeakble powers (AoE 35 Special Damage + Mega Stun & Mega Freeze)
  • Eyes of Necromancer (AoE 40 Special Damage + Team Ressurection & Evasion)
  • Mystical ecstasy (90 Magic Damage + 2 Random Control Effects & 2 Random Torture Effects)
  • Astral Plan (Self Astral Plan)
  • Silver Winds (AoE 45 Fire Damage + Lava Burn)
  • No Limits for Magic [Special] (AoE 90 Magic Damage & 100% Stamina Drain + Team Astral Planl)

New effect: Astral Plan (Remove all negative effects. Can't be target by any move. Heal 25% of life each turn. Restore 33% of stamina each turn. Can't be removed. 3-Turns); Lava Burn (Removes 25% of life each turn. Fire Weakness. 3-Turns)

General Alces:

PET is a... strange guy

He is perfecsonist and he have a lot of projects for Nature Army.

But every time he made it he give up because is so hard, and he start get pissed because he doesn't make it, because he just lost his time doing a thing that doesn't have future and he continues making this in a loop.

ONE DAY, Talika said for he:

- Stop with this!

And his life changed.

The end.


  • Bow Charge (45 Nature Damage + Poison + AoE Poison)
  • Bow Impact (45 Special Damage + Stun + AoE Stun)
  • The Horse Viena Moose (AoE 35 Nature Damage + Total Damage Reduction)
  • Dazing Arrow (AoE 45 Special Damage + Giga Daze)
  • Pumped Dwarf (Team NER & Regeneration + 30,600 points of armor)
  • Silverleaf Armor (AoE Possession & Poison + Team NER & Skill Mirror)
  • Forest Catastrophe (13 Special Damage + 2 Random Control Effect)
  • Healing Savia (Team 100% Heal)
  • Forest Green Rovers [Special] (Before Damage: Self Pierce + AoE PER & Trait Disable; AoE 85 Nature Damage + Poison & 1-Turn Death Countdown)

General Holter:

Vector is a guy with hard personality. Everytime he lose a battle, he equips himself with another machinery. One day, he become the general of Metal Army and the power went up to his head.

Sometimes, he ask for Ingenica make another robot for expand his army. She doesn't like but Holter pay very well.


  • Flamethrower Arm (45 Fire Damage+ Burn)
  • Heavy Machinery (Before Damage: AoE Magnetize + 60 Metal Damage)
  • Toxic Waste (AoE 25 Special Damage + Toxic)
  • Generator Room(45 Metal & Nanovírus + AoE PER & Nanovirus)
  • Compactor Reactor (Before Damage: Team Double dmg + 60 Special Damage)
  • Magnetic Mayhem (Before Damage: Team CDDA + AoE 45 Metal Damage)
  • Pack Attack (Before Damage: Self NER + AoE 55 Metal Damage)
  • Flaming Area (AoE 55 Fire Damage + Burning & Ignition)
  • Piston it Away [Special] (Before Damage: AoE Magnetize, AoE 75 Metal Damage & Toxic)

New effect: Toxic (Removes 13% of life. Next turn 26%. 39% Next turn. And 52% in last turn. Positive Effects Blocked)

General Nishant:

After years serving Barbatos, Pierceid took the Hell's Throne and now Nishant doesn't have job.

Fortunally for he, Dark Troops that aren't in the underworld need a General!

- Isn't a bad job overall, said Nishant

And that's how Nishant turned into a General!


  • Darkness Sword (30 Dark Damage + Nightmares)
  • Flaming Sword (30 Dark Damage + Burn)
  • Henchmania (45 Special Damage + AoE Special Weakness)
  • Soul-Shattering Sword (AoE 35 Special Damage + Possession)
  • Soul-Shattering Greatsword (AoE 55 Dark Damage + Nightmares)
  • Hell's Flames (AoE 45 Special Damage + Burning)
  • Phantom Form (Self Evasion + True Vision & Triple Damage + Positive Effects Protected)
  • Hell's Cuts (AoE 45 Special Damage + Bleed)
  • Demonic Obliteration [Special] (AoE 90 Special Damage + Burn)

Darmith's Pet:

Darmith adopted a dragon!

- Why the hell you adopted a dagron? (Uria)

- By a simple logic! Almost all feminsts are lesbian right? (Darmith)

- Wtf? (Uria)

- So, I fight for Wyrmlad and Drakor stop what they're doing. And if feminists adopt other feminst, why I can't adopt a dagron? (Darmith)

- That's a stupid idea! (Uria)

- I know, and I don't care! (Darmith)


  • Hey! (35 Special Damage + Burn)
  • Wow! (35 Fire Damage + Ignition)
  • Bam! (35 Special Damage + Self Damage Boost)
  • Pow! (35 Fire Damage + Team Damage Boost)
  • Trash! (AoE 35 Special Damage + Burn)
  • Smash! (AoE 35 Fire Damage + ignition)
  • Bash! (AoE 45 Special Damage + Self Triple Damage)
  • Crash! (AoE 45 Fire Damage + Team Double Damage)
  • Auuuuuuu! [Special] (AoE 300 Physical Damage + Self Instant Death)

Thetys' Pet:

I have no idea for bio, so just look for this image..









  • Coral Canyon (AoE 35 Water Damage + Stun)
  • Deep Trouble (45 Special Damage + Mega Freeze)
  • Lagoony Tunes (45 Earth Damage + Stun)
  • Makin' Waves (AoE 50 Water Damage + Freeze)
  • Sea Shell Sheaningans (50 Earth Damage + Mega Stun)
  • Shark Attack (70 Water Damage + AoE Drowned)
  • Tell No Tales (AoE 15% Life Removal + Team Water Immunity)
  • Tiki Turbo (AoE 50 Earth Damage + Mega Stun)
  • H2 Oh No! [Special] (AoE 100 Water Damage + Giga Freeze)

Atum's Pet:

Making lores is so much hard and I'm a lazy guy, so I'll just put this instead:



  • Dig it dig it dig it (45 Earth Damage + AoE 35 Earth Damage)
  • Diggin' It (AoE Quicksands + Stun)
  • Desert Storm (AoE 35 Earth Damage + Quicksands & Minor Blind)
  • Atum's Canyon (45 Special Damage + Team 75% Shield)
  • Meteor Gorge (AoE 45 Earth Damage + Team 100% Damage Mirror)
  • Hoppin' Coffins (AoE 35 Light Damage + Sunburn & Quicksands)
  • Tomb Time (AoE 45 Earth Damage + Team Damage Boost)
  • Plithora Ruins (75 Special Damage & Mega Stun + AoE 25 Physical Damage & Stun)
  • Dig this out! [Special] (AoE 75 Earth Damage + Mega Stun)

Nishant's Pet:

After Moirairos get against Nishant, she give a gift for he, a totally not super bizarre bat!

This bat born in hell, was created by Lilysha, then she give it for Undertaker. But Undertaker hate bats because they always interrupt his vision in midnight, while working. Then Moirairos, but give to his ex.

At least, despite Moirairos, he's loyal for Nishant!


  • Twisted rules (AoE 35 Dark Damage + Slow & Daze)
  • Poison Fang (45 Special Damage + Toxic)
  • Bat Pursuit (45 Dark Damage + Possession)
  • Foul Play (60 Dark Damage + Blind & Daze)
  • Knock Off (Before Damage: Trait Disable + AoE Trait Disable; AoE 45 Dark Damage & Possession + Relics Disabled)
  • Sucker Yell (AoE Dark Weakness & Nightmares + Ally Extra-Turn)
  • Darkest Lariat (55 Special Damage + Mega Possession)
  • Venoshock (60 Metal Damage + Toxic & Shock)
  • Breaking the Rules [Special] (Before Damage: Self Pierce + AoE Trait Disable; AoE 65 Dark Damage + Mega Possession & Nightmares; After Damage: Remove Pierce)

New effect: Relics Disabled (The opponents can't active their relics. 3-Turn)

Holter's Pet:

Warmaster Sherezar discover that his totally cool embryo of a totally cool steroid formula can't only create totally cool monsters but turn other things into totally cool monsters too!

Holter say for Sherezar turn a Furby Plush into a totally cool and powerful and loyal monster. And the totally cool embryo of the totally cool steroid formula turn it on his pet!


  • Android Alley (45 Metal Damage + AoE Magnetize)
  • Junkyard (AoE 45 Metal Damage + Self 35% Heal)
  • Magnetic Mayhem (Before Damage: Team CDDA; AoE 45 Metal Damage)
  • Droid Void (Self Taunt + Skill Mirror & 100% Damage Mirror)
  • Fahrenheit Frenzy (Team 30,600 points of armor + Burn)
  • Gone Tomorrow (Ally 50% Heal + Anticipation)
  • Toxic Waste (AoE 25 Special Damage + Toxic)
  • Rock It (Self NER + Dodge Area)
  • Old Habits [Special] (Team NER & 70,600 points of armor + 50% Heal & Positive Effects Protected)

Just a curiosity, what happens for a monster with Mega Taunt and Dodge Area if target by an AoE Skill?

Alces' Pet:

- Alces, why you created an Alce for defend your forest? (Talika)

- I think you forgot the disappearence of my bow (Alce)

- So? (Talika)

- It all start, with a bow (Alce)

- Aw shit (Talika)

- That was a hate, I had never felt before! (Alce)

- So now, I'll make him pay! (Alce)

- Until that little bunny is.. no.. more.. (Alce)

- I'll not rest before I get my bow back! So I made a Alce for protect the forest while I'm out. (Alce)

- Oh. (Talika)


  • Turtle Woods (45 Nature Damage + Reverse Healing)
  • Hang Eight (Ally or enemy 15% Heal)
  • Jungle Bash (AoE Reverse Healing + 35% Heal)
  • Jungle Boogie (AoE Negative Effects Protected + Team 35% Heal)
  • Jungle Moose (PER + 45% Heal)
  • Jungle Jam (Ally or enemy 100% Heal)
  • Jungle Rollers (AoE NER + 50% Heal)
  • Temple of Bloom (Team 100% Heal)
  • Plant Food [Special] (Before Damage: Team NER + Self Pierce; AoE Negative Healing + Team & AoE 100% Heal)

New Game Mechanic: You can choose the attack in your team/ally or itself too.

Uria's Pet:

From the same "totally cool embryo of a totally cool steroid formula that make totally cool monsters and turn other things that aren't totally cool in totally cool monsters too" that makes totally cool monsters like Flylight Bolt, born Uria's Pet! A totally cool and totally loyal for his total general, Uria!

Curiosity: Mini crack is the same thing for chibi!


  • Nice computer here! (45 Thunder Damage + Random ally Extra-Turn)
  • Can I have it? (AoE 35 Special Damage)
  • Head N. Clouds (65 Thunder Damage + AoE 45 Thunder Damage)
  • Thunder Struck (65 Special Damage + AoE 45 Special Damage)
  • Drive-thru Danger (45 Thunder Damage + Mega Daze)
  • Hot Air Skyway (45 Special Damage + AoE Shock & Sunburn)
  • Rampage Ruins (50 Special Damage + AoE Giga Daze)
  • Nitro Court (AoE 25 Thunder Damage + Random Ally Extra-Turn)
  • O2 Station [Special] (AoE 75 Thunder Damage + Self Anticipation Block & 3 Extra-Turns)

Ingvar's Pet:

After give up from his ark, Ingvar decided to create a bull made of clouds.

He doesn't want this bull attack, he just want he tank

Tank again..

And again!


  • Out of time (Self NER + Baby Reversion)
  • Hatty (Team NER + Self Mega Taunt)
  • Blimp and wimp (AoE Curse)
  • Taurus form (100 Light Damage + Self 15,000 points of armor)
  • Gemini form (90 Light Damage x2 + Team Baby Reversion)
  • Sagittarius form (Team Pierce + AoE Baby Reversion)
  • Half Moon (50% Life Remove)
  • Bad Moon Rising (AoE 35% Life Remove)
  • Recover in Air [Special] (Team NER + 100% Heal + 90,000 points of armor)



Cosmic Pegasus (GK)

For protect angels of the frenzy of Pierceid and Nemesis, born from a Mythic Amber, Pegasus!

Pegasus is determined that he'll not lose this war!

For anyone that see him, he bless with the arcangel power! He is loyal for the angels, no one can corrupt his soul! Even in hell, he doesn't have any fear!


  • Element: Light
  • Role: Light Extra-Turner with some support skills
  • How to Obtain: Light Constellations Maze
  • Books: Spirits, Winged, Good Legions, Adventurers

Base Skills:

  • Cosmic Pegasis (45 Light Damage + Self Extra-Turn)
  • Never Give Up! (Self NER)

Skill Set 1:

  • Galaxy Pegasis (50 Light Damage + Self Extra-Turn)
  • Son of Fireblaze (AoE 35 Fire Damage + Burn)

Skill Set 2:

  • Shine with me! (Ally PER + Extra-Turn)
  • Big Bang Pegasis (AoE 45 Special Damage + Extra-Turn)

Skill Set 3:

  • Shine of Gingka (AoE Total Blind + Team NER)
  • Good side of Darkness (90 Magic Damage)


  • Big Bang Attack! (AoE 75 Special Damage x2 + Self Extra-Turn)

Nautilius-1(WIP) 2028123493a

Starting skills:

Arctic to ant: 10 water damage to 1 enemy. Applies freeze to one enemy (0S 0CD)

thin ice: deals 20 water damage to all enemies. applies drowned and quicksands to all enemies. NER all allies (0S 0CD)

Moveset 1:

Hard core survival:deals 30 metal damage to one enemy applies stun, major damage reduction and metal weakness to one enemy (23S 0CD)

80MPH top speed: deals 5 metal damage to one enemy. Applies daze and trait disabled to one enemy. GAins one extra turn (24S 3CD)

Moveset 2:

Herd protection: Applies a 100% life shield to all allies and gives regeneration and skill mirror too. (0S 5CD)

120 MAX: deals 10 Thunder damage Applies freeze and shock to one enemy. Gains one extra turn. (32S 1CD)

Moveset 3:

In it to win it: Deals 30 special damage to all enemies. Applies mega freeze, quicksands and shock to all enemies. (54S 4CD)

Past the limit: Applies mega stun to one enemy. Gains an extra turn. Applies nanovirus to all enemies (40S 2CD)


THE WHALE: Applies shock, nanovirus, quicksands, mega freeze, block positive and 3T blind to all enemies. Applies 3T total damage reduction and 3T cursed countdown to one enemy

PZ Ronin (HeroFLV234)

After being kicked out from Zorgon's team, PZ Ronin's main purpose was to warn the population of Monster Legends about Zorgon's actions. Zorgon sent a team of hackers to capture him and cage him in the Dungeons. He found a piece of Mythic Amber in the cell and become an invincible warlord. That's how his adventure began.


Default Skills:

Vy Qwaint's Fist - 40 Special dmg + Daze, 25s, 0 CD

Ninja Sword - AoE 20 Light dmg, 25s, 0 CD

Skills Group 1:

Stolen Keylogger - 50 Special dmg, 0s, 1 CD

Tech Defense - Self Damage Protection + 50% Life Shield, 45s, 2 CD

Skills Group 2:

Deception - 40 Special dmg + Corruption, 51s, 2 CD

Hacker Vision -  Self Precision + Skill Mirror, 63s, 2 CD

Skills Group 3:

Dedication - 70 Light dmg, 47s, 1 CD

Spy Ninja - AoE 45 Special dmg + Bleed, 49s, 2 CD

Special Skill: 

Become Elite Hacker - AoE Guard Down + Vulnerable + Self 50% Stamina regain + Extra Turn

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