Nebotus was the second Dark-type monster introduced in Monster Legends. He has an amazing design and that’s it.

Role: Gold Farmer/Attacker


His stats are bad, his moves aren't that good besides his 70 damage move, and his Trait isn't too useful unless you are facing monsters that depend on Blind. So why do we see him a lot in PVP? Well its because he is a breedable. Being breedable makes it easy to rank yourself up. The monsters used to get him are pretty easy to get, and he is easy to get in events. (Like in the 72 hr. event where he replaced the epic monster that usually appears their.

Pros Edit

  • His special forces all enemies to recharge, which could save a monster's life.
  • Is breedable, so easy to obtain and rank up
  • Blind move with a low stamina cost and low cooldown
  • 70 dmg move (his best move)
  • AoE Damage Reduction

Cons Edit

  • Too many to list.

Recommended MovesetEdit

Extreme Destruction

  • Extirpate
  • Mad Whispers
  • Spanish Flu
  • Waking Nightmare
  • 3 Team Speed Runes/3 Gold Runes/3 Team Gold runes/ 1 Attack 2 Speed Runes

You want Team Speed Runes as unless you are using Rares or lower rarity monsters in team with him, your other monsters ranked Epic or Legendary are going to be better than Nebotus, so why not boost them? Speed is generally the most useful, so that's what I recommend. Extirpate has a good base power. Mad Whispers gives blind which is the best status effect you have. Spanish Flu is possibly your best move, which gives damage reduction to all your foes. Waking Nightmare, just to give nightmares to one monster, he doesn't have anything better anyway.

Recommend Ally: Anything that can give Dark Weakness like Growler . Damage Buffers can help Nebotus with his terrible Damage like Metalisha.


Literally everything eats Nebotus. From Electric Rabbits to Common Dinosaurs every monster can survive if high enough. But if you somehow have trouble with the common cold heres some counters.

Reasons you're losing against this monster

  • You're Using Level 60 or below Epic monster
  • Level 20 or lower Legendary monsters
  • Good Enemy Ally Monsters (Any OP-C+)
  • You used Tyrannoking
  • You Suck at the game
  • You are New to the Game (only works for none pay to wins)
  • The Universe Hates You

Books Analysis Edit

Evil Legion

He's that one weak monster in a land of buffed things. Don't use him in team wars unless you are forced to or don't have any other evil legions monster for whatever reason. He doesn't get clobbered by very bad dark rares, or dark uncommons.

  • Viability Ranking: F (1/10)
  • Effectiveness: 1/10
  • Comparison to Competition: 1/10



Dark wars is his biggest Nightmare. It's home to his arch rival TYRANNOKING both amazing monsters in every way shape or form. Since all the monsters during this war are the same type Nebotus is going to suffer alot. Monsters that can apply Dark Weakness like Dr. Hazard will be useful (Same for all dark monsters). Best use other monsters than Nebotus.

  • Viability Ranking: F 1/10
  • Effectiveness: 3/10
  • Comparison to Competition: 1/10



Bonus: PVP / Adventure map: 4/10

He's an ok monster in Adventure maps and he will be useful for beginners. But later in the adventure map it wil become harder for Nebotus. So I recommend Ranking him up. Also in PVP if you Rank him up and give him enough Attack and/or Speed runes he will he an ok Attacker pair him up with a more stronger allies (like Cryotan.)