Nemestrinus has existed for ages, but was never seen. Now is the moment when the champion of the Forest needs to show himself to defend the weak equilibrium of the ecosystems.

Role: Support

Overview Edit

Nemestrinus was decent in old days and OK in these days. He has tons of healing: his Healing Savia for all is a 35% team heal while Regrowth gives you 50% instant heal and life regeneration. Also he can remove positive status effects and Stun, he is a pretty safe early-game monster. He can take the spot of the classic beginner trio of either Goldfield or Lord of the Atlantis teamed up with Arch Knight as a healer. He is above average among breedable monsters, giving him a decent C+ rank, which isn't bad at all.


  • His speed with your sister is great!
  • He can heal all by 55%
  • He can heal by 80% and give life regeneration
  • Very low cooldowns
  • Even if his special skill deals low damage, it can stun all and apply life regeneration to all allies


  • Bad Power, Speed, and trait
  • Only 50% chance of Stun

Recommended Moveset Edit

I need more power, I am legendary!

  • Alpha Declaration
  • Regrowth
  • Healin Savia for all
  • Muto herbam
  • 3 Team Speed Rune

This monster is one of the best healers, just because he is breedable people think that he is bad. To be honest he is good with Barbatos to fix his -20% life each turn by Nemestrinus's life regeneration and 50% heal at the same time with his Regrowth move that has only 1 turn of cooldown. Healing savia for all is good to add high amount of life to all allies and Alpha Declaration removes good effects from enemy so it's good in wars to destroy Ouros/General Ingvar/General Atum... also it deals solid damage when Muto herbam has got a 50% chance to stun enemy...

 Counters Edit

Good fire legends like Greedy dragon, General Darmith and Megaosteum can do well here, Mommy is good to stun/ possess him while Krampus is good to freeze him.