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Nikasia is a young magic apprentice, as she wants to follow the steps of her grandmother Saika and her big sister Kassia. She knows a few magic spells but she's passionate, agile, strong and very talented, so very soon she'll be worthy of her heritage!

Role: Curser/Support


Nikasia is a Light support/curser hybrid with the really good and sought-after Area Dodge trait. She has really nice Support skills with access to 2 NER skills, both of which apply some nice status effects to her teammates. She's got quite the Curser abilities as well, having access to 2 PER skills (one single target, the other AoE), multiple skills with effects that reduce enemy accuracy (like Blind, Total Blind, Daze, and Sunburn) as well as access to Random Negative Effects. Trait and Stats are even better, in particular her Area Dodge and her speed, for she's tied with her sister, Kassia for fastest Supporter in the game. While she may not appear initially to be anything all too special, her specific abilities do lend themselves to be very well in the right scenario, making her fantastic under the right circumstances.


  • Excellent Speed (Tied with Kassia)
  • Double Sunburn
  • Amazing trait
  • Low stamina costs
  • NER and PER
  • Great relic slots


  • High cooldowns
  • Has a lot of AoE skills, ironically making her weak to Area Dodge
  • Can't do much without allies
  • Bad life

Recommended Moveset

Status Manipulation Support

  • The Light Will Be Mine (Team NER + Precision, 22s, 3 CD)
  • Fear the True Light (AoE 30 Light dmg + PER + Random Negative Effect, 26s, 2 CD)
  • Sunshine (40 Light dmg + PER + Total Blind, 18s, 3 CD)
  • Enlightened Warrior (Ally NER + Double Damage, 20s, 2 CD)

This set focuses purely on Nikasia's status effect manipulation, taking full advantage of her NER and PER. Nikasia luckily has 4 skills that all have to do with manipulating and cleaning status effects, so all of them can easily fit into a single set.

Cursing Support

  • Breeze Soul (AoE 15 Special dmg + Blind + Self Extra Turn, 23s, 2 CD)
  • Blinding Soul (AoE 20 Special dmg + Daze + Sunburn x2, 23s, 3 CD)
  • The Light Will Be Mine / Fear The True Light
  • Sunshine / Enlightened Warrior

This set focuses a bit more on Nikasia's debuffing and her ability to easily stack up Accuracy debuffs against her opponents. The last 2 skills can basically be any combination of the status Support skills in the first set, The Light Will Be Mine and Enlightened Warrior focusing more on team buffs and NER cleaning with Fear The True Light and Sunshine being the parallel, more offensive opposites.

Recommended Runes: 3 Team Speed

Recommended Relics: Darmith's Banner, Ingvar's Banner; Sherezar's Amulet, Mr. Beast's Banner; Alces' Amulet, Osur's Amulet

Recommended Allies

  • Taunt monsters such as Clipeum allow Nikasia to be nearly untouchable.


  • Since Nikasia has many AoE skills, she is weak to Area Dodge monsters. Monsters with Area Dodge, like Wyrmlad, Helgudin, and Hornet, can avoid her many accuracy debuff skills.
  • Her trait is the best thing about her. So, using a monster with a single target Trait Disable, like Warmaster Barbael, Ingenica, or Wasper, can remove her best attribute.
  • Monsters with True Vision are basically immune to all the accuracy debuff skills she has since it won't lower their accuracy enough. Warmaster Sherezar, Pierceid, and Gorg are examples of monsters with True Vision. Warmaster Sherezar's True Vision is extremely good against Nikasia since his is a team trait and can't be PER'd by Nikasia.
  • Zizania, Devastress, and other Pierce users can have their attacks go through Nikasia's Area Dodge. Zizania can also deal heavy Metal damage, which Nikasia is weak to, defeating her easily.

Fun Facts

  • She is the granddaughter of Saika and the younger sister of Kassia