Noctum is a shadowy monster that came from the darkness itself. And now, he wants you to join him inside his terrible realm.


Noctum is a Dark-type attacker monster that also loves to induce status effects. However, unlike most of the status inflicting monsters, Noctum is more about damage as his moves have generally high power. He can attack multiple ennemies too, making him quite diversed. Despite all of this, Noctum lacks some elements to make him any better. For example, his life isn't really the best in the world and his power, while good, is still quite lacking for a monster of his kind.


  • Noctum has a good diversity in his moves
  • He can steal HP
  • His special move is extremely scary
  • Good speed
  • Possesion
  • Aoe nightmares
  • 40 Dmg Aoe + positive status effect removal
  • Single target stamina leak


  • Lacks power and life
  • His moves have big cooldowns, in general

Recommended MovesetEdit

Enter the Darkness

  • Exhausting Force/Dark Control
  • Shadowy Attack/Debilitating Intrusion
  • Spectral Souls
  • Dark Side Tempest
  • 3 Power Runes/2 Power Runes, 1 Speed Rune

Noctum lacks a bit of power, so giving him more isn't a bad idea. You might need speed too, so you can give him a speed rune instead of 3 power ones. Exhausting Force has good power and gives stamina leak while Dark Control gives the mighty Possession. Shadowy Attack and Debilitating Intrusion both steal HP, but Shadowy Attack is weaker, while having one less turn of cooldown. Spectral Souls spreads nightmares to all foes and Dark Side Tempest removes good effects from all the opposing team, which might come in handy.


Being weak to Light, Noctum is easily overpowered by Lux Aura. Noctum can be both stuned and frozen, which makes him useless. Lastly, Timerion can do a good job against Noctum as all his moves have cooldowns.