This is the Obscure Talents Viability Ranking, where Obscure Talents are ranked, from OP tier to F tier. OP tier obviously meaning the best and F tier meaning the worst. Keep in mind that if a talent is ranked low here, it doesn't mean they are useless and worse than other relics, as they are separate from relics.


Ss-rank.png SS Rank

These Obscure Talents are the best in the game and are an absolute must-have, but only if obtainable.

Unrelenting Assault.png
Unrelenting Assault

S-rank.png S Rank

These Obscure Talents are amazing and are useful in many situations.

Dispelling Fist.png
Dispelling Fist
Pain Distiller.png
Pain Distiller
Soul Drag.png
Soul Drag

A-rank.png A Rank

These obscure talents are great and can come handy in many situations.

Banishing Touch.png
Banishing Touch
Sin Eater.png
Sin Eater
Static Shock.png
Static Shock

B-rank.png B Rank

Though not as viable as others, these Obscure Talents are still good and useful.

Burning Hands.png
Burning Hands
Crystal Form.png
Crystal Form

C-rank.png C Rank

Although not the best, these Obscure Talents will do a decent job.

Bark Hide.png
Bark Hide

D-rank.png D Rank

Unholy Vigor.png
Unholy Vigor

E-rank.png E Rank

You should consider using any Obscure Talents in a higher rank if possible, as these are pretty bad in general.

Growing Flesh.png
Growing Flesh

F-rank.png F Rank

These are some of the more useless talents, and if you have anything else, you should probably use it.

Aura of Decay.png
Aura of Decay
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