Octex is an elite soldier in the army of Octalia, the most feared empire of the galaxy. Octalians usually cover their faces because their appearance is considered ugly by the rest of the galaxy, but Octex shows himself proudly.

Role: Attacker


Octex, the bounty hunter that looks like a scrapped Halo antagonist. His duty is to keep an ongoing-onslaught on the enemy team through moves while making the fight easier for himself through Metal Weakness, Burn, Bleed, and self-buffs.


  • Decent trait
  • High Strength
  • AoE Metal Weakness
  • Self-Damage Boost
  • Self-Precision + 40% stamina regain
  • Some solid tortures
  • No Cooldowns on single target skills
  • Manageable Stamina Costs
  • Good Attacker Relic Slots


  • Low Speed and Life
  • Low Skill damage
  • AoE skills have bad Cooldowns
  • None of his effects are AoE other than Metal Weakness

Recommended MovesetEdit

  • Octalia Force (50 Special dmg + self Precision & 40% Stamina Regain, 31s, 0 CD)
  • Octalia Charge (50 Special dmg + self Damage Boost, 28s, 0 CD)
  • Space Army / Plasma Rain (50 Metal dmg + Burn, 28s, 0 CD) / (AoE 45 Metal dmg, 36s, 3 CD)
  • Magnetic Plasma (AoE 30 Metal dmg + Metal Weakness, 35s, 3 CD)

Recommended Runes: 2 Strength, 1 Speed/Team Speed ; 3 Strength

Recommended Relics: Jasastur's Mask, Baltasar's Mask, Healing Mask, LazarBeam's Sword, Cain's Sword

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