PZ Ronin

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PZ Ronin used to work in Zorgon's team of hackers, but he was kicked out after disagreeing with the project's actions. Now he's made it his mission to warn the population of Monster Legends about Zorgon and to sabotage his plans.

Role: Self-Sustaining Attacker


PZ Ronin is a Light attacker who sustains with Damage Protection, Regeneration, NER and healing. He usually sustains while attacking, so he doesn't need to worry about losing a turn to sustain. He can increase his damage output by spreading bleed and boosting his damage while attacking. With his nice power stat, he can do some deadly damage. Furthermore, he has a 65 damage skill, which is incredibly high for a spammable skill. What really shines is his trait, featuring Anticipation to counter the many Extra Turn skills, Damage Protection to sustain and Control Immunity to protect from many forms of denial. Speaking of denial, he has access to two denying moves, being an AoE Corruption and a single-target Mega Corruption.


  • Great stats
  • Able to sustain with Damage Protection, NER, heals, and Regeneration
  • Access to two denial skills as an Attacker
  • Moderate to low cooldowns on most skills
  • Amazing trait
  • Has a good 0 CD skill, meaning he's fine against CDA
  • Low stamina costs


  • Best skills have moderate cooldowns


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