Pa'Lhax is the first known case of an alien with rabies. He's been kept in a high-security facility for years, but his strength is such that he has broken out, infecting all the guards in his path. Be extremely careful with him.

Overview Edit

Pa'Lhax is a glass cannon with excellent speed and power but low life and a bad trait. However, his moves can fix his low life by recovering it via life steal.


  • High speed and power
  • Low Cooldowns
  • High damaging moves
  • Life steal
  • Bleed
  • Poison


  • Bad trait
  • Low life

Recommended Moveset Edit

I'm from moonEdit

  • Eroding Juices (35 AoE Dark Dmg + Poison 37s/ 3-Turn Cooldown)
  • Dark Outcry (60 Dark Dmg + 50% Lifesteal 25s/ 1-Turn Cooldown)
  • Dark Scream (60 Dark Dmg + 100% Lifesteal 25s/ 2-Turn Cooldown)
  • Slaughter Bites (65 Special Dmg + Bleed 31s/ 2-Turn Cooldown)

Recommended Runes: 2 Strength, 1 Speed

Start by using Eroding Juices as it's your AOE poison move, Dark outcry is a very move with 50% life steal while Dark scream deals the same damage and steals life by 100% so it's generally better. Slaughter bites deals massive special damage and makes target bleed so it's a good move. This monster has pretty low Cooldowns on almost all of his moves

Counters Edit

Pa'Lhax does have trouble against fast stun and freeze users. Cavenfish seems like a great choice to use against him. Timerion does help, but he can't keep him out of battle for a long time. A very powerful light monster like Lux Aura and Layth might take him down pretty easily. General Ingvar works too.