Panda Claus is...well you guessed it, based on Santa Claus. He is one of the best old legendary monsters.


A Wise man once said "Old Legendaries suck". He was right about most of them. However, two of them are still good and well. Panda Claus is one of the two, the other being Lord of the Atlantis. Panda Claus is, much like Goldfield, as supporter. But unlike Goldfield, he is based around random effects. That makes him very similar to Master Skeel and although the later is much better, Panda Claus is still not bad by any means. He got some really cool tricks on his own and he can be a true force is used properly.


  • His speed is freaking amazing
  • He has a 85 base power move without any cooldown...OMG
  • He is very versatile
  • Good life
  • Aoe random negative effects
  • Aoe random possitive effects
  • Aoe 20% heal
  • 0CD Blind
  • Low cooldowns


  • His power is complete trash, which is very unfortunate considering he got an extremely good damaging attack
  • His immunity to blind is...not that good
  • He is 100% outclassed by Master Skeel

Recommended MovesetsEdit


  • Almighty Metal
  • Bad gifts for all
  • Good gifts for all
  • Cookies and Milk
  • 3 Speed Runes/ 3 Life Runes

Almight Metal is really powerful, shame it isn't Metal-type tho...anyway, it has freaking 85 base power and no cooldown!!! But because Panda Claus' power suck, you will do only about normal damage. Bad gifts for all gives a random negative effect to all foes while Good gifts for all gives a random positive effect to all your party. Cookies and Milk heals a little bit all your team, which might help.


Panda Claus is team worker, meaning that he is kinda bad on his own. Knock down his allies before focusing on him. Any monster that can heal negative effects is welcome. Goldfield can do that job as well as Shakti.