He works once a year and, when he's not working, he's fighting against all kind of monsters. Best way to stay in shape!


Panda Claus is...well you guessed it, based on Santa Claus. He is one of the best old legendary monsters. Panda Claus is, much like Goldfield, a support monster. But unlike Goldfield, he is based around random effects. He has some really cool tricks on his own and he can be a great monster if used properly.


  • Good life
  • Amazing speed
  • Team Random Positive Effect
  • AoE Random Negative Effect
  • Low Stamina costs in his skills
  • Access to an absolutely busted attacking move, dealing 85 Special damage with 19s and 0 CD


  • Pathetic power stat, wasting all the potential of the above
  • Garbage trait
  • Relies a bit too much on luck
  • Mediocre healing moves

Recommended MovesetEdit

Ho ho ho! Edit

  • Almighty Metal (85 Special dmg, 19s, 0 CD)
  • Bad Gifts for all (AoE Random Negative Effect, 21s, 2 CD)
  • Good Gifts for all (Team Random Positive Effect, 20s, 1 CD)
  • Cookies and Milk (Team 20% Heal, 17s, 2 CD)

Almighty Metal is really powerful with 85 base power and no cooldown! But because Panda Claus' power sucks, you will only deal average damage. Bad Gifts for all gives a random negative effect to all enemies while Good Gifts for all gives a random positive effect to all allies. Cookies and Milk heals a little bit of all allies.

Recommended Runes: 3 Team Speed


  • Panda Claus is a team monster, meaning that he is quite bad on his own. Knock down his allies before focusing on him.
  • Any monster that can NER are welcome as well. Goldfield can do that job as well as Shakti.
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