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Pangoliath works with his brother-by-choice Panion as a courier. They travel together, but things on the road can get a little dangerous. When that happens, Panion tends to be a bit impulsive and attacks straight away. Thankfully for him, Pangoliath is there to watch his back and be the reasonable one!

Role: Tank


The Corrupted Santerion is here! This time, he's an Earth monster and his ridiculous trait features Permanent MegaTaunt at Rank 0, which is way more useful than SC:MT since PER is so prevalent in the meta and Trait Disable is very uncommon, meaning most of the time the enemy has to kill him first in order to attack your Allies. So, he's already insane unranked, and he gets a pretty neat umbrella trait on top of that. He's also a nuisance to face in the battlefield since he's got access to stun and daze to shut down any monster that may seem like a threat. As a Tank, it comes with no surprise that he has an amazing life and has some solid sustainability, this time with Shields and Damage Mirror. Shields are not an ideal form of sustainability, with many attackers using some sort of Shield Removal and PER being very prevalent in the meta. His relics can help with this though, as Amulet can recover life and Armor can sustain him for longer. Overall, this monster is an insane tank, probably the best one, and you should definitely get him.


  • Absurd trait
  • Amazing life
  • Decent tanking abilities in Damage Mirror and Shields
  • Has access to Stun
  • Great relics


Recommended Moveset

Thicc Sandslash

  • Keratin Reflect (Self 50% Life Shield + 50% Damage Mirror, 48s, 3 CD)
  • Heavy Roller (30 Special dmg + Stun + Daze, 42s, 2 CD)
  • Scaly Anteater (Self 50% Shield, 30s, 0 CD)
  • Unyielding Defense (Self 30% Shield + Mega Taunt, 56s, 3 CD)

Recommened Runes: 2 Team Speed, 1 Life; 3 Team Speed; 2 Life, 1 Team Speed

Recommened Relics: Rudechaw's Armor, Morgz's Armor, Master Rat's Amulet, Pangoliath's Amulet

Recommened Talents: Soul Drag, Static Shock, Crystal Form, Mud Body, Sin Eater

Recommended Allies

  • Monsters like Elfriede, Turtlellion, Mojadrak and Pure Pandalf who can apply Damage Protection can help with his sustain.
  • A Monster like Slumster is the best ally for Pangoliath, He can apply effects like Evasion + PEP to increase Pangoliath's longetivity and NER incase Pangoliath's Trait gets disabled.


  • Strong Dark attackers like Kurai Kage and Lord Nebotus can destroy this Pangolin Santerion..
  • Pierce attackers like Spekthra and Stalkiller can ignore his trait.
    • Mad-Triark is a surpisingly good counter, having access to Baby Reversion and it's Mega Form, completely ignoring Pango (When you revert a monster into a baby, you can't attack them meaning you cannot hit Pango which is what you want) and your attacker, say Lord Nebotus can go open his sword and do massive shit, after his allies are dead, he's easy to kill. MT Helps you if he is only the one on the pitch.