Patient Cyber is a very fast Metal denier who can also use Nanovirus, which removes 10% of a monster's health for 3 turns and blocks all positive status effects. He uses PER (Positive Effect Removal) and Nanovirus to make sure support monsters cannot do their job, and Blind and Total Blind to make sure the enemy attackers don't get a hit in. Not to mention he outspeeds more than half of the monsters in the OP tier. Since their moves typically have high cooldowns, they're simply food for Patient Cyber.

Role: Denier



  • Nanovirus
  • High Speed stat
  • Decent Life stat
  • AoE CDA
  • PER
  • Blind and Total Blind
  • Generally low stamina costs
  • AMAZING Special: 60 AoE Metal Damage + PER + Nanovirus + Total Blind
  • Great trait


  • High Cooldowns
  • Low damage output

Recommended Move set Edit


  • Endemic Pathogen (30 dmg Metal-based AoE + CDA w/ 24s, 3-turn CD)
  • Bacteriophages / Mutated Strain (PER + Nanovirus w/ 0s, 3-turn CD) / (Strain for 40 Special dmg + CDA w/ 3 turn CD)
  • Force Transduction (40 dmg Metal-based AoE + Nanovirus w/ 33s, 3-turn CD)
  • Oftalphagous/Increased Attachment (Oftalphagous for 50 Metal dmg + Total Blind w/ 28s, 2-turn CD) or (Attachment for 35 Special dmg + Nanovirus [2x] [3 Turns] w/ 25s, 3-turn CD)

Recommended Runes: 3 Speed / 3 Team Speed / 2 Speed 1 Strength

Counters Edit

He can use CDA, but it also a threat to him. Because his move had high CD so it can cripples Patient Cyber, any decent Magic attacker can kill him in one hit, and supporters with negative effect removal can remove the various negative effects he can dish out.

The Baroness can outspeed him with a godlike speed and CDA him or use CD protect

Timerion can activate his cooldowns

Dungeon Master can activate his cooldowns

Any monster with CDA or CDA immunity can counter Patient Cyber.