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It took Pandalf a while to realize that he needed to come out of retirement and play a key role in the fight against Corruption, but in the end, he embraced Purity. Pure Pandalf is ready to devote his wisdom, experience, and talent to the cause! Now that's something that should worry Lord Nebotus...

Role: Denier/Support


Pure Pandalf is an INSANE Denier/Support. To start things off, his trait is phenomenal, rivalling the best traits in the game. Team evasion ensures your allies are protected while stamina regeneration allows the monsters without a form of stamina Regen to attack indefinitely for longer periods of time and precision increases the chances of many many negative effects landa. He also has Bulwark which makes all status effects have 50% less accuracy against him tough to take down with his good life stat. The rest of his stats are also amazing with his insane speed. He has brilliant relic slots and great support effects like Team DP, ITC, Cooldown Immunity, ITT and team NER. PP also is the first corrupted monster to have the long awaited TT. He can also be a denier with single random control and AoE control on the same move and CDA. He has single PER and AoE PER in the same move allowing him to bypass Mega Taunt and PEP almost guaranteeing a team PER. Overall PP is one hell of a monster and one that will replace many great predecessors.


  • Insane trait
  • Great stats
  • Amazing relic slots
  • Great supportive capabilities in TT, Damage Protection, NER and Immunities
  • 2 of his moves bypasses DA
  • Access to 2 forms of denial in CDA and Random Control Effects
  • 2 good 0 CD skills meaning he is fine against CDA
  • Generally low cooldowns and stamina costs


Recommended Moveset

Nebotus shall not pass (Support)

  • You're Free To Play (Ally NER + Extra Turn, 32s, 2 CD)
  • You Have Too Much (PER + AoE PER, 42s, 2 CD)
  • Together, My Friends (Team NER + Cooldown immunity, 42s, 2 CD)
  • Portal Traveller (30 Magic dmg + Team Damage Protection, 26s, 0 CD)

Hippie Pandalf (Denier)

  • Pure Implosion (Random Control Effect + AoE Random Control Effect, 48s, 3 CD)
  • Watch, Wait and Learn (AoE 40 Magic dmg + CDA, 38s, 2 CD)
  • Pure Control (Random Control Effect + Team Control Immunity, 42s, 2 CD)
  • You Have Too Much

Lindworm 2.0 (Mixed)

  • You're Free To Play
  • You Have Too Much
  • Pure Implosion / Watch, Wait and Learn
  • Together, My Friends

Recommended Runes: 3 Speed/Team Speed

Recommended Relics: Uriel Essence, Flameara's Essence; Pumpseed's Staff, Masher's Staff, Cane of the Atlantis

Recommended Talents: Pain Distiller, Sin Eater

Recommended Allies

  • Spekthra is a brilliant ally for him. Pandalf can make up for Spekthra's weaknesses with NER and immunities. He can also protect her glassy health with evasion and Damage Protection. He can also turn transfer to her at the start of the battle allowing her to easily use 3 strength runes. His stamina regeneration can also help her run UA even better and he can remove pesky effects such as damage protection to allow her to wreak havoc.
  • Because of TT, overpowered Legendary deniers like Warmaster Thalassa work very well with him. Pandalf even does this better than Lindworm, as his Team Evasion SC will protect the frail Legendary from enemy Anticipation monsters.
  • Thanks to his SC: Team Evasion, any MT work amazingly with him. He also can NER or apply Dmg Prot to them, givin them more sustain.

Common Set-Ups:

  • Pure Pandalf / Mega Taunt / Spekthra: This is a devastating combo if the enemy lacks of PER, and if they have it, they need to PER the MT and then the rest of the team. The AI also will recharge even if they have Dispelling Fist or Pierce, making it even more powerful.


  • Chi Ao Loong can remove all his amazing positive effects and status casters, and then disable the remainder of his trait.
  • Nature attackers like Anwrikah can pulverise this panda.

Fun Facts

  • This monster's name and design are a reference to Gandalf the Grey from Lord of The Rings.
  • Fortunately, he is the one that ended the Corrupted Era by throwing Lord Nebotus into a black hole.
  • Several of his skills reference other monsters' skills: