Qin remained loyal to his duty of protecting the grave of the first Emperor of China for centuries; but finally this terracotta warrior has been freed to fight again... And he is thirsty for war.


Qin is a high damaging attacker with low to 0 cooldowns so he is ranked A . His stats are excellent, his skills are very good to attack and protect himself or his allies and his trait is good, also he can immobolize.....


  • Low cooldowns
  • High damaging skills and a good AOE move
  • Stun
  • Good stats and trait
  • Good protecting moves


  • Misses more immobolizing moves to all
  • Able to be denied, even with Hardened

Recommended MovesetsEdit

I'm the defender of the emperor !

  • Concentrated Arrow
  • Emperor's Qiang/Terracotta Barrier
  • Multiple Wounds
  • Dense Arrow
  • 3 Power Runes

Multiple Wounds do good AOE damage and makes the suffer damage reduction which makes you survive more, Emperor's Qiang does solid damage and gives you a 50% shield while Terracotta Barrier gives a 50% shield to all allies but picking this you will be weak against other earth monsters because all of your other skills are earth element, so I would rather Emperor's Qiang over Terracotta Barrier.....Concentrated Arrow deals good earth damage and stuns while Dense Arrow is your 0 cooldown high damaging move.


Timerion is not good here because Qin has got low cooldowns so possessing him is good, also freezers and stuners are good here. Barbatos, Count Vlad and Akhenotep all are 1 shot kill here. Any Earth monster immune to stun has an advantage over Qin as they can tank his hits. Ouros is especially good at this.