Queen Luthien isn't a smurf, she is a queen that is mostly a supporter. She is the wife of King Daeron and she is better than him in general.


Queen Luthien is amazing. She got very unique moves, unique status effects, can give negative status effects with ease, has low cooldown moves, got great speed, decent power and life and she has the very unique Instant Death Immunity, which works really great on her, thanks to Luthien's Blessing. She got an amazing movepool, amazing stats, what else can I say? She's just awesome. So what is holding her back? Well, Queen Luthien can be frozen, stuned and possessed due to her trait. So that's not good. On top of that, she has trouble against top tier treats such as Timerion and Caillech. Her weakness to immobilizer just kills her for the most part. Still, she is definetly one of the best Light-type monsters after Lux Aura and Kassia. In terms of usage, she is pretty much as useful as General Ingvar, although not for the same reasons.


  • She got amazing speed while having decent power and life, which works pretty great on her
  • Luthien's Blessing is a great combo with her Instant Death Immunity as she won't get affected by the downside of this otherwise amazing move
  • She can stun and blind without any cooldown
  • She can apply the Light Blocker status, which is makes everyone immune to any damage except Light for one turn, an extremely rare status effect as only her and Valgar the Pure have access to it


  • Has trouble in general against Top Tier treats, especially team immobilizers, but who doesn't struggle to them?
  • Luthien's Blessing is amazing, but it is very hard to use on other monsters than her as Instant Death Immunity only counts 4 monsters that aren't Timerion: Queen Luthien, King Daeron, Singularis and Master Skeel, leaving very few options and making a status clearer almost necessary to be paired with Queen Luthien

Recommended MovesetEdit

Feel the wrath of Luthien!

  • Stunning Slaps
  • Shining Swords/Massive Light Sword
  • Imperial Light Shield
  • Luthien's Blessing
  • 3 Team Speed Runes

Make your allies faster than you, so then you can use Imperial Light Shield after them, so they can benefit from the one turn the Light Blocker status works. Because Light-type monsters aren't very common, you should be able to use it quite often. Stunning Slaps...stuns, you guessed it. This move has no cooldown, so that's great. Shining Swords dazes everyone, which is pretty cool. However, if you need more power, Massive Light Sword is pretty powerful, even if Queen Luthien's power is only decent at best. Luthien's Blessing heals helps a lot. It heals, gives a medium shield and gives double damage. Amazing, but your monster will then die in two turns if it isn't immune to Instant Death, which kinda sucks. So you should use it on Luthien herself or just cure the status. So...yeah.


Metal-types do work well, but be wary of Light Blocker. The way to go against her is to stun/freeze and possess to destroy her. Plenty of monsters can do that job.