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Fair use Edit

Question: Do monster pics fall under fair use(copyright)? (for example: leaked pics, regular pics)

What exactly do you mean by "Fair use"?

Warspellz Gender Edit

What gender is Warspellz? On it’s page it randomly swaps between he and she.

Answer: Warspellz is male, but vandalism calling him a female Light monster has left the article switching between pronouns. I'll get it fixed soon. - Anonymous User

EDIT: fixed

Cain Cells Offer Edit

Question: How do I get the last 5 Cain cells?! I got 75 cells in the maze, and now am just short of owning my top target monster - do they ever show up in the shop or anything? -Anonymous

Answer: Sadly, Cain is an exclusive monster, which means you can't ask cells for him or buy them in the shop.. And, as SP said, there won't be a Cain offer for a long period of time... You'll have to wait :( -AlphaOmega496

Rune Unequip Discounts Edit

Question: How often do they make runes cheap to unequip? I forgot to 'clear my boards' of runes before the event ended and now it will cost a fortune to get them right! - Anonymous

Answer: Rune unequip discounts usually arrive with other rune events (like instant Level 2 and 3 merge and rune buy discounts) approximately every two months. You can check on taringa to know a little earlier when rune unequip discounts arrive. -AlphaOmega496

R.I.P Taringa, that is no longer an option for you (it hasn’t been for a while). -Idhsjd

Helgudin's Sexuality Edit

Question: Do you think you would know Helgudin's sexuality? She's one of the newest monsters in the rainbow bridge maze and I would like to know her sexuality.

Answer: Helgudin is female thank you very much

Helgudin's sexuality

Question: no i mean like what is her sexuality? what gender is she attracted to? is she straight, bisexual, or what?

Answer #2: I don't know because there is nothing in the game to tell us Helgudin's sexuality.

Question: Okay but if you were to guess would you say straight?

Answer #3: If I had to take a wild guess, I would say that Helgudin is straight.

Poll Creation Edit

Question: How do you create a poll? I’ve searched on the article editor, but haven’t found how to make one. Please help.

Answer: To create a poll, you need to go to the source editor and copy the following text:


Title of poll

Choice 1

Choice 2

Choice 3



Simple as that. In the end, it gives this:

This it the title for this poll

The poll was created at 18:50 on February 3, 2019, and so far 22 people voted.

Categories Edit

Question: How do you make a category page? I was able to make category pages but when I try to add a monster to the category page I made, the category won’t show up.


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