Ralbog is an unique fire monster being able to shield himself / bleed all targets, he has got a very diversed movepool that helps alot against any kind of monsters.

Overview Edit

Ralbog is a fire-type legendary, so you might expect him to be an attacker with a multi burn. Only? He has the access to spread bleed also, he can apply shields to himself. He has got a good amount of life and power and an OK speed, with a decent trait, makes him a solid fire monster.


  • He can spread burn
  • He can spread bleed
  • Good power and life
  • Useful trait in fire wars
  • He can use his high life to gain shields that will be big because of his huge life
  • Brutal special skill that would be deadly with his power/ power runes


  • Decent trait
  • Low damage on his AoE moves
  • He would be better with an increased speed

Recommended Moveset Edit

You Shall Not Leave!

  • Enter The Mines
  • Fiery Whips
  • Nameless Terror
  • Crossing The Bridge
  • 3 Power Runes

Ralbog is an attacker so he only needs power runes, He can deal solid damage to all with his Crossing The Bridge that spreads bleed to all, Fiery Whips also is another multi burn move that can be combined with Bleed to take down Ouros, Enter the mines deals heavy damage and adds a shield to you while Nameless Terror deals also heavy special damage and adds bleed.

Counters Edit

Ralbog suffers from having cooldowns, so Timerion is a good counter. Being weak to stun and freeze Sphyrnus can do this job perfectly with stamina drain also while Mommy can keep him possessed to death. Blob and Lord Mammoth are good water attackers to fast kill him.