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7 current members of the Council:

What's the Council?

The MLCRC (yay, new acronym) is a group of MLCW members who get to decide together, in a specific Discord server, how monsters will be ranked. The Council always has a maximum capacity of 10 members.

How does it work?

Every time a new monster gets released, or every time a monster's rank needs to be fixed, all Council members decide together the rank of that monster (from OP to F).

All members of the Council write their opinion about that monster (in what rank it should be in, and why). Once the majority of the Council agrees, the monster's rank is decided and is added, or changed, into the Viability Ranking, and a long and complete explanation is written by one of the Council members in the VR comments section.


Monster X:

User A: SS-

I think that bla, bla, and bla, and because bla, bla, bla, bla.

User B: S+

I disagree with User A, because bla bla bla, bla and blabla.

User C: SS-

I absolutely agree with User A! Bla and bla bla.

User D: SS-

I agree with user A too, because bla and bla bla.

User E: SS-

It's pretty hard to decide, but I agree with User A too: that monster should be in SS- because bla, and bla bla, and bla bla bla.

User F: C+

YoU'Re aLL sTuPiD tHis mOnsTeR sUcKS anD dEsErvEs nO mOrE tHaN C+ beCaUsE bLA bLa BlA bLa blA.


Final Decision: Monster X will be in SS- Rank.

That's it! Happy debating on Discord!

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