On this page, you can apply to be on the Ranking Council!

What's the Monster Legends Competitive Ranking Council?

The MLCRC (yay, new acronym) is a group of MLCW members who get to decide together, in a specific Discord server, how monsters will be ranked. The Council always has a maximum capacity of 10 members.

How does it work?

Every time a new monster gets released, or every time a monster's rank needs to be fixed, all Council members decide together the rank of that monster (from OP to F). See more details here.

Who is eligible to get on the Council?

Everyone can join if they follow these rules:

  • Be a registered user on the wiki (so no "Anonymous Fandom User"s)
  • Have a Discord profile (it's okay, Discord is free)
  • Have at least 100 edits on this wiki
  • Have joined the wiki at least 2 months ago.
  • Must be at least level 60 on Monster Legends.

Additional Notes

  • Being on the Council doesn't make you an admin. And being an admin doesn't automatically grant you a place on the Council. (Although most admins will be)
  • If you've already applied and failed, you'll have to wait one month before writing a new application.

How do I apply for election?

Create a new section named "(Your username)'s Election" and copy and answer the following questions in the dedicated section below:

  • What's your Fandom username? (Please link to your profile)
  • What's your Discord username?
  • How long have you been on this wiki? How long have you been playing Monster Legends?
  • How many edits do you currently have?
  • Why do you think you're qualified for being a member of the Council?
  • Any additional info?

Then, copy this question below: "Do you vote for (username) to be on the Council?" (To learn how to vote for a user, look below)

3 weeks after that, votes are counted:

  • If you have at least 7 "Yes", and you haven't had 2 Admin "No", or 1 Admin and 2 regular user "No", or 4 regular user "No", congratulations! You're on the Council. Write your username at the end of the "Members" list of the Monster Legends Council Page and here, and message an admin to let them know you've been elected.
  • If you have less than 7 "Yes", or you have 2 Admin "No", or 1 Admin and 2 regular user "No", or 4 regular user "No", sorry! You're not elected this time. But don't worry, you can try again in a month! In the meantime, contribute to the wiki to increase your edit count, and continue playing Monster Legends to gain experience and knowledge of the game.

How do I vote for a user to be on the Council?

To vote for a given user to be on the Council, write "(your username): Yes." Below that user's election section. (You can add a little comment if you want, to convince others to vote for him too)

Important Note: Do NOT imitate another user and vote for them. If you do, we will know. And you'll get banned for three months. If you start again, you'll be IP banned forever. And don't think that being an unregistered user will protect you.

Note: You have to be a registered user to vote for someone.

That's it! Good luck!

Current Members

9 current members of the Ranking Council:

Past Elections

You can search for past elections here. You can also use the search bar at the top of the website. Type "Ranking Council Election Page/their name here".

Current Elections


Bruhmeous M's Election

Hello everyone. If you've been on the discord recently you probably know who I am. I'm making this election less as an actual election and more of just a preparation. I do intend to be active and maintain being active. Since I joined about a month ago, I have learned a lot about this game not to get this position but rather to be better at the game. In the beginning, I asked others on stuff that I was unsure about but after a week, I began to realize what was what and began to be able to use the wiki and make my own realizations and after two weeks, I began to really understand this game and why Neobutus is F and should forever remain there lol. Being serious though, I realize I'm not at the qualifications yet. I'm not level 60. I'm not at 100 edits. Honestly, the only qualification I meet is the one month. However, I as already mentionedI intend to stay active and hope to become more knowledgeable and become more familiar to the body of this wiki and hoping that eventually I might make the ranking council. But more importantly, I'm just trying to become better at the game. I still have a long ways to go in this game, considering I've only been playing for two months and still have a lot to learn. I in no way intend to be elected onto the council right now. This is rather just a message that I do intend to be active and that I would enjoy having some constructive arguments with some of the more knowledgeable players to further increase my knowledge of the game and to increase the amount of people who know me. Feel free to vote but rather just put your opinion rather then a serious vote, considering this isn't a serious election.

Shadowstorm: For the record, your account here was made in March 28, and it’s currently April 21, so not a month just yet. You’re pretty active on discord, and doing well on there. You do need to definitely be more active on the wiki, and I don’t I’ve seen enough discussions out of you to vote yes or no yet, so keep being active here and on discord, participate in discussions, don’t edit farm, and maybe you’ll get in eventually.

AlignedTie: I will stay as neutral. You seem mature for this application, but since I haven't seen you around a lot, I'll stay as neutral for now. Lyk good reasons why I should change my vote, and if i find them relevant and valid I will give you a yes.

GD Wingson - Bruh. So, im actually glad to see your application. Didnt even know u were interested. Ill start by saying that i am very happy with the activity and attitude on discord. Big contributor. Downside is the wiki requirement. If i was you, i would withdraw this app.... put in tbe tine to reach requirement... then reapply. For the record, i would be inclined to vote yes for u based on wha ive seen so far. Biggest things for me is be respectful amd try to help as many players as you can, have an active acciunt that u play, and take part in threads. For now i wont vote just bcuz of the requirements. But def a strong candidate

Kyrem13: I agree with GD. Take some time first, we like to have a month minimum requirement for RC members.

Yoshijr: I just want to make it clear that the requirement to apply for the rc is 3 months not 1 month, so you still got some time. Anyway good luck!

Azure: I vote No. I feel like even if you met the requirements, you wouldn't bring too much to the table in terms of the ranking council compared to the others, Even then so, you barely even meet 1 requirement, and that was mostly through semi-good debates and meme posts.

Cynically1nsane: Yeah, basically what GD said. Just keep plugging away at it and I'm sure you'll stand a good chance of making it into the RC once you meet all the requirements

Pro: I agree with GD Kyrem and Cynical. Be more active, keep debating, and be a bit more active on the wiki as you're pretty active on discord already. Oh, and try reaching level 60 in ML :).

Otter: I think you should first be on the wiki for a month and participate more in the wiki, I almost never see you in it. You also have only 20 edits so start commenting and participating in discussions

Gray Gray's Election

Hi everybody, you probabaly know me already, but if I haven't met you, I'm Gray Gray! I am an experienced player, and have had many accounts before my current one. I will meet the 2 month qualification tommorow, but I will be on vacation for a couple days and will not have my computer with me. I am at 280-ish edits, and I am NOT an edit farmer. I am currently level 75 in ML, and here is a picture of my profile as of today. My discord is Gray Gray#6057. I believe I am qualified for the job because I have seen a lot at my time in ML and have kept the knowledge of how different monsters counter each other and how good, mediocre, or bad they are. I hope I can count on your vote!!

GD Wingson- hey Gray. Thanks for applying. Ur discord activity helps a ton. I am going to wait a bit to vote officially so i can chat w council. Im leaning slightly toward yes bcuz u are super active on discord and seem to know the game. Biggest factors for me are respectaility to viewers and knowledge. I think u have both. Only reason i held off is wiki activity. I need to read some posts first. We def need 2 more members, so i will take a long look. Thanks again

TheGuy442: I’m going to say No. I don’t use Discord so I don’t know what you’ve done, but I barely ever see you on the wiki. I wouldn’t say lvl 75 is experienced, but you said you’ve had multiple accounts. But on your old account the meta was different and today’s meta has Mythics and Forsakens which changed up the meta a lot. So for now I’m going to say no.

Cynically1nsane: I appreciate the application man, especially during a period where we're in pretty dire need of new members. Unfortunately though, I'm gonna have to go with no on this one. I honestly don't see you enough on the wiki, which is essential since it's the place where you get to really show off your knowledge and where candidates gain the bulk of their support. Looking through your comments, I've noticed you haven't participated in a single debate, which makes it impossible for me to judge your knowledge of the game. Like GD said, I appreciate the activity on Discord and the fact that you're respectful, but you've yet to show your knowledge to people of this wiki. I think you should take some time and prove yourself, get into some debates on here and show us what you're all about. As of now though, you haven't quite shown me that you're ready, but this could easily change in the future. Good luck :)

JoeyTheEradicator: No. I'm glad that people are trying out for the position, but you never participate in debates, arguments, discussions, etc. I rarely ever see you on the wiki, and not so much on discord. Whenever I do see you, you are generally quiet and don't participate. If you want to be in the RC, you need to participate. Glad to see people trying out though.

Shadowstorm: I’ll start this off by saying that I think you have the potential to be an RC member eventually. Right now though, I think you need to take a bit more time and then come back and reapply in a month. I need to see more participation in discussions about monsters from you, so I know you know what you’re talking about. You’re active, definitely, you just need a bit more participation in that type of thing and then you’ll be there. So for right now, sorry, but no.

Otter's 2nd election

This is a link to my fandom profile

My discord username 【 Otter】#9304

I have been on the discord for 1 Month, ML for 3 1/2 months

I have 187 edits (40 of which were edit farmed)

I am pretty active and know a bit about the meta I am working on knowing more.

About the edit farm thing, I farmed 40 edits and stopped when I was told I did not know about edit farming.

Do you vote for Otter to be on the Council?

Quaggled: I'm going to stay neutral on this one. I've seen you plenty on the Discord, but I haven't seen you on the wiki very often. It might be because I haven't been on the wiki very much recently, but I'm still staying neutral.

JOEYTHEERADICATOR: I'm gonna have to say no sadly. You rarely take part in debates and when you do you say points already made by other people. You've also got some nutty opinions, which Ik ur working on. But you have to wait some more to apply, sorry amigo.

TheGuy442: I’m gonna have to say no. I don’t see you in monster debates barely at all. I see you a lot on discord, but usually it’s about other things than monster debates. So sorry, No.

Shadowstorm: I'm also going to vote no. You don't participate in discussions much, and you could use some more work on arguing your points when you do imo. Maybe in the future, but for right now, sorry, but it's a no from me.

Pumpkidd: It's gonna be a no from me, I don't see you on the wiki all that often and you're kinda bruh sometimes, sorry.

Cynically1nsane: Sorry bud, I'm gonna have to say no for this one. Like everyone's said already, I don't see you participate in discussions much, both here or on discord. The times you do participate, your arguments often come off as half-baked and flawed. 140 legit edits isn't a lot for someone who's been around for two months, and doesn't give me a good idea of your knowledge. Take some time to formulate a deeper understanding of the monsters and the complexities of the meta. Participating in discussions and debates is a great way to do this, try to do this on here especially, since it's a good way to showcase what you know and gain the public's support (which is very important). For now though, I'm going no (though it pains me so), though if you work on the areas I mentioned there's a very good chance that you'll get in in the future. Good luck!

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