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Welcome to the Viability Ranking of all the gold, diamond and obsidian relics, as these relics are the most used in the game. Seeing as Relics have the ability to change the tide of a battle, it would be great to know which relics you should get or use, and which ones aren't as valuable. The rankings will go from OP tier to F Tier. OP is the best choice in the game while F is hardly usable.

  • This is the Relics Ranking. You may be trying to see where Obscure Talents and/or Street Talents are ranked.
  • Disclaimer: This Ranking does not compares every single relic with each other, in fact, it ranks relics by each category.

All Gold, Diamond & Obsidian Relics

Relic Tiers

Relic Categories

Unranked.png Unranked Relics


Ss-rank.png SS Rank

Always use these relics whenever possible, as they are easily the best relics in the game.

Cain's Sword.png
Cain's Sword
Eeltron's Mask.png
Eeltron's Mask
Flameara's Essence.png
Flameara's Essence
Hammergrom's Shield.png
Hammergrom's Shield
LazarBeam's Sword.png
LazarBeam's Sword
Masher's Staff.png
Masher's Staff
Mr. Beast's Banner.png
Mr. Beast's Banner
Rudechaw's Armor.png
Rudechaw's Armor 
Tayni's Amulet.png
Tayni's Amulet
Uriel Essence.png
Uriel Essence
Wormhole's Trap.png
Wormhole's Trap

S-rank.png S Rank

Though not SS Rank, they can be very efficient when used correctly or substitutes for relics in higher ranks.

Equaleria's Staff.png
Equaleria's Staff
Jasastur's Mask.png
Jasastur's Mask
Mantis Claws Trap.png
Mantis Claws Trap
Morgz's Armor.png
Morgz's Armor
Nabuline's Trap.png
Nabuline's Trap
Pumpseed's Staff.png
Pumpseed's Staff
Royal Magus' Banner.png
Royal Magus' Banner
Rotten's Trap.png
Rotten's Trap 
Sherezar's Amulet.png
Sherezar's Amulet
Wing-Su's Sword.png
Wing-Su's Sword
Wangzhou's Shield.png
Wangzhou's Shield
Xiron's Essence.png
Xiron's Essence

A-rank.png A Rank

This rank is made up of relics not used very much. However, they are still useful when used well and can even substitute for higher ranked relics.

Cane of the Atlantis.png
Cane of the Atlantis
Charging Banner.png
Charging Banner
Dream's Mask.png
Dream's Mask
Hiroim's Shield.png
Hiroim's Shield
Moonhaze's Essence.png
Moonhaze's Essence
Nebotus' Armor.png
Nebotus' Armor
Nishant's Sword.png
Nishant's Sword
Master Rat's Amulet.png
Master Rat's Amulet

B-rank.png B Rank

Though decently viable, there are much better options for relics than the ones in this tier.

Alces' Amulet.png
Alces' Amulet
Ingvar's Banner.png
Ingvar's Banner
Jakugan Sword.png
Jakugan Sword
Killjoy's Sword.png
Killjoy's Sword
Oblation Staff.png
Oblation Staff
Oblation Trap.png
Oblation Trap
Ore Mask.png
Ore Mask
Ruby Trap.png
Ruby Trap 
Supercharged Amulet.png
Supercharged Amulet
Thetys' Armor.png
Thetys' Armor
Vanoss2099's Shield.png
Vanoss2099's Shield
Yamada's Essence.png
Yamada's Essence

C-rank.png C Rank

These relics can do their job somewhat well but are overall average.

Darmith's Banner.png
Darmith's Banner
Fulmen's Shield.png
Fulmen's Shield
Iguanazaur's Armor.png
Iguanazaur's Armor
Nahane's Amulet.png
Nahane's Amulet
Revenge Staff.png
Revenge Staff
Solaris' Sword.png
Solaris' Sword
Soul-Shattering Greatsword.png
Soul-Shattering Greatsword
Taiga Trap.png
Taiga Trap 
Tenacity Shield.png
Tenacity Shield
Wattz's Mask.png
Wattz's Mask

D-rank.png D Rank

Relics in this tier aren't that bad, but only come in handy in certain situations and outclassed by a lot of better relics.

Atum's Armor.png
Atum's Armor
Baltasar's Mask.png
Baltasar's Mask
Brave Shield.png
Brave Shield
Flaming Amulet.png
Flaming Amulet
Gakora's Staff.png
Gakora's Staff
Great Healing Essence.png
Great Healing Essence
Ice-Breaking Greatsword.png
Ice-Breaking Greatsword
Talany's Mask.png
Talany's Mask 
Witchkat's Banner.png
Witchkat's Banner

E-rank.png E Rank

These relics are pretty bad but can be a little bit more useful in some situations than the ones below.

Comeback Essence.png
Comeback Essence
Healing Mask.png
Healing Mask
Heavy Duty Armor.png
Heavy Duty Armor
Osur's Amulet.png
Osur's Amulet

F-rank.png F Rank

These relics are terrible due to having bland or almost nonexistent effects and can even be outclassed by silver relics. Only use them for crafting or leveling material.

Armor of Duty.png
Armor of Duty
Delayer Trap.png
Delayer Trap
Exhausting Mask.png
Exhausting Mask
Friendship Shield.png
Friendship Shield
Frostbite's Amulet.png
Frostbite's Amulet
Fury Mask.png
Fury Mask
Ice Trap.png
Ice Trap
Kinetik Amulet.png
Kinetik Amulet 
Nadiel's Staff.png
Nadiel's Staff
Revitalizing Shield.png
Revitalizing Shield
Staff of Despair.png
Staff of Despair
Talika's Banner.png
Talika's Banner
Vitality Banner.png
Vitality Banner