Hello, and welcome to the Relics Ranking! This is the Viability Ranking for all the diamond and gold relics currently in Monster Legends, as these relics are the most used in the game. Seeing as Relics have the ability to change the tide of a battle, it would be great to know which relics you should try to craft (if craftable), and which ones aren't as valuable. The rankings will go from OP tier to F Tier. OP is the best choice in the game while F is not recommended.


OP Rank

These Relics are too good for the SS tier, so they get their own special tier. By far the best relics in the entire game. Most of them are either diamond or exclusive diamond. It takes a lot of patience and time (and in some cases, real money) to get them.

OP- Rank

These relics are slightly worse than OP but somewhat better than SS, so they get their own special tier. Some of the best relics in the entire game are in this tier, but not the best.

SS Rank

These relics are worse than OP- and above due to less effective performance. But still, they work more effective than other tiers and are still recommended for your monsters.

S Rank

Restricted to relics rivaling the ones in SS rank only to have lost due to either to being less effective or worse requirements.

A Rank

Restricted to relics that perform great or at least good in the competitive scene. The ideal relics you should tend to go for if you aren't able to obtain higher-rank relics.

B Rank

Restricted to relics with average performance in the Monster Legends meta, due to harsh requirements or situational moves. But they still are considered viable options for your team.

C Rank

These relics are here due to required specific circumstances, but still, if you put them on the right monsters, it could be a great deal for you.

D Rank

These Relics are here due to having effects that really doesn't affect much of the battle, or either required conditions that is difficult to activate.

E Rank

These relics are so bad, due to them needing very specific conditions to activate, bland effects.

F Rank

Obviously, this tier is for really bad Gold and Diamond relics in the game, due to having bland effects or being worse than some Silver relics. You seriously do not want to use relics in this tier.

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