Roastie won't allow you to stuff him with onions and throw him into the oven. He plans to throw YOU in instead!


Roastie is a pretty old monster. He is your generic old monster with terrible stats and a terrible trait. The only thing he really has going for him is some of his moves which are surprisingly decent, but they have really high cooldowns.


  • Multiple self-heal moves
  • AoE Stun
  • Self-Precision
  • Damage Reduction


  • Garbage trait and stats
  • Lacklustre Special
  • Mostly large cooldowns and stamina costs
  • All healing is only for itself
  • Low damage output

Recommended Moveset

  • Exasperation (AoE 30 Special dmg + Stun, 36s, 3 CD)
  • Malevolence (45 Special dmg + Damage Reduction, 27s, 1 CD)
  • Spicy Mouthful (40 Nature dmg + self 25% Heal, 34s, 4 CD)
  • Hatred (55 Special dmg + self Precision, 34s, 1 CD)

Recommended Runes: 3 Team Runes of your choice


  • It shouldn't be too hard to counter Roastie. His low speed lets many Fire attackers outspeed and defeat him due to his low health.
  • He is also easy to deny as well.
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