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After being attacked and damaged, if wearer is under a Control Status Effect (Possessed, Frozen or Stunned), remove 45 - 300 points of Stamina from attacker. 3 uses.


The Ruby Trap is one of the 5 Diamond Traps, the others being Nabuline's Trap, Rotten's Trap, Taiga Trap, and Mantis Claws Trap. It can remove up to 300 points of stamina when it's max level, so you can fully stamina drain. Unfortunately, the monster must be under a Control status effect, so it's hard to use this relic to its full potential.


  • Gets rid of an extremally high amount of Stamina
  • 3 uses so it can hit all enemies


  • Wearer must be under a Control Status Effect
  • Removes stamina only from the attacker

Recommended Monsters

  • Since Mega Taunt can absorb everything, you can combine this relic with Dunn Ra or Eisul, get denied and remove enemy's stamina.