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After General Nishant killed his brother, this former soldier of the Good Legions traded secrets for Dark powers which allow him to resurrect fallen soldiers. Now he's a vengeful sorcerer who wont stop until he destroys Nishant and rescues his brother from the dead.

Role: Support


Samael the Fever Scatterer is like Uriel, but better due to his decent stats, better trait, and utilizing Curser effects, with his resurrection skill alongside Pestilence, arguably his best Cursing skill, costing little stamina. However the drawback here, similar to Uriel, is his large cooldowns, which really bring Samael down as a whole. Cons aside, he is still a great Support monster that still stands strong after so long.


  • Good life and trait
  • Solid power
  • Great supportive moves such as Death Moratorium and Unholy Ressurection
  • Has a Light move despite being a Dark monster
  • Access to 6 negative effects
  • Nice relic slots


  • Massive cooldowns on his best support skills
  • Outdated speed for his role

Recommended Moveset


  • Smallpox Epidemy (70 Light dmg + Sunburn + Blind, 34s, 1 CD)
  • Death Moratorium (Team 50% Heal + Team Regeneration + 25% Heal, 33s, 3 CD)
  • Pain Scourge (AoE 40 Dark dmg + PER + Daze + Team NER, 41s, 2 CD)
  • Necromantic Secrets (Ally Resurrection 50% Life, 29s, 4 CD)


  • Death Moratorium / Pestilence (Pestilence for AoE PER + Poison + Bleed + Special Weakness, 0s, 4 CD)
  • Unholy Resurrect (Ally Resurrection 100% Life, 36s, 5 CD)
  • Samael Soldier (Ally Extra Turn + Double Damage + 50% Stamina Restore, 41s, 5 CD)
  • Pain Scourge

Recommended Runes: 3 Speed / Team Speed

Recommended Relics: Sherezar's Amulet, Alces' Amulet; Hiroim's Shield, Tenacity Shield, Wangzhou's Shield

Recommended Allies

  • Since Samael has really high cooldowns on most of his moves, monsters with CDDA such as Positron or monsters that can apply Cooldown Protection like Qinling can prevent Samael from being affected by CDA.


  • One of Samael's huge weakness is his massive cooldowns and stamina costs. Monsters like Sunblast and Lord Pumpseed perform very well here.
  • Powerful Light attackers like Kronxian Guard and Patrion should be able to beat him. Lady Solaris excels at this job as she has Winged and Spirit Hater to deal more damage against Samael.
  • Monsters with the Resurrection Block trait, like Zeighar and Nikasia, can prevent Samael from resurrecting his allies
  • His best skills are AoE, meaning Dodge Area monsters can avidly avoid this angel's area afflictions such as Grakon or Hornet.
  • The only thing preventing him from being easily bested in combat from Negative Effects without using NER to cleanse is his trait, making all effects less likely to land on him. Disabling it however leaves him very vulnerable to denial and Torture effects. Use monsters like Ingenica and Wickah to disable his trait.
  • Anticipators such as Lamia, Warmaster Ragnarok, and Hookuai can take advantage of Samael's turn transfer move and deny/kill the one who received it.