When the war ended and Zimnyaya surrendered, he left a war prisoner behind, locked in a bunker. Without food, he passed away, but his body was exposed to radiation from nuclear bombs and, after awhile, he came back to life... as a zombie! Welcome back, Sergeant Hull Head.

Role: Tank/Curser

Overview Edit

Sergeant Hull Head is a tank with the 2nd highest life in the game, and a trait that counters resurrection monsters like Undertaker. He also can't really act as a proper tank without access to any form of Taunt, meaning his team can die and Hull Head will still be the last one standing, forced to fend for himself. He can act as a very good self-sustaining Curser however with his abundance of Poison and Blind skills. Sergeant Hull Head has many good moves, but with some flaws, cuts short of the S rank.


  • Second highest health for a Legendary
  • Great trait
  • Solid power
  • AoE Total Blind and Poison
  • Plenty of other Poison and Blind skills
  • Self Torture Immunity
  • Fire Protection (50% damage taken from Fire)
  • Shields
  • Heal
  • Amazing Special
  • Low stamina costs


  • Low speed
  • No team protection moves
  • Not the best Tank without access to any form of Taunt
  • Lots of awful cooldowns
  • Low power skills, so he relies heavily on Poison for damage
  • Weak to DoTs, however, Ceaseless Torment can counter this

Recommended Moveset Edit


  • Everlasting Toxins (AoE 30 Nature dmg + Total Blind + Poison, 28s, 3 CD)
  • Burning Memories (Self Double Life + Fire Protection, 27s, 3 CD)
  • Ceaseless Torment (AoE 35 Nature dmg + Self Torture Immunity, 30s, 3 CD)
  • Endless Protection / Unending Nightmare (Endless for 30 Special dmg + self 50% Shield, 22s, 3 CD) / (Nightmare for Self 50% Heal, 23s, 2 CD)

Recommended Runes: 2 Life, 1 Speed: 1 Life, 2 Team Speed

This set leans a lot more on his self-sustaining side. Ceaseless Torment is important for keeping away Hull Head's biggest weakness, being Damage Over Time Effects, or Torture Effects. Everlasting Toxins is basically a must-have for any Hull Head. The AoE Total Blind it provides is immensely useful. Burning Memories is fantastic for self-longevity, easily allowing him to soak up hits. Endless Protection is used if you'd rather still be able to fire off some chip damage while also giving yourself a nice temporary shield to soak up some damage, but you'll also be sacrificing Hull Head's survivability that Unending Nightmare gives him. The rune options lean more towards the tankier aspect, including some Team Speeds so he can act at least a little like a support, giving the denier on his team that little bit of extra speed.

Losing Private Ryan Edit

  • Everlasting Toxins
  • Burning Memories
  • Undead Reconstruction (40 Special dmg + Blind + Self Regeneration, 21s, 2CD)
  • Rotting Bones / Sprouting Darkness (Bones for AoE Poison, 16s, 2CD) / ( Darkness for 35 Special dmg + Blind, 21s, 1CD)

Recommended Runes: 1 Life, 1 Team Speed, 1 Strength; 3 Team Speed

This set leans more heavily into Hull Head's Curser capabilities. The build takes more skills like Rotting Bones and Undead Reconstruction for keeping up his nasty Negative Effects. Everlasting Toxins and Burning Memories are both fantastic skills that shouldn't be taken away for a different role. And with Undead Reconstruction, this Hull Head build keeps up some longevity while still being able to throw around Blind. Sprouting Darkness is Hull Head's only 1CD skill, so it can be fairly useful to combat CDA while also having the ability to throw around more Blind. The recommended rune options lean towards a more supporting/damage-dealing role as this is the purpose of this build.

Counters Edit

  • One age-old counter to a tanky monster like Hull Head is with tortures. Without Ceaseless Torment, Hull Head has no way to combat these and he becomes a sitting duck as Torture Effects eat away at his remaining HP, especially since he lacks any form of self NER. Good examples of monsters with plenty of good Torture Effects include Saulot, Wangzhou, and Dunn Ra.
  • Due to Hull Head's trait, he is still very susceptible to Freeze and Stun. Good Freezers include Warmaster Thalassa and Saika. Good Stunners include Nabuline and O'Reilly.
  • CDA will stop him right in his tracks because of his annoying cooldowns. Examples of good CDA monsters include Pierceid, Sunblast, Dungeon Master, and Al Canine.
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