Shakti, also known as "The Preserver", is known to save weaker monsters from Dark-types. He can also ride a light horse, but it never seen in-game. In gameplay, he is more seen as a yoga-like monster with some flashy moves.


Shakti is a pretty interesting monster. He can give Haste, remove negative status effects, and drain Stamina, among other things. However, he is bad at dealing damage and is rather situational. Still, Shakti is still a worthy spot on a team and the arguable best Haste user.


  • Team Haste
  • Team NER
  • 100% Stamina Removal skill
  • Single Double Damage move
  • 1 CD 60 damage skill


  • He has trouble dealing damage, like at all
  • Mediocre stats and trait
  • Quite situational

Recommended MovesetsEdit

Dragon Pose

  • Blinding Yoga
  • Vedic Chant
  • Karmic Return
  • Cosmic Energy
  • 3 Team Speed Runes

Shakti wants to give haste to all his team, which is very likely by using Vedic Chant, an amazing move which seems to have a much higher chance to haste than Thorder's Particule Haste. It generally haste at least one team member, which is pretty good. Blinding Yoga blinds one foe, which might come in handy. Karmic Return removes negative effects, but be aware of using it if you got haste as there is a bug which makes it remove the haste status too. Cosmic Energy removes 100% stamina to one foe, which is deadly on Timerion and VoltaiK.

Lion Pose

  • Blinding Yoga/Mandala Swing
  • Vedic Chant
  • Karmic Return
  • Ashram Peace
  • 3 Team Power Runes

This time, you will focus on power. Haste is more than enough speed for you? Use this Skati then! He will give both power and speed with the combination of his runes and Vedic Chant. You can afforde Mandala Swing to do more damage, but Blinding Yoga also blinds, so keep that in mind when you make your choice. Ashram Peace gives double damage to one ally, which is further boosted by the runes, which makes anything a powerhouse. Karmic Return removes bad status effects whenever you need it.

Snake Pose

  • Samsara
  • Vedic Chant
  • Karmic Return/Blinding Yoga
  • Cosmic Energy
  • 3 Team Speed Runes

Samsara steals HP, so that's pretty nice. You can also use Blinding Yoga instead of Karmic Return if you want more damage instead of having the annoying bug which removes the haste from Vedic Chant. Cosmic Energy is the stamina removing move that is really useful against some monsters.


Shakti is weak on his own, so beating his allies to the ground may make the fight a lot easier. Being only immune to blind, Shakti can be stuned, possessed or frozen rather easily. He is weak to metal too, so a good Metal-type such as Metalhëad will counter him easily.