After hitting, if the wearer's life is above 50%, deals 3,435 - 12,325 points of Special damage to damaged enemies and removes 27 - 180 points of Stamina from damaged enemies


Sherezar's Amulet is one of the Diamond Amulets in the game. It is very useful since it can deal damage to all enemies and remove 100% of their stamina.


  • Can remove up to 180 points of all enemies’ stamina
  • Deals 12K damage to all enemies


  • If the holder is severely damaged, it’ll have no effect

Recommended Monsters

  • Pierceid can deal some damage while removing stamina when CDA'ing with Pick and Choose.
  • Ondana can do more damage and get a full stamina drain using Water Swirl.
  • Tremur can also drain stamina as a second form of deny.
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