Stinger S1 is a metal type attacker, he is strong, fast and deadly

Overview Edit

Stinger S1 is ranked A in viability ranking because of his deadly combo between stats, skills and trait, he is one of the top metal legends and he is powerful and fast so he is deadly..... His multi magnetize then the AOE 45 damage can 1 hit kill all, and if this is not enough to Ouros lhe has got another high damaging metal damage that finishes an enemy......


  • He got very good speed and power
  • He can burn/ magnetize all/ poison/ blind....
  • He has got a good trait
  • He can stun all in his special skill
  • Low cooldowns


  • Needs more life
  • Misses immobolizing move

Recommended Moveset Edit

I'm an annihilating gun !

  • Radiation Tail/ Ray Tail
  • Poisoned Tarsus
  • Metasoma Machine Gun
  • Metasoma Gatling
  • 3 Power Runes

Stinger S1 deals solid damage so 3 power runes are the best with him, Metasoma Machine Gun is your mass magnetize skill so doing Metasoma Gatling with high 45 base power to all can kill them all because of magnetize.Radiation Tail deals massive metal damage and blinds target so it's a semi stun while Ray Tail deals massive metal damage and burns target so it's up to you to pick one. Poisoned Tarsus is your anti Timerion move with moderate damage and poison so it's good.

 Counters Edit

This monster is immunue to possession so most of magic legends are not effective here, Varuna is good for stun and freeze while General Shannara and Malair can be good counters.