Sunblast was The Firestorm's disciple, but he disagreed with his teacher a lot. Those disagreements ended up in the battlefield, where The Firestorm kicked Sunblast so hard that he flew off and landed onto the sun. The Firestorm thought that was the end of Sunblast, but he was wrong!

Role: Denier


Sunblast looks like a fiery child of Yntec. His main gimmicks include CDA, Guard Down, Possession, and Stamina drain.


  • Has access to Possession, CDA, Stamina removal, making him a great denier
  • Guard Down, so attacks will never miss
  • Amazing Special


  • High cooldowns and stamina costs
  • Has no PER and Trait Disable, making him a less effective denier
  • Low health
  • Many AoE skills, making him weak to Dodge Area
  • Lackluster Trait

Recommended Moveset

  • Block Out The Sun / Dazzling Fireshow (Sun for 40 Special dmg + Possession + 50% Stamina Removal, 27s, 3 CD) / (Fireshow for CDA + Sunburn, 28s, 2 CD)
  • Stop, It's Firetime! (AoE CDA + Sunburn, 42s, 3 CD)
  • True Power of Pyrotechnics (AoE 30 Fire dmg + Guard Down + Daze, 40s, 2 CD)
  • Cover the World In Darkness (AoE 30 Special dmg + Possession + 20% Stamina Removal, 35s, 3 CD)

Recommended Runes: 3 Speed

Recommended Relics: Pumpseed's StaffCane of the AtlantisNabuline's TrapMantis Claws Trap


  • With his Hardened trait, he is fairly weak to Stun, Freeze and Possession so you can use any denier that is faster than him like Jasastur, Saulot and Countess Flawless.
  • Also, he can use CDA, but it cripples him for at least 3 turns, so monsters such as Pierceid and Patient Cyber are very good counters against him.
  • Hookuai is a great counter due to his Control Immunity and his high damaging, Water move that costs 0 stamina and has a 0 turn cooldown, which just ruins Sunblast's whole gimmick. Hookuai also has access to CDA which just further screws Sunny over.


Sunblast is the older brother of Solarflare.

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