On the Suliens' frozen planet, a brain came alive and self-aware in the chaos of the universe. It felt threatened by Eisul, its natural predator, so it built itself a mechanical suit. Now, Synaptikus is a fully functional monster, ready to fight off Eisul or any Sulien that may stand in its way.

Role: Control


Synaptikus is a Metal Denier who can PER, Trait Disable and Freeze its enemies.


  • Several tortures
  • Can apply True Vision
  • Has Trait Disable and PER
  • Several Freeze skills
  • Great damage output for a denier
  • Basal Ganglia bypasses Area Dodge


  • Trait is lacking for the current meta
  • Oscillatory Patterns has a mean 50 stamina cost
  • Relies a little too much on Freeze (no other form of denial)
  • High cooldowns

Recommended Moveset

Yeah, This is Big Brain Time

  • Basal Ganglia (AoE 45 Special dmg + Single Freeze + AoE Freeze + Drowned, 35s, 3 CD)
  • Powered by Neocortex (70 Metal dmg + PER + Mega Freeze + Nanovirus, 28s, 3 CD)
  • Oscillatory Patterns (Trait Disable + Self True Vision + Extra Turn, 50s, 3 CD)
  • Wernicke's Area (AoE 40 Metal dmg + PER + Nanovirus + Team 33% Shield, 30s, 2 CD)

This is the ideal moveset for Synaptikus. He can run Oscillatory Patterns, then Powered by Neocortex or Basal Ganglia after. He's a decent denier, but his main strength comes from being a backup due to his high cooldowns and stamina costs.


  • Synaptikus' cooldowns are high, as such, you can use CDA monsters like Pierceid or Thundeer to shut it down.
  • Crabbydroid is the best counter for this tiny brain. He's immune to Freeze and has Trait Protection, leaving Synaptikus useless against him.
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