Talika is like a grandmother to all creatures in the forest, especially to General Alces, who always comes to her for advice and comfort. She usually doesn't intervene in his battles, but when the weak are in danger, she leaves her peaceful life aside and runs to protect them.

Role: Supporter / Denier


Talika is a fast Nature control monster who can buff her allies by increasing their Strength, removing their negative effects or Healing, Regenerating and Shielding them. She can also be a massive problem for enemies, since she applies two Stuns in one AoE attack, increasing her chances of skipping traits such as Bulwark and Hardened.


  • Decent trait
  • Decent speed and life
  • Many good support moves
  • Has access to Double Stun skills, increasing her chances of bypassing traits like Tough, Hardened, and Bulwark.
  • Low cooldowns
  • Special is great; 60 Nature AoE dmg + Trait Disabled + Poison + Ignite
  • In 5 books, making her versatile in Team Wars


  • Bad power
  • Ricinus Seeds, her best Stun skill, costs a whopping 54 stamina.

Recommended Moveset

Forest Protector

  • Ricinus Seeds (AoE 35 Special dmg + Stun x2, 54s, 3 CD)
  • Sage / Ricinus Drop (Sage 45 Nature dmg + Team Stamina Regen + Team Poison Immunity, 19s, 2 CD) / (Drop for 35 Special Damage + Stun x2, 35s, 1 CD)
  • Ginseng / Quinine (Ginseng for Ally Double Damage + NER, 20s, 2 CD) / (Quinine for 30 Nature dmg + Team 30% Heal, 18s, 2 CD)
  • Maca (Team 40% Shield + NER, 23s, 2 CD)

If your team really needs a strong healer, use Maca and Quinine, but if you want a Talika that can do more than just heal, use Ginseng and then the choice between Maca and Quinine is up to you. You could use Maca over Quinine since it is more effective health and the negative status effect removal is pretty useful too, but it can easily be destroyed by shield breaking moves and it wears off after 2 turns, so that’s where Quinine could be useful if you don’t want to have to worry about the shield problem. Ricinus Drop can be useful against Dodge Area or if you can only stun one enemy, saving your stamina and is a low cooldown skill.

Recommended Runes: 3 Speed; 2 Speed, 1 Team Speed

Recommended Relics: Uriel Essence, Yamada's Essence / Alces' Amulet, Supercharged Amulet


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